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Andrea Hannah Cooper

Extended Practice Studio Brief Title: Brief 6 - YCN Femfresh Synopsis:

A poster campaign to advertise Femfresh to younger women. (collaboration with Creative Advertising student Alex Goddard) List of deliverables Evidence (boards, resolutions, apps,etc)


(Series of business cards, posters, website etc)

Design boards exploring the concept, research and poster campaign.

Evaluation: Femfresh was a fun, quick brief that I did with the Creative Advertising student I often work with in a very quick turn around. Essentially for this brief, Alex had thought of the concept and wanted a way to make what she had planned visual. This was an interesting new way for me to approach a brief where I was being dictated to as to how the brief should come out. This brief injected some humour into what was otherwise quite stressful couple of weeks with different competition deadlines and I also think it was really quite successful. The campaign we proposed was the sort of thing I would probably not have thought of on my own, yet Alex’s ideas helped me to produce visuals which work across different media and which can be adaptable into an even bigger campaign. The one downside to this brief was that because it was such a quick turn around in time for the YCN deadline, we did not have time to take it any further than we did. I think this brief could have grown into quite a substantial brief with the same theme running through of connecting Femfresh to household cleaning products. The only things I would have done differently had I done the brief again would have been to do more visual research into the style we were looking at as it is very different from the research I was looking at, and to have taken it further into a full campaign across different media.

Ougd603 brief 6  
Ougd603 brief 6