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A review of services in Northern Lincolnshire Why not follow us on Twitter? North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group

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What is Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures? Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures is a review of all services in the Northern Lincolnshire region. The review aims to make sure the services available to people in our area will be safe and of high quality for years to come. Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures is being led by North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NLCCG) and North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NELCCG) working with organisations such as the Northern Lincolnshire & Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and other health and social care organisations.

What is a CCG? A Clinical Commissioning Group (or CCG) is a NHS organisation set up by the Department of Health to organise the delivery of local NHS services. CCGs are clinically led groups that include all of the GP practices in their geographical area. We have two CCGs in our area, North Lincolnshire CCG and North East Lincolnshire CCG. These replaced North Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust and North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus respectively.

There are going to be some hard decisions to make in the coming months and we want to do this with the people who live in Northern Lincolnshire and use these services. We need to look at services that provide care in emergencies, urgently and in a planned way which will include those delivered from hospitals, health centres and out in the community. We need to take decisions about what services should look like in future including their size, their location and their ability to deliver high quality safely. The feedback and suggestions you send us will be used to help us decide the best way to make sure everyone in Northern Lincolnshire can access healthcare services that are safe and high quality.

Dr Peter Melton

Dr Margaret Sanderson

Chief Clinical Officer North East Lincolnshire CCG

Chair North Lincolnshire CCG

It is not just our area either, these types of reviews are being carried out both locally and nationally and we will be making sure our review ties in closely with those of neighbouring areas. You can also visit at any time to find out the latest information on the review and send us your thoughts.



Why do we need to do this review?

What are our local priorities?

So what areas are we looking at?

Why can’t we just leave services as they are?

The NHS nationally is facing some significant challenges over the coming months and years. These include more pressure on NHS resources, tough financial targets set by the government, new drugs and treatments and the changing structure of the NHS.

The Clinical Commissioning Groups are clinically led and quality and safety of care will always be our priority. We know some of our services aren’t as good as they could be and we need to make sure all services are high quality. We will be considering how ser vices are currently provided and if there are better ways of delivering them in the future. This will include updating services to incorporate latest medical advancements.

This review will look at all healthcare services but some of the specific services that will be looked at include Accident & Emergency, Maternity and Stroke services. We also need to look at providing health care services in different ways. It may be that some services are centralised on to one site in order to ensure a higher quality. This already happens for some services and may be an option where national guidance shows there will be a significant improvement in quality.

Leaving services as they are simply isn’t an option as there are already areas where services aren’t of the quality we would expect and these need to improve.

Is this just about saving money? No, it isn’t just about saving money but like any person we have to live within our means. This means we have to be very careful how we spend our budget to make sure it is being spent in the right way. Across Northern Lincolnshire we have £1,373 per person per year to spend on healthcare services. While this may sound like a lot, a routine hip

This demand, together with an ageing population and advancements in medical technology, means that we have a significant financial issue that could see us going into the red in the next five years unless we change the way we deliver services to ensure they are high quality and cost effective.

replacement costs over £5,000

so you can see how quickly our allocation can be spent. 4

We also know the public’s need for health services will continue to grow over time. Advances in medicines and healthcare means we are all living longer and our needs are changing. This growth in demand means providing the services in the way we are now is simply not affordable. This is our opportunity to really make a difference and create health & social care services that meet the needs of our population for years to come.

So what could change? That ’s a difficult question to answer at this stage. We know that there is a real benefit in creating specialist centres of excellence for certain procedures and conditions and also that many patients benefit from receiving treatment closer to their homes; this is particularly important in rural areas such as ours. We understand this review will cause concern which is why

we want to involve you in every step of it. As a community we need to have some difficult conversations over the coming months and we will give the people of Northern Lincolnshire the opportunity to give us their thoughts and opinions. This starts with this booklet and you can find out how to contribute to the review on page 12. 5

What is the current situation? Across Northern Lincolnshire we have some very good health and social care services that deliver excellent quality care for their patients and clients. We need to make sure these services can continue to do so long in to the future by ensuring they are working efficiently and are structured correctly. There are other services in Northern Lincolnshire that are simply not good enough and these must change. While we will make some immediate changes it is vital we also look to the future when redesigning these services so they are in the best possible position to provide the highest quality in the long term.

The Challenges

The Vision North East Lincolnshire CCG, North Lincolnshire CCG and their partner organisations are committed to developing the best quality care for the residents of Northern Lincolnshire both today and in the future. To do this we need to develop health and social care services that allow people the flexibility to receive care in a way that suits them while making sure it is of the highest quality.

