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Exploring the design talent of Denmark, Sweden and Norway through twenty case studies.

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# 1 Gunnarshögs Gård


# 2 S Magazine


# 3 Yogamood


# 4 iNature Skincare


# 5 Objektiv Magazine





# 7 Karamelleriet


# 8 Tomorrow #3 Bestseller Publication


# 9 Bremen Teater Natbar


# 10 Formul’æ


# 11 Frem


# 12 November First


# 13 Frokost Udbringning


# 14 O/O Brewing


# 15 Sjemmedal


# 16 7eleven


# 17 Cover Magazine


# 18 Nordhavns Eddike Bryggeri


# 19 Friggs Premium Eco Teas


# 20 Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts


#0 Scandinavian Grapic Design

Design in Scandinavia is a growing industry where the style of design produced in these three countries is replicated around the rest of the world. During the past decades Denmark, Sweden and Norway have been known within the international design industry for their furniture and interior design companies but now there is a new wave of up and coming graphic design talent emerging from these three nations. The Scandinavian countries are known for their clean and simple designs which all have an emphasis on quality and high class. This design style is now beginning to be replicated worldwide. The information collected in this book (all case studies are listed in a random order) is all copyright to the respective owners and has been compiled directly from each studio or designers websites (direct links to each case study are also included). The information has not been altered in any way and has been kept how the particular studios and designers present themselved, whether that be in English or not. The Scandinavian mentality towards work and the design standards coming out of these three countries is a major source of inspiration to the author/curator of this book. Design Scandinavia explores twenty case studies of Scandinavian graphic design produced during the last decade and which covers the fields of brand identity, editorial and packaging design. These three areas are ones which the author also works within and each of these case studies has informed her practice at some point and on some level. Introduction by Andrea Hannah Cooper 3


Gunnarshรถgs Gรฅrd



Gunnarshögs Gård by Neumeister

Gunnarshögs Gård is a farm known for its artisanal oil and food products. It has been family owned for four generations. They came to Neumeister looking for an identity that not only conveyed their legacy, but also signalled the market leading expertise they had earned over generations. With that challenge in mind, we sought to celebrate past success

with a very modern expression. Marrying a graphic drawing of the actual Gunnarshögs farm with a persistent typeface and a carefully chosen colour palette. The result is in an identity that radiates appeal and tells a story of exquisitely modern products from a family company.


Neumeister Neumeister is a brand design agency. We were founded in Stockholm in 2006. In 2013 we opened in Malmö, too. We help companies of all sizes develop their brands and businesses, and we have gained knowledge in quite a variety of industries throughout our considerably short life.  Our field of work is regarded as creative. At Neumeister, however, we are driven by reason. And we don’t fear routines that respect budgets, honour deadlines and keep everyone on target. In fact, we have created a few routines ourselves.

Peter Neumeister Managing / Creative Director +46 706 98 44 99 Skeppsbron 20, SE-111 30, Stockholm Sweden Malmöhusvägen 1, SE-211 18, Malmö Sweden 8

S Magazine


S Magazine by NR2154 Relaunch for S Magazine’s 11th and 12th issues, including an all new identity, custom typeface design and art direction. A more

sophisticated and refined look inspired by ideas of hidden and revealed, that retains the magazine’s provocative nature.



NR2154 NR2154 is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Copenhagen and New York established by Troels Faber and Jacob Wildschiødtz. NR2154 creates visual identities, logos, typography, exhibitions, books, magazines, websites, films and campaign material. NR2154 is a project number emphasizing that the project always comes first. The collaboration was initiated in 1996 with the launch of several magazines and the design studio that later became NR2154 was founded in 1999. Today Jacob and Troels are based in New York and Copenhagen respectively. They work independently and together on various projects in the framework of NR2154. +45 33 12 14 04 Gammel Kongevej 23, Baghuset 1610 Copenhagen V Denmark 12



Yogamood by Wunsch Aromas with a deeper meaning senses during yoga and meditation. Their natural cedar wood, citrus, patchouli, lavender and eucalyptus aroma content stimulates the body’s senses in different ways, helping to intensify the yoga and meditation experience.

