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Andrea Hannah Cooper

Extended Practice Studio Brief Title: Brief 4 - Sipi Coffee Synopsis:

A coffee brand for the production area of Sipi Falls, Mount Elgon, Uganda including paper, glass and hessian packaging for different coffees and a point of sale website.

List of deliverables Evidence (boards, resolutions, apps,etc)

(Series of business cards, posters, website etc)


Design boards exploring the concept, background, research, design development, final packaging and website


Website walkthrough video

Evaluation: Sipi Coffee was the first brief of the module that I really got stuck into and which I think kickstarted the third year for me. This brief I found very interesting to work on as I had completed a considerable amount of primary research towards it during the summer holidays and had personally visited the area I was designing for, making me feel as though I had more of a personal connection to this brief. Also, the story behind the coffee brand, which came from a visit I took to the coffee production areas, added more context to the brief which I think made me design to the context. Throughout this brief, I learnt a fair amount about creating a consistent range of packaging within a brand, such as how subtle design features can be added to tie them together. I also considerably developed my crafting skills as although the packaging could have been put together better, I did many tests of the nets before producing the finals so that I was sure the different types of packaging would work. Another important learning curve within this brief was the way in which I approached the website design. This was very different from how I had looked at websites before and the process of learning how to make a gif video of the movement of the website helped me more to understand the way in which it would function. I think the packaging design was a success, and the way in which the story of the area translates into the movement of the website also successfully gets across what I was trying to convey. One other thing I experimented with during this brief was copywriting (on the backs of the packaging), which I also think was successful as it got the message of the coffee across within the same style as the visuals. One of the difficulties I had with this brief at the beginning was developing the initial logo ideas. Having been to the area I was designing for, I had far too many symbolisms and ideas of imagery I wanted to bring into the brand and it took me a while to narrow it down to a simple type logo with the brand image of the coffee production hut. Had I had the time, I would have taken this brief further and created a coffee shop brand to fit with the Sipi Coffee online ordering service, but this was definitely the best brief to start the year with.

Ougd603 brief 4  
Ougd603 brief 4