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Day as a way to recognize the role of home and community gardens in achieving self-sufficiency.

Win. Win.

Saving Seeds, Saving Democracy

Healthier employees create stronger companies.

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Jim Gerritsen operates Wood Prairie Farm with his family in Bridgewater, Maine. He’s dedicated to using organic farming methods to protect the environment and food quality, provide ample harvests and foster good jobs for the next generation of young farmers. As president of the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, Gerritsen led a lawsuit against Monsanto in 2011, challenging the validity of seed patents. In a Food Sleuth Radio interview, he explains, “Patented seeds cannot be saved and replanted. To take that right away from farmers was a terrible mistake on the part of the Supreme Court.” Seed ownership belongs to the people; our seed resource is part of our common heritage. “Genetic engineering was an invention to take away from the commons the ownership of seeds,” he continues. “Regaining control of the seed supply is one of the most pressing battles we have in agriculture.” Gerritsen encourages everyone to plant an organic garden using organic seeds and to advocate GMO labeling. “Let’s let transparency reign, which is a hallmark of a democratic system,” he proclaims. Melinda Hemmelgarn is a registered dietitian and award-winning writer and nationally syndicated radio host at, in Columbia, MO (Food She advocates for organic farmers at Enduring-Image.

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