Yogamood is a Copenhagen yoga studio focusing on the physical and meditative aspects of yoga. AUM body oils are an important part of this philosophy, as they are pure aroma therapy oils that sharpen the



Wunsch A design studio born out of the desire to offer holistic solutions to the corporate and consumer sectors, Wunsch provides two key services. Corporate identity Wunsch creates corporate identities for brand-new or well-established companies and organisations seeking to renew and develop their visual profile. Product identity Working to a creative brief, Wunsch creates product identities destined for the consumer market. Rooted in the conceptualisation, development and design of new products, our solutions are an integrated part of the product development process, forging a strong link between company and consumer. Wunsch takes your product idea and transforms it into a finished design solution that everyone can understand. About Wunsch Wunsch was founded in 2012 by Thomas Kjær, who draws on 25 years of experience as a creative in the advertising and design industry with a special focus on FMCG and food brands. His special passion for packaging was initially aroused at Blackburn’s Design Consultancy in London back in the 1990s. Since then, Thomas has produced corporate identity, packaging design and concept development projects for some of the most interesting companies in Denmark and Scandinavia. Virtually no supermarket in the Nordic region has been left untouched by his design work. Thomas is a much sought-after speaker at food lectures and packaging seminars. Wunsch is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Thomas Kjær +4529684902 Wunsch a/s Willemoesgade 43, 1. 2100 København Ø Denmark 16

iNature Skincare



iNature Skincare by Bedow February, 2013. Packaging and visual identity for iNature Skincare — an Australian brand with skincare products made of natural ingredients, free from parabens, artificial

colours and fragrances. The packaging range consists of three products with different levels of hydration — Calendula Hydrate, Calendula Nourish andCalendula Repair.


Bedow A graphic design studio run by Perniclas Bedow — founded in 2005, expanded with employees in 2011. Working with a wide range of businesses and organizations — many within the cultural sector. +46 8 720 34 00 Bedow, Blekingegatan 14, 118 56 Stockholm, Sweden 20

Objektiv Magazine


Objektiv Magazine by Forest Objektiv is a Norwegian magazine for contemporary photography. We created the

new design and layout for the no 3 issue(2011), the no 6(2012) & no 8 (2013).



Forest FOREST is a graphic design studio based in Oslo, Norway. Co-workers Johanne Halvorsen and Anna Karlsson have their background from KHiO/NCAD, The National College of Art and Design in Oslo where they graduated in 2005, and since then they have have worked closely together as a creative team.  “We work with a broad variety of clients both from the cultural as well as the corporate sectors. We enjoy combining the experience of analytical and conceptual identity profiling with artistic expression through different media. Besides being functional, we think that the visual aspect should act as inspiration and bring aesthetic pleasure.  We work with every task, being label design, a company to be branded or a musical album, with the same involvement pursuing the essence of the product identity. We accept every challenge on its own premise, and sometimes the bigger the challenge, the greater the result! We work closely with our clients, defining their special needs, and through a branding strategy process we develop the visual identity.” The world would be a better place if people would spend more time in the Forest! Johanne Halvorsen +47 90 61 32 26 Anna Karlsson +47 98 04 54 17 Seilduksgata 4, 0553 Oslo Norway 24




Acapo Visual Identity by Anti Inc Acapo is Norway’s leading intellectual property law firm. We were asked to rebrand the firm, and help tell their story through a strong visual expression. Intellectual property, consisting of intangible assets, as simple as an idea, can often be hard to convey from a

business to business perspective. We looked for a way to tell the story of their clients, as inventors, idea makers, and thinkers, through capturing their creative processes, showing how Acapo was involved every step of the way.


Anti Inc KBHM er et grafisk design- web- og markedsføringsbureau beliggende i København. Vi tilbyder virksomheder inden for alle brancher nye løsninger til at markedsføre deres koncept eller produkt gennem kreativt grafisk design og de rette kommunikationskanaler. Vores mission er at skabe unikke løsninger i form af identitets udvikling, grafiske tryksager, webudvikling samt markedsføring via søgemaskiner og virale (sociale) medier. Vi udformer løsningsforslag ud fra kundens ønske om målrettet effekt af kampagnen, samt klar formidling af virksomhedens og produktets værdier. KBHM består af konsulenter og studerende, der arbejder på tværs af virksomhedens kompetencer. Vi tilbyder et unikt produkt med mulighed for at kombinere og integrere Grafisk Design, Web og Markedsføring. ANTI OSLO +47 934 45 238 Maridalsveien 15e 0178 Oslo ANTI BERGEN +47 916 27 586 Hegrenesveien 39 N-5042 Bergen Norway 28



Karamelleriet by Bessermachen Design that reflects handmade caramels

that is the caramel production worthy.

