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andrea coleman

retail design

andrea coleman Project Objective Create a pop-up store for the iconic makeup retailer Sephora while keeping their original identity. The store should be easily assembled and disassembled, since it is a pop-up store. Articulate the balance of experience, service and shopping intended for the pop-up proposition and design the space to fulfill these needs. 1,000 Square Feet

Software Implemented Adobe Illustrator CS4 Adobe Photoshop CS4 Adobe InDesign CS4 Autodesk Revit 2011

Project Concept

Reimagine Sephoras original branding with a greek classical styling. Natural light, translucent materials, and light colors combine to help make this store feel fresh and modern. The ease of assembly and disassembly allows it to be transplanted from district to district in metropolitan cities on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Sephora Pop-up Concept Metropolitans Worldwide

The roof will be easily transported by a base structure that is hinged all together and folds into liftable stacks

Assembly / Disassembly Guide

It just needs to be screwed onto the walls once hinged together The slopes are for added architectural effect and can be constructed by 2”x4” boards and particle board covered with asphalt shingles The fabric over the beauty studio acting as a divider can be rolled up or down depending on lighting during the daytime All exterior glazing folds into pieces no larger than 3’ x 10’ which will be easily moved by no more than two men Exterior glazing is screwed together at their hinge points and will have a bottom track that will be used as the base

The columns and structure at the entry is also added for architectural detail and can be constructed similar to stage props These elements will be constructed mainly by a 2”x4” frame covered with particle board and faux painted to achieve the greek aesthetic effect

Fixture Detail




Translucent shelves made of resin Main frame of fixture made of birch frame and covered with white glossy laminate Pewter cabinet handles



Scale: 1/4” = 1’-0”

The entryway doors are basic sliding industrial doors and the only construction required will be screwing them onto the wall

The partitions are a similar set up as the exterior glazing in that they are in pieces of 5’ x10’ already assembled and come with a track for the base and easy assembly

andrea coleman

civic design

andrea coleman rebuilding Project Objective


Software Implemented

Collaborate with architecture and building construction science 4th year students to design a community center that will house a civic center, fire station, and police station in the recently devastated town of Smithville, MS. Create a concept and have preliminary ideas within a two week time frame. Also keeping in mind lean construction, LEED practices, and current trends in the design field. 10,000 Square Feet total Projects were reviewed at the end of a 2 week period by faculty and members of the architecture firm Brasfield and Gorrie.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Adobe InDesign CS4 Autodesk Revit 2012 Autodesk Autocad 2012

15' - 8 3/4"

8' - 11"

10' - 6"

28' - 9"

77' - 4 15/16"

14' - 6"

Collection Space

15' - 9 3/16"

Concept development and general project research. Space planning and code enforcement. Digital board layout and general graphic design. Finish selections. Develop renderings and perspectives Photoshoping renderings.

14' - 3"

6' - 6"

Project Responsibilites

4' - 0"

15' - 6"

4' - 0"

17' - 3 3/4"

Meeting Room 21' - 0"

16' - 0"


27' - 3 1/8"

32' - 11 5/8"

Womens RR

Library Proposal

7' - 11 13/16"

11' - 10 15/16"

11' - 8 9/16"

11' - 3 15/16"

31' - 10 3/4"

8' - 11 13/16"

Job Center

Mens RR

11' - 3 1/16"

Staff Work Room

10' - 2 3/4"

70' - 4 1/2"

16' - 0 11/16"

7' - 0"

Collaborative Architecture & Design Project Smithville, Mississippi 80' - 0"

Firetruck Bay

11' - 6 3/8"

19' - 5 1/8"

76' - 4 31/32"

6' - 0 3/8"

Firetruck Bay

5' - 11 5/8"


19' - 0"

6' - 11 1/4"

8' - 0"


Firetruck Bay

6' - 0 3/4"

7' - 0 3/8"

8' - 0"

8' - 0"

19' - 0"

6' - 11 13/16"

8' - 0"


18' - 0"


10' - 0 25/32"


11' - 0" 16' - 9 5/8"

11' - 2 1/4"

Chief of Police 15' - 9 17/32"

Showers/ Lockers

25' - 2"

14' - 0 1/4"



28' - 8 7/32" 19' - 2 13/16"

19' - 10 5/16"

6' - 6"

Fire Station Proposal Fire Chier Office

Hose Drying Tower 13' - 0"

RR 8' - 6"

Evidence 15' - 6"

Storage 6' - 6"

Officer on Duty 14' - 6"

45' - 9 17/32"

Civic Center Proposal

andrea coleman Project Objective

Software Implemented

Identify problems of South Africa’s Lost Generation and develop a design response located within South Africa that represents their heritage and culture. Consider the available community resources and propose a solution to South Africa’s AIDS epidemic.

Project Responsibilites

Adobe Illustrator CS4 Adobe Photoshop CS4 Adobe InDesign CS4 Autodesk Revit 2011 Autodesk Autocad 2011

Concept development and general project research. Photoshop hand renderings. Digital board layout and general graphic design. Assist in section renderings. Build components in Revit.

