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the truth-telling typeface Baskerville is the new typeface to tell the truth to a modern listener bombarded with messages from every direction so hashtag Baskerville today, and use it in your uber modern design project. If you want them to really listen, if you want to #bereal #bemodern #beauthentic to the modern day tweeter/blogger/activist/buyer, say it in Baskerville.

A typeface designed by John Baskerville

# T h e Wh o l e Tr u th

Baskerville Baskerville and the Queen are ready to join you in your 21st century communications and design, so don't leave them behind! Baskerville presents itself with simple and clean lines that would complement any modern design, so don’t leave it out of your next modern design project. And don't forget to follow the Queen on Twitter because she just sent her first tweet! The tweet, which was also the first posted by a reigning British monarch, read: “It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the @ScienceMuseum and I hope people will enjoy visiting. Elizabeth R.”


The Queen posted from the @BritishMonarchy Twitter account in front of around 600 guests including communications entrepreneurs and experts. Within minutes the message had 1,181 retweets and 725 favorites. The

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message was quickly followed by a post from staff saying: “The last tweet was sent personally by The Queen from her official Twitter account @BritishMonarchy #TheQueenTweets” and another using the same hashtag which included a photograph of the Queen composing her tweet. Join me on this journey to hop across the pond and hashtagify Baskerville into the 21st century.

klmnopqrstuvwxyz # T h e Qu e e n Twe e t s


Baskerville Italic



ABCDEFGHI JKLMNOPQ RSTVWXYZ abcdefghijklm nopqrstvwxyz !@#£%^&*:;� () {} <> 1234567890 hashtag n. (on social media web sites and applications) a word or phrase preceded by a hash and used to identify messages relating to a specific topic; (also) the hash symbol itself, when used in this way.


a to Ff Jj Kk Nn Tt Yy


The Oxford English Dictionary added ‘hashtag’ in its June 2014 update and revealed its real name. According to the OED, the technical term for hashtag is “octothorp.” Octo is in reference to the eight points in the figure, while Thorp comes from the surname Thorpe.

# O x fo rd E n g l i sh D i c t i o n a r y







VWXYZ Baskerville is Bold ABCDE in a world full of san serifs, baskerville tells the truth.

Studies show that serif fonts, and Baskerville in particular, project a sense of truth and authenticity that leaves the reader ready to believe. A paper typed in Baskerville will get a


higher grade. A cover letter will get a second look. If you want to tell the truth, tell it in Baskerville. Speak from the heart with Baskerville Regular, or shout it from the mountain tops with Baskerville Bold. This is the font for you to be bold in.

















ohn Baskerville was an English businessman, in areas including papier mâché and japanning, but he is best remembered as a printer and type designer. Baskerville was born in the village of Wolverley, near Kidderminster in Worcestershire and was a printer in Birmingham, England. He was a member of the Royal Society of Arts, and an associate of some of the members of the Lunar Society. He directed his punchcutter, John Handy, in the design of many typefaces of broadly similar appearance. In 1757, Baskerville published a remarkable quarto edition of Virgil on woven paper, using his own type. It took three years to complete, but it made such an impact that he was appointed printer to the University of Cambridge. John Baskerville printed works for the University of Cambridge in 1758 and, although an atheist, printed a splendid folio Bible in 1763. His typefaces were greatly admired by Benjamin Franklin, a printer and fellow member of the Royal Society of Arts, who took the designs back to the newly created United States, where they were adopted for most federal government publishing. Baskerville’s work was criticised by jealous competitors and soon fell out of favour, but since the 1920s many new fonts have been released by Linotype, Monotype, and other type foundries. Emigre released a popular revival of this typeface in 1996 called Mrs Eaves, named for Baskerville’s wife, Sarah Eaves. Baskerville’s most notable typeface Baskerville represents the peak of transitional type face and bridges the gap between Old Style and Modern type design. Baskerville also was responsible for significant innovations in printing, paper and ink production which showcased his strong black type.

# Tr u e St o r y


Across the pond.

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ยฃ ยง #On H o l i d ay


the importance of being E A R N E S T a

P L A Y in

t h r e e

a c t s

The A U T H O R

OSCAR WILDE Written in W O R T H I N G T O N , E N G L A N D summer 1894

#14 act 1




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comedy for serious people

FIRST ACT were dining with me, eight bottles of chamSCENE: Morning-room in Algernon’s pagne are entered as having been consumed. flat in Half-Moon Street. The room is Lane. Yes, sir; eight bottles and a pint. luxuriously and artistically furnished. Algernon. Why is it that at a bachelor’s esThe sound of a piano is heard in the tablishment the servants invariably drink the adjoining room. champagne? I ask merely for information. [Lane is arranging afternoon tea on the table, and Lane. I attribute it to the superior quality after the music has ceased, Algernon enters.] of the wine, sir. I have often observed that Algernon. Did you hear what I was in married households the champagne is playing, Lane? rarely of a first-rate brand. Lane. I didn’t think it polite to Algernon. Good heavens! Is listen, sir. marriage so demoralising as that? Algernon. I’m sorry for that, I believe it is a very pleasthe truth is Lane. for your sake. I don’t play accuant state, sir. I have had very little rarely pure experience of it myself up to the rately—any one can play accurately—but I play with wonderful present. I have only been married and never expression. As far as the piano is once. That was in consequence of a concerned, sentiment is my forte. simple. misunderstanding between myself I keep science for Life. and a young person. Lane. Yes, sir. Algernon. [Languidly.] I don’t Algernon. And, speaking of know that I am much interested in the science of Life, have you got the cucumyour family life, Lane. ber sandwiches cut for Lady Bracknell? Lane. No, sir; it is not a very interesting.t Lane. Yes, sir. [Hands them on a salver.] subject. I never think of it myself. Algernon. [Inspects them, takes two, and sits Algernon. Very natural, I am sure. That down on the sofa.] Oh! . . . by the way, Lane, I will do, Lane, thank you. see from your book that on Thursday night, Lane. Thank you, sir. when Lord Shoreman and Mr. Worthing Algernon. Lane’s views on marriage seem

oscar wilde

#Si m p l eTr u th




dot bo

Dot & Bo dot




#16 Actual Dot & Bo logo in san serif font of their choosing



No 1 Limited Time

est. 1878 UK

ENGLISH PORK with fresh leek & chives


350 GRAMS ℮ ----------hand made ** ----------Natural Flavors -----------


pickthorn british s tyle bangers

“Just like your mother used to make!” Post a picture of your favourite way to serve Pickthorn British Style Bangers with the #PickthornBangers hashtag to win one years worth of Pickthorn British Style Bangers.



Top Ten British Slang Terms Americans Should Adopt



2 1 “bollocks” “tosh” n. 3something 4 useless “knackered”6 “minted” 5 v. exhausted “plonk” “legless” 7 “collywobbles” “wazzock” n. an 9 idiot 10 n. a messed up situation

adj. being a loud mouth

n. nonsense

adj. to be wealthy


n. cheap red wine

adj. extremely drunk

n. An upset stomach from acute nerves


### ### ###


“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” -Oscar Wilde-

DESIGNED BY @AndreaDimond for typography level ii @SVCSeattle #MySpareTime #TypographyLove