“Karamelleriet” is a product of 2 enthusiasts, a common dream, and the respect for old handcraft. This is complete handmade products from own production. The new visual universe must reflect the exact values and at the same time being innovative and dare to be different. With a new identity that contains everything from Logo and packaging to display and flyers “Karamelleriet” has achieved an expression

The design is developed by Bessermachen designstudio in close collaboration with “Karamelleriet” Inspiration: The entire expression is based on the most essential: the caramel. The contrasting curves which occurs during the whole process and the simple and elegant expression the finished caramel has.



Bessermachen The heart of Bessermachen is a passion for design, and that heart symbolically stands for what we burn for. We love design that does more than just create a new look or form. Because to us, design should be a direct and all encompassing reflection of a client, product or organization, and that idea is what we lead with. We work primarily within packaging and corporate identity. Design is communication. That is why Bessermachen sees packaging as a medium within itself, and simply put, winning a customer often takes place on the shelf. A thought, feeling or impression can lead to a concrete action. That is precisely why packaging is vital, whether it is for baby food, tea or muesli. So for all of those who dare to push the bar and take a step further, the possibilities are endless. Bessermachen strives to partner with these industry leaders who want to create new and exciting advances within the packaging field. +45 26 45 00 29 Kristin Brandt Creative Director +45 26450029 Bessermachen a/s Middelfartgade 17 DK-2100 København Ă˜ Denmark 32

Tomorrow #3 Bestseller Publication #8

Tomorrow #3 Bestseller Trend Publication by Scandinavian Design Lab

The Task The task was to create a twice-a-year published trend-book for internal use among designers and creative artists. The book, which both in shape and content, can be used as a source of inspiration on trends in music, fashion, retail, art and sociology.    

The Solution Just like a chameleon the publication maintains its shape, but constantly change appearance to fit into the surroundings. As the edition is limited, a special hand-made bookbinding is chosen, which gives unlimited possibilities to experimentation with new paper qualities and other materials like leather. This made it possible to develop a unique product that offers the user a new sensual experience according to the overall theme through the many different articles.



Scandinavian Design Lab Scandinavian DesignLab is an independent design agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark with representation in Shanghai, China.  Identity – is our core business with the vision of building corporate souls which actually identify and distinguish, and envisioning product brands that connect with the target, build preference and win the battle at the moment of truth. Our job is to creatively translate the vision and strategy of our clients to visual and vibrant stories. Through the years and together with our clients we have created a process that allows us to work with all the aspects of identity development. +45 70 27 08 06 Scandinavian DesignLab Amaliegade 5C, 3 1256 Copenhagen Denmark 36

Bremen Teater Natbar



Bremen Teater Natbar by WAAITT

Natbar is a bar located in the foyer of Bremen Teater. It is open every saturday and hosts parties with different DJs and live performances. The atmosphere is relaxed, yet dark. A bar for grown-ups, friends and lovers with a good taste in music. Â

We did the visual identity including logo, website, menu cards, posters, and other promotional material. The identity has (like the name and the venue) a dark look with a combination of modern and retro references. It matches the spirit of the whole house and fits well with the Bremen Teater identity. 39

WAAITT WAAITT is a Copenhagen based design studio and creative consultancy working with communication through graphic design, video and audio. We create to the point solutions in close collaboration with like-minded clients. Peder Hvitfeldts StrĂŚde 4, 1173 Copenhagen Denmark 40




Formul’æ by Bleed

Formul’æ is an Oslo-based perfume brand and creative collective. Sharing a great passion for their work, they focus on a traditional, hand-made approach while paying close attention to details. Using unorthodox combinations, Formul’æ aims at creating unique scents with a high-end feel. The visual concept for their identity is inspired by the past, when perfume was once a healthcare product only sold in pharmacies. The visual language of health and medicine products, which is direct and serves the

sole purpose to inform, was used to create a recognisable identity with a repertoire of few graphic elements. Formul’æ custom font – BB Perfume A neo-grotesque monospaced font made exclusively for Formul’æ. It is based on the evenly-spaced grid of old letter boards (mostly found at store entrances in the distant past). The font only consists of capital letters and is intended for use on headlines and shorter passages of text.