Project Concept

Creating a safe haven for women and children in Soweto, South Africa. Aid is offered along with counseling to help defeat the system of violent patterns in everyday life. Bloei is afrikaans for blossom.The blossom concept reflects the goals of the center, which are assisting women in reaching their true potential and giving them the tools to reach independence and happiness. The center is comprised of four separate shipping containers positioned into a square shape to  form a single building with a multi-use courtyard in its center. 


This layout creates naturally separated wings and allows for simple delineation of space.




Multiple showers and toilets are offered for patrons 

Live-in housemom



Kitchen for needed provision of meals 




 

Short term daycare is offered The screen in courtyard helps create two separate spaces for different activities. Multiple beds for guests for necessary overnight accomodations

 

The courtyard is adaptable to use according to need Both private and group counseling



1st level floor plan & notes scale: 1:192 m = 1 m


Bloei Women’s Center Soweto, South Africa

Courtyard Area

Counseling Area

Job Research Area


Counseling Area

west elevation

scale:1:296 m = 1 m

Building Design Sketches south elevation

scale:1:296 m = 1 m

andrea coleman

commercial design

andrea coleman


Project Objective

Create an efficient space plan for a new customer service center in Silicon Valley, Ca. Design the space using Steelcase Inc. furniture on the 1st and 2nd floors of the building. 30,000 Square Feet

Software Implemented Adobe Illustrator CS4 Adobe Photoshop CS4 Adobe InDesign CS4 Autodesk Revit 2011 Autodesk Autocad 2011

Project Concept Future Safe - a security systems company where agents solve problems and provide excellent customer service to clients in times of distress. An overall organized workplace where employees can work efficiently and remain calm while dealing with clients in times of need. Modern architecture and clean lines in the interiors will help the staff stay organized and efficient.

Teleservice Agents Area

Employee Break Room

Steelcase Inc. Furniture Typicals for Managers, Agents, and Supervisors

Steelcase Design Competition / Future Safe Call Center Silicon Valley, California

level floor plan N 1stscale: 1/32” = 1’- 0” key

ITC/ HTC Support Sales/ Teleservice Center Admin/ Teleservice Center

level floor plan N 2nd scale: 1/32” = 1’- 0”

BIS/ Tech Center BIS/ TECH HR/ Testing & Training

andrea coleman roundtable group Project Objective Convert an old manufacturing plant into an incubator space in downtown Starkville, MS. Layout the space so multiple businesses can move in at any point in time. 4,500 Square Feet

Software Implemented Adobe Illustrator CS3 Adobe Photoshop CS3 Adobe InDesign CS3 Autodesk Revit 2009

Project Concept The Roundtable Group is a space for all professionals. A functional layout with centrally located support space for all of the occupants in this space, promoting circulation. The exposed brick and white walls lend to this space’s industrious aesthetic and provide a blank slate for its inhabitants to create meaningful work. Modern architecture and clean lines in the interiors will help the staff stay organized and efficient.


Roundtable Incubator Space Starkville, Mississippi



level floor plan N 1stscale: 1/16” = 1’-0”


Elevation 1

scale: 1/8” = 1’-0”

Elevation 2

scale: 1/8” = 1’-0”

Conference Room

andrea coleman n u o v o

d i

z e c c a

n u o v o

hospitality design

andrea coleman Project Objective Create an international restaurant located in Rome, Italy that will become a dining and nightlife hotspot in the city center. Design branding for the entire restaurant and an interior that reflects the design aesthetic of the region. Layout the space in an effective and efficient manner that allows the space to flow smoothly for restaurant staff and guests. 3,500 Square Feet

Project Concept

Nuovo Di Zecca is Italian for brand new - playing off of the contemporary feel of the interiors. Reinvent classical Italian design from traditional to modern clean-lined interiors. Based on modern italian art pieces the design replicates the strong curvilinear forms and holds an organic flow about the space. A warm color scheme is used in juxtaposition to bold forms to maintain warmth. Centrally located wine bar and lounge serves as a metaphoric hearth to the restaurant.

Software Implemented Adobe Illustrator CS4 Adobe Photoshop CS4 Adobe InDesign CS4 Autodesk Revit 2010

Concept Images


dining elevation 1

Section 1 1/8" = 1'-0"

scale: 1/32” = 1’- 0”

1st level floor plan scale: 1/32” = 1’- 0”

bar elevation

Level 1 0' - 0"

scale: 1/32” = 1’- 0” n u o v o

d i

z e c c a






Nuovo Di Zecca Rome, Italy

andrea coleman


andrea coleman Photos were taken during a course in survey of photography and study abroad semester in The United Kingdom.

2nd place overall in Mississippi State study abroad photo contest

Photography Creative Projects

3rd Place in the Creative Catagory in the South Central ASID Student Competition Winner of Architecture Concept in the Mississippi State University Study Abroad Photo Contest