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Thank you for choosing to become a member of artambition! By joining us and becoming one of our art students, you will have the opportunities to create some amazing pieces of art work, learn new skills and crafts, and possibly win the chance to get your art work exhibitied in our online gallery and in national exhibitions! This kit is your key to success as an artambition art student and contains: - your official t-shirt - your membership card (remember to fill out your details!) - your art supplies - your very own sketchbook

It is important to look after your art kit so that you can make some fantstic pieces of art work. This is how to look after each of the materials:

Remember to put the lids on your pens to stop them from drying out.

Keep your pencils sharp and try not to break them.

Always remember to properly wash your paint brush when you are finished using your paints.

Keep your wax crayons in the box when you are not using them to make sure they don’t break and tear back the paper as you use them.

As with all clubs, we have rules we expect our art students to stick to. These are how we expect you to behave as a member of artambition:

Look after your art kit! Your parents have paid for you to have those materials so we expect you to have them with you for every workshop and lesson.

Wear your official artambition t-shirt to every session and make sure you have your membership card with you too.

Help to clean up and tidy away after every lesson as the art teachers can’t do it all themselves. Treat other art students and teachers with respect. Everyone’s work is amazing so make sure you only give constructive feedback. Most importantly, have fun and produce some spectacular works of art!

Artambition - Kids Booklet  

information booklet included in the art kit OUGD505

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