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andrea valencia t: 813.393.0717 e: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2020

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3rd Street

3rd Street

Ferry Street

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bark park

3rd Street

Bus Stop


Troy’s waterfront has suffered abondonment and the city seems to turn its back to the beautiful Hudson River, this project takes on the challenge to inject new life into the waterfront. Troy has had many decades of economic struggle, the hope is for the new program in this project will allow economic growth in this struggling city. In addition to economic growth, specifc program has been proposed to increase a sense of community in the city.

State Street

Fulton Street

Spring 2018 Partner: Stephanie Mamouzellos Professor: Michael Oatman and Zbigniew Okiusta

Congress Street


Washington Square Park

al 2nd Street

2nd Street

2nd Street

1st Street

1st Street


Adams Street

Monument Square

Programmatic Key 1st Street

Preexisting Buildings Park Area Outdoor Space Music Hall River

Grocery Pier Ticketing




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Ferry Street

train station


Russel Sage College

Old Brick Furniture River Street


Dense Tree Landscape Dune Landscape Alley Walkway Wooden Board Landscape New Buildings Parking


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Primary School Bus Station Train Station Cafe


ORGANIC EXTENTION Fall 2016 Professor: John Rhett Russo The Dia: Beacon Museum in Beacon, NY required an annex museum. With the program ZBrush, a experimental model was developed with textured masks being projected onto ‘clay’ slabs. Different intensities can be seen in this experimental model, from this model a piece was specific intensities and vacant spaces within the model was chosen to begin the development of the museum. The different groves in the ceiling were transformed into skylights to allow natural lighting to be projected on the art. The organic shape of the building allows for a wide range of of levels of light being penetrated into the building, various nooks and groves have less lighting for specialized art the requires lower levels of lighting.

DIGITAL CONSTRUCTS Fall 2016 Professor: Adam Dayem The first phase of this project was researching and creating studies inspired by the Salisbury Cathedral. Utilizing specific comands to create the intricate details found in the arches of the cathedral. The second phase transitioned to using grasshopper to design intense studies that

PIVOTING CURVATURE Spring 2016 Professor: Edwin Liu This is a project proposed a dynamic way of student living in downtown Troy, NY. In addition to housing program, the building pivots around an open air atrium that houses various courts, fields, and outdoor areas to promote a healthy, athletic lifestyle to its residents.

Andrea Valencia portfolio  
Andrea Valencia portfolio