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The Clever Senoras Wellness Spa at GCAP Oncology Massage Esthetician (Facial) Services

Certified Oncology Massage Therapists and Estheticians provide services in a relaxed, healing, private setting for those just diagnosed, in treatment, or survivors of any type of cancer.

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60 minute Oncology Massage $40 60 minute Oncology Facial $40 Special pricing for others

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The Gynecological Cancer Awareness Project 7007 Wyoming NE. Suite D3 Albuquerque, NM. 87109

healthbriefs The Truth about Cancer Video Series in Santa Fe


ransformational Psychologist and Holistic Health Coach Suchinta Abhayaratna will host two free showings and discussions of The Truth About Cancer video series in Santa Fe. “It is predicted that if things continue as they are, one in two men and one in three women can expect to get cancer in their lifetimes,” shares Abhayaratna. Having lost several family members to cancer, producer of The Truth About Cancer video series and cancer prevention activist, Ty Bollinger, believes that they died of the toxic treatments rather than the disease itself. Bollinger has made it his mission to research and share information on safer, natural alternatives to conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy that most believe are their only options. In this nine episode video series, Bollinger presents hundreds of interviews with doctors, alternative medicine practitioners and researchers in the U.S. and worldwide who support and offer natural treatments. The videos also contain in interviews with those who have healed from cancer and what alternative methods they used in addition to lifestyle changes. Watch the first two episodes of The Truth About Cancer and register for the rest of the series at See ad, page 23.

Neti Pot Solutions for Sinus Problems


eti pots, used for centuries in Asian cultures to support nasal health and eliminate toxins from the nasal mucosa, have become increasingly popular in the Western orld. People use the small Aladdin’s lamp-looking pots to help flush sinuses, usually by pouring a mild solution of unrefined sea salt and water from one nostril through the other (avoid common table salt because it can irritate mucous membranes). The process flushes out unwanted mucus, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. Frequent nasal flushing is credited with preventing and relieving sinus infections. Some experts recommend a stronger remedy if an infection is present. “The bacteria and fungus stick rather well to the nasal mucosa and few are flushed out with saline flushes,” remarks Herbalist Steven Frank, of Nature’s Rite. LLC. “Most of these nasty pathogens adhere to the mucosa with what is called a biofilm. Within this slime layer, they are well protected and thrive within the warm moist sinuses, so a small saline bath once a day doesn’t bother them much at all.” To deal with stubborn sinus problems, Frank likes using the neti pot with a colloidal silver wash that is retained in the nostrils for ten minutes. This can be supported with regular intra-nasal spraying of the colloid throughout the day. For more information, call 888-465-4404 or visit See ad, page inside cover.


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