Bleed Bleed is a multidisciplinary design consultancy based in Oslo and Vienna. We create identity and experience through concept development, art direction, graphic design and service design.  Representing a mix of cultures and disciplines to challenge today’s conventions around art, visual language, interaction, media and identity. +47 993 06 000 Nedregate 5, 0553 Oslo, Norway 44



Frem by Jonathan Faust A packaging redesign of “Frem” which is a Danish soft drink factory. I did twelve unique bottles and some extra packaging just to show how their full identity could look like. The factory was established in 1949 and I have focused on history, craftmanship and authenticity. All the typography is hand drawn

and the labels are white paint directly on the bottle – reveal rather than hide. The twelve display fonts are made from associations, cliches, shapes and so on. Raspberry and pear are for instance inspired by the shape of the fruit/berry and Cola is an American cliche with a typical western wood type.



KBHM A graphic designer and former sign painter based in Copenhagen. +4520656949 48

November First



November First by Make November First is a new financial player on the international market. They offer international payments and transfers based on transparent currency exchange rates allowing business around Europe to save money and time on all their international transfers and payments. The identity delivers

on the client’s high ambitions for this new way of transfering currency. The customized typeface and wave-like graphic underline the ongoing market dynamics. The changing colours within the wave refer to bank notes converted into a digital flow and represent the global aspect of international transfers. 51

Make We create brands We are a creatively led, multidisciplinary design agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The world is our playground and we are passionate about creating compelling visual strategies and communicating brand stories that captivate your audiences. Our focus is always on your business and your customer’s needs. Our igniters: We constantly challenge ourselves and our clients, and our three igniters help us find the right way. These guiding principles motivate us and support an uncompromising approach to what we do and what you could do with your brand.: Distinct. Great ideas are born when we rule out all unimportant opportunities. Hungry. Youthful and curious, we continually discover new paths. Mind. We understand our clients’ needs and challenges better than any other agency. +45 35 25 35 80 Rosenvængets Alle 20 2100 Copenhagen Denmark 52

Frokost Udbringning


Frokost Udbringning by KBHM

I sensommeren 2013 fik vi til opgave at skulle udvikle navn og koncept for en for en frokostordningshjemmeside, som hovedsageligt skulle henvende sig til firmaer. Vi kom frem til navnet Frokost Udbringning, og udviklede logo og webshop samt udarbejdede en fotostil og overordnet visuel stil. Vi ville gerne have, at det udstrĂĽlede kundens vision med projektet, som skulle

udstrüle seriøsitet og mad af god kvalitet, men samtidigt ogsü at der var tale om en frokostordning der var til alle, og med overkommelige priser. Vi udviklede desuden en online marketing plan og opsatte en succesfuld adwords kampagne med konverteringstracking.



KBHM KBHM er et grafisk design- web- og markedsføringsbureau beliggende i København. Vi tilbyder virksomheder inden for alle brancher nye løsninger til at markedsføre deres koncept eller produkt gennem kreativt grafisk design og de rette kommunikationskanaler. Vores mission er at skabe unikke løsninger i form af identitets udvikling, grafiske tryksager, webudvikling samt markedsføring via søgemaskiner og virale (sociale) medier. Vi udformer løsningsforslag ud fra kundens ønske om målrettet effekt af kampagnen, samt klar formidling af virksomhedens og produktets værdier. KBHM består af konsulenter og studerende, der arbejder på tværs af virksomhedens kompetencer. Vi tilbyder et unikt produkt med mulighed for at kombinere og integrere Grafisk Design, Web og Markedsføring. +45 32 20 20 10 Øster Voldgade 30, 1350 Copenhagen, Denmark 56

O/O Brewing



O/O Brewing by Lundgren+Lindqvist

O/O Brewing is a recently founded microbrewery, built upon a foundation of many years of home brewing. Founded by two beer connoisseurs - O/O aims for quality rather than quantity, brewing high-end beers serving as a suitable alternative to the traditional choice of wine in fine dining contexts. We designed O/O’s identity and packaging. The logotype was inspired by brewmaster

Olle Andersson’s peculiar glasses, his characteristic appearance having become somewhat synonymous with the brand. With many friends of the brewery being involved in creative disciplines - we designed the labels leaving a defined space serving as a canvas for artist collaborations. With each beer being produced in limited quantities, the labels will serve as a micro-gallery growing over time.