Commissioners’ vision

It is vital the CCGs do this review so we can provide for the needs of our population in the coming years. Some of the specific challenges we will face include: Ageing Population - Our population isn’t getting any younger. The average age of our population is already higher than the national average and this is increasing. This means the demands on older people’s services such as dementia care will be even greater in the future. Currently 46% of our healthcare budget is spent on people aged 75 or over. Health Inequalities - Across Northern Lincolnshire the health and life expectancy of our population varies greatly depending on your background and where you live. Those in our most deprived areas can live up to 11 years less than people living two miles down the road.

for Northern Lincolnshire

Self care and independent living

Community based care

Hospital / Specialist care


There should be wide-ranging health services, from supporting prevention and self-care, through community provision, to specialist care.

Deprivation - Both North and North East Lincolnshire have large areas of deprivation. In fact one of our wards is the second most deprived in the country. People that live within these areas not only have more ill health but also don’t live as long as others in Northern Lincolnshire. It is crucial these issues are tackled.


All health and social care services should work closely together at all times so people receive one seamless service.

Higher Quality

The result will be better quality care, with more lives saved and more people returned to full health.

Quality and safety - We know some services in our area could be better. Both locally and nationally the NHS is quite rightly under pressure to improve the quality of care and this is one of the priorities for this review.


A further result will be a service that is affordable in the years to come.



We can’t do this without you!

Decision Making Criteria

Public Engagement

While we are considering how to provide the best health and social care services for the people of Northern Lincolnshire it is important we keep in mind the standards we are aiming for. These are:

We know we need to make changes but no decisions have been made on the future of health and social care in Northern Lincolnshire. All organisations involved with this review are committed to involving our local community in this review and we value your opinions and thoughts.


Our services must meet all current best practice guidelines and national standards because they currently don’t. Our services must deliver better quality because at the moment some services are simply not good enough. We must reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, leaving the hospital to focus on those patients who really need to be there. Options for healthcare outside hospitals should be increased and offer real choice for patients.


Our services must meet national standards for access to urgent treatment. Services must be available to all members of our community regardless of where they live or who they are.

Because of this commitment and to give everyone the opportunity to learn more about the review and give their feedback, we are holding a public engagement period for a minimum of three months across the summer. This period starts on 23rd July 2013 and will not only give the community the opportunity to learn more about the review but also actively contribute to its development. Following this engagement period the CCGs will collate all the feedback and discussions to form the potential options for future services. Depending on the changes proposed, we will then hold a three month public consultation period to allow our communities to have a further say on the plans. The CCGs have also spent the last few weeks discussing this review with key members of our community such as MPs, Councillors and other NHS organisations to make sure they have had the opportunity to contribute to the work so far. For those people who may have already given their thoughts and opinions to the CCGs, for example, through Experience Led Commissioning in North Lincolnshire or the Accord group in North East Lincolnshire, you should rest assured that your views and ideas will be included within this review. These are your health and social care services and we want your opinions on how we should develop them. You can do this in a number of different ways. Please turn to the back page for details on how you can do this.


The services must be affordable to the health & social care community.


The services decided on must be deliverable within a five-year timeframe without creating increased risk to high quality care during that period. For more information on these priorities please visit or call 0800 9155397


13 9

Come and see us As part of the public engagement period we are holding eleven public events across Northern Lincolnshire. We are encouraging all members of the community who would like to learn more about Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures to come to one or more of these events. You will not only have the opportunity to find out more about the review but also ask any questions you may have. The public events are:

Market, Grimsby

Tesco Cleethorpes (Hewitts Circus)

Ashby Market Scunthorpe

Friday 26th July

Tuesday 30th July

Thursday 1st August

Freeman Street

10am - 1pm

Grimsby Market Friday 2nd August

10am - 2pm

One Voice Event Immingham

Blossom Way Sports & Social Club

10am - 1pm

Saturday 3rd August


Epworth Town Centre


Brigg Market Brigg Thursday 8th August

10am - 1pm

outside Mechanics Institute

Scunthorpe Market

Saturday 10th August

Monday 12th August

Friday 16th August

10am - 12noon

Cleethorpes Leisure Centre

Scunthorpe United, Glanford Park Football Ground

Thursday 29th August

Saturday 31st August

If you have groups or meetings you would like us to come along and talk to, please contact us using the details on page 12 and we’d be happy to arrange someone to come at a date and time that suits you.

10am - 1pm

Barton on Humber

10am - 1pm

We can’t do this without your help and we want to come and meet with you.

10am - 1pm

10am – 12noon 1.15pm – 2.45pm 10


We’d love to hear from you. Please complete one of our questionnaires online or return the hard copy to: Freepost RSSJ-SAAB-KKUZ Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures 5 Saxon Court Europa Park Grimsby DN31 2UJ Email us at: Or call us on: 0800 9155397 You can even follow us on twitter at If you or someone you know would like a copy of this document in another language, large print format or braille please call 0800 9155397, email

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Hlhf engagement booklet (final)  
Hlhf engagement booklet (final)