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Firstly, thank you for choosing to run an artambition programme within your school’s after school activities programme! This booklet is designed to introduce you to all the necessary information you will need to run the programme successfully and within the brand guidelines we have set out

and which are applied nationwide. We believe in bringing art education to children for many different reasons. The most important reason is for children to have an expressive and creative side, and all the other reasons follow on from that.

Here at artambition, we aim to encourage young children to become interested in the creative arts and to promote the ideas early on of following a career in art and design. It is important for every child to develop some form of an interest in

creativity and to learn how to express themselves, so we provide a platform for those children who are interested in art to flourish. Artambition promotes an excited and enthusiastic environment for children to learn new skills and to push their artistic abilities further.

This introductory starter pack contains enough information and promotional materials to successfully set up and run the different activities organised by artambition, although should you need more materials, do not hesitate to contact us.

This pack includes brand guidelines, all branding elements such as logos, typefaces, colours and illustrations, sets of posters, fliers, consent forms, etc that can be printed out, plus staff t-shirts. Children’s art kits can be ordered directly from us in bulk.

Artambition has fairly strict guidelines for the use of the logos and other branding elements. There are two logos which both

serve different purposes, set colour schemes for all promotional materials and a custom typeface which must be used as stated here.

Full colour logo:

Colours used:

This full colour logo is to be used on all promotional material aimed at the children the programme would be working with. T-shirts, bags, sketchbooks, product packaging,

banners, fliers and posters all must contain this logo variant unless for printing costs and budgets, the single colour logo may be used.

Where the full colour logo cannot be such as letters to parents, parental used, the single colour one is used consent forms, sponsorship letters, instead. The single colour logo is receipts and invoices. also used on all official documents,

One colour logo:

Colour used:

C : 84 M : 43 Y:0 K:0 #0A7EC2 The logo may only be used as white text on either the full or single coloured backgrounds so any designs for promotional materials must be tailored to

these requirements. The logo may also only be used on a white background, although it is possible to place a white box behind it when using blue as the background.

Artambition uses a custom typeface for its logo and all titles of all promotional materials. The typeface consists purely of lowercase characters and minimal punctuation

so this must be taken into account when using it. Any other body copy being used in promotional materials is Helvetica Regular.

The typeface must be either used in the blue brand colour, or as white on a blue background, and must be used with filled in colour rather than stroke outlines. The one exception for colour choice of

the typeface is when the tagline is being used (as on the website and promotional materials, where it is then acceptable to use colours from the full colour logo.

Coloured tagline:

Artambition has a series of colour illustrations that can be used for promotional materials and each can be adapted to suit the situation

within which they are being used. The illustrations all only use (with small exceptions) colours from the full colour logo.

These illustrations are applied to printed promotional products and within fliers/booklets/posters. If any additional illustrations are being created for promotional purposes,

they must be within the same style and colour scheme. Artambition may also provide additional illustrations upon request.

Within the artambition programme, we take the credibility of our art teachers and leaders very seriously. We require all our teachers to undergo background and security checks, although our teachers do not require any previous art teacher training. Once a teacher has signed

up with our programme, we can provide the necessary training a teacher may need for each session, running full day workshops for teachers to learn the skills and to enable them to then teach the children.

We expect all of our art teachers to be enthusiastic and supportive of the children they are working with. Teachers must sign a pledge to state that they will do their best to work with the children and that

they will encourage them to also do their best. Teachers must instill in the children a sense of friendly competition and that every child’s work is incredible.

The membership pack for each child provides them with their own A3 sized sketchbook and sets of watercolour paints, wax crayons, colouring pens and colouring pencils. The children will be taught how to correctly use each of the art materials, along with others that are provided by the school. The children will learn new creative skills, and learn how to experiment with different media to enable them to create a wide range of different artistic projects. The children are also encouraged to use the art lessons and sessions

as a way of exploring the subjects they are studying within the school curriculum at the time, such as creating artwork inspired by their history lessons. The workshops run in individual schools as after school activities will teach the children basic skills of how to use the different art materials they are supplied with and the ones which the schools will also provide. They can then take the skills they have learned in these lessons and participate in full day workshops held across the country where different schools will come together to allow the children to work with new students. The full day workshops around the country will introduce the children to working collaboratively, aiming to improve communication and social skills, helps build team building skills and teaches children to appreciate and be respectful towards other student’s work.

The children are taught not only how to use each of the art materials they have available to them, but also the fundamentals of art and design, such as forming a landscape, colour theory and how to present their work. Aside from learning how to produce work using the materials provided, the workshops will also teach children to create work out of things they find and to create work

from recycled materials. We want children to explore different scales and medias, and to take inspiration from their surroundings. We believe children should experiment and learn through their own exploration and through trial and error. We also want to instill in the children the idea that all work is good and teach them how to give constructive criticism to the other children.

Every child is provided with an official t-shirt upon purchasing the membership pack and they are expected to wear this t-shirt to every session, although for messy activities, each school has a quota of artambition tabards which can be used to protect a child’s clothing when painting or using clay or glue, etc.

What Is Good? School Booklet  
What Is Good? School Booklet  

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