Lundgren+Lindqvist Lundgren+Lindqvist is a design and development studio based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Operating out of a harbour-side rooftop studio in an old sugar factory, our process is based on research and led by ideas. Through an intuitive approach, we move seamlessly between digital and physical, approaching every project with the same inherent passion and curiosity. Working across a range of disciplines – including identity design, design for print and digital, web development and art direction – we treat problems as opportunities, always inspiring an engaging and well-crafted outcome. Over the course of the last seven years, we have catered to a wide range of small to large, local and global clients including Apple, Pecha Kucha and Sony Music. Through establishing an open dialogue – where mutual trust is a key ingredient – many of our clients keep coming back to us, leading to a number of successful long-term relationships. +46 31 757 11 00 Skype: lundgrenlindqvist 60



Sjemmedal by Heydays

Sjemmedal builds custom made cottages in Upper Hallingdal in Norway. With an increase of incoming competition, we gave Sjemmedal an identity that give them an ownership to

their surroundings. By developing a pattern of icons, we placed Sjemmedal between all the greatest parts of Hallingdal. 62


Heydays Heydays is a Norwegian design consultancy based in Oslo. The focus of our work is developing visual identities, digital solutions and other associated material for small and big clients. Together with our clients we identify and clarify core values to make relevant and tailored solutions. How we work: We use insight, instinct and commitment in our design work and dare to challenge the established truth. Our conviction is that the most precise solutions are found together with our clients and we embrace an open and passionate dialogue. Each of our designers work directly with their respective client contacts for easy and tight communication throughout the project. A key asset beside our own team and knowledge, is a well-developed network of other talented people. Photographers, copywriters, advertisers, animators, 3D artists and illustrators. We know who would fit your project. Five years on, Heydays is one of the most award winning graphic design studios in Norway. +47 404 57 900 Heydays AS Vibes gate 17 N-0356 Oslo 64




7eleven by BVD 7-Eleven decided to update their coffee concept for the Swedish mar­ket and empha­size a smart and con­ve­nient brand experience.

The iconic stripes is the take off point of our design. Mod­ern and clear branding.


BVD Sim­plify to clar­ify. Together with our clients, we move brands and make them inno­v­a­tive, sus­tain­able and con­tin­u­ously profitable. Being based in Scan­di­navia we believe that dia­logue, hon­esty, inclu­sion and hard work are key ele­ments when creat­ing good and last­ing design. Qual­ity – in every sin­gle detail Our designs rep­re­sent the high­est pos­si­ble qual­ity. This com­mit­ment demands both time and skil­ful crafts­man­ ship. Ideas and con­cepts that endure are sel­dom cre­ated over night. Sus­tain­abil­ity – a truly holis­tic approach Our designs are built to last. They arise from a respon­si­ bil­ity to their envi­ron­ment and should always con­tribute towards economic and social sustainability. Inno­va­tion – think beyond the expected Branding- and design processes can be the keys to reveal­ing unex­pected oppor­tu­ni­ties for business-  and prod­uct devel­opment. Oppor­tu­ni­ties beyond the expected. Dia­logue – where ideas are born Some­times our process is dri­ven by deeper con­ver­sa­tions, but just as often by a pass­ing smile. This is why our work requires an on-going and open dia­logue with our clients, con­sumers and the world around us. +46 8 660 00 57 hello@ bvd. se Åsögatan 115 116 24 Stock­holm Sweden 68

Cover Magazine


Cover Magazine by Homework

Cover is Denmark’s leading publication in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. In Cover avantgarde meets mainstream. From the lifestyle guru Tyler Brülé’s recommendation in the Financial Times to the front page of From H&M’s declaration that Cover

is the only Danish source of inspiration for their catalogue to Grace Jones’ exclusive perfomance at Cover’s one year birthday party. From old Cover issues being sold for more than 140€ a piece at Ebay auctions to the demand for distribution all over the world.



Homework Homework is a creative studio specialising in brand expression and communication within fashion, beauty, art, design and luxury.   Creative strategy The signature aesthetic of Homework balances both timeless and contemporary design. We believe in simplifying in order for the essential to shine. We understand the importance of creating aspirational design as a strategic business advantage for added commercial value - no matter how complex the project.    Services Areas of expertise include creative consultancy, art direction and graphic design. We specialise in rethinking brand identity, packaging, image campaigns and editorial work across printed and digital communication.   Based in Copenhagen, Homework collaborates with some of the most respected international brands within their field and have developed long-term relationships with clients both locally and globally.   Founder and creative director Jack Dahl has worked with several renowned firms including Self Service magazine and the creative strategic Paris agency, Petronio Associates,on a selection of the world’s most prestigious fashion, beauty and luxury brands. tel +45 3135 3005 homework® aps Store Strandstræde 19 Back Building, Ground Floor 1255 Copenhagen K Denmark 72

Nordhavns Eddike Bryggeri


Nordhavns Eddike Bryggeri by Papermint

Nordhavn Eddike Bryggeri blev etableret i 2010, og de første eddiker fra bryggeriet blev lanceret i 2011. Processen med at finde den rette emballage til eddikerne påbegyndtes i 2010-11 og er en successiv proces, hvor der løbende implementeres nye line-extensions

i sortimentet, ligesom der tages hensyn til et brandhieraki under opbygning. Projektet startede ud med en brand identitet samt et bomærke, som symboliserer nordstjernen. Undervejs har papermint også leveret en hjemmeside til eddikebryggeriet.



Papermint Siden 1980 Papermint blev etableret af Zdenek Musil i 1980 og har siden leveret langtidsholdbare og velkendte designløsninger til virksomheder og brands i både ind og udland. Her kan bl.a. nævnes Kræftens Bekæmpelse, Dansukker og LEGO. Teamet hos Papermint har gennem årene fulgt med udviklingen indenfor design og formgivning og kan i dag levere løsninger, der ikke blot holder her og nu men også langt ud i fremtiden. Kontakt Hos Papermint er vi pt. 9 engagerede erfarne og kreative hjerner der arbejder med grafisk design i en bred forstand. Vores kompetencer og erfaringer spænder bredt og vi arbejder udfra at skabe størst mulig værdi for vore kunder gennem vore kreative løsninger. Vi arbejder som ét team og der er hos os mulighed for at arbejde direkte sammen med den kreative på en opgave hvilket sparer vore kunder for dyre projektleder-timer. +45 39 27 60 11 Papermint Design Læderstræde 14 1201 Copenhagen K Denmark 76

Friggs Premium Eco Teas



Friggs Premium Eco Teas by NINE Friggs turned to NINE for support during the development of a new organic tea series, launched in Swedish stores. The project started with a Business Case, showing the potential for increased margins and for a new price level, significantly higher than for conventional organic product launches in the large supermarket chains. The Business Case included price- and cost analysis, consumer trials and estimation of market potential, and defined pre-requisites for successful implementation and launch.

Based on the Business Case and consumer preferences, NINE developed a new packaging concept for Friggs’ new premium teas. The packaging is 100% compostable, with tea bags in aroma proof cellophane envelopes. With its clean design and matte carton finish without outer plastic film, the packaging stands out in the shelf and clearly communicates the good and natural contents, and all was achieved with minimal packaging equipment adjustments.

Friggs’ objective was to match or exceed the growth of the green, red and herbal tea segment; driving the development of the segment.


NINE NINE is a multidisciplinary innovation company based in Stockholm Sweden. The company was founded in 2011 through a merger between No Picnic Packaging & Design (part of No Picnic) and Nine TPP. See press release about the merger here. Our main owner is the listed company BillerudKorsnäs. We can support our clients’ whole innovation process, whether it is about developing a new product, service or a completely new business area. The team at NINE includes experienced specialists within consumer insight, innovation, graphic and industrial design, business and brand strategy, production support and high-level project management. Together we have thorough experience from a broad range of innovation, design and research projects for Nordic and international clients. We have helped our clients move from insight to impact in more than 50 successful projects since 2004. +46 8 580 09 999 New Business: Henrik Östling +46 70 992 05 54 Kungsgatan 27 S-103 92 Stockholm Sweden 80

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts #20


Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts by Daniel Siim The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation is the name of Denmark’s new creative institution of higher education. As part of a branding course I was asked to pitch a new identity for the merging schools which clearly signals the spirit and the values of the new organisation. The solution

also had to include the need of individual profiles and different educational directions of the three schools. The result is four minor logos (one for the organisation and one for each of the three schools) which combined creates a merging logo. A display typeface was also developed.


Daniel Siim Daniel Siim is a Copenhagen-based designer and a BA graduate from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. His practice approach a wide scale of graphic design with a focus on printed matter, from small press to major publishing. 84

Design Scandinavia Andrea Hannah Cooper

Design in Scandinavia is a growing industry where the style of design produced in these three countries is replicated around the rest of the world. During the past decades Denmark, Sweden and Norway have been known within the international design industry for their furniture and interior design companies but now there is a new wave of up and coming graphic design talent emerging from these three nations.

Design Scandinavia explores twenty case studies of graphic design produced by studios and designers within the Scandinavian countries covering the areas of brand identity, packaging and editorial design. These case studies have been collected and compiled by the author in respose to their own working graphic design practice and all examples explored have been a source of inspiration for the author.

Design scandinavia  
Design scandinavia