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letterfrompublisher Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it. ~ Charles R. Swindoll

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ur March issue feels like spring with articles about farmers’ markets, colorful veggies and local community gardens. This month’s feature article Meaty Truths (page 15) is meant to encourage people to make conscious choices when buying and consuming meat. This informative article shines the light on farms and vendors, educates readers on what to look for on labels, discusses the impact of antibiotics on our health and offers suggestions for the food industry on healthier ways of preparing and serving meat. It also includes a helpful checklist. The counter article Why Vegan (page 14) goes further to look at how reduced meat consumption in the U.S. can drastically impact hunger problems in the world. And then there is the important aspect regarding animals being sentient beings that feel pain and emotions. If you’re looking to reduce your meat consumption, why not start with the popular practice of making at least one day per week meat-free? You can also reduce your meat consumption on the other days of the week. It’s been shown that increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits in our diet and making meat more of a side dish (practiced in many cultures) can reduce inflammation in the body which prevents chronic illnesses. Taste the Rainbow (page 18) gives readers some ideas on how to increase vegetable consumption. A good way to get educated is to shop our local farmers’ markets where you can speak directly with the farmers and vendors to find out what methods they are using. Our representative for farmers’ markets in the region is the Santa Fe Farmer’s market (page 19) that highlights the many benefits of shopping local. Personally, I’m looking forward to the onset of spring and experimenting with some new add-ons to last year’s first planting experience. It’s time to prep our pots and soil and get ready for new color, digging in the dirt and creativity. Speaking of creativity—the process of adult coloring (page 14) represents a new trend where we can escape stress and practice creativity. Coloring has a meditative effect. For those that have a hard time sitting still, it’s a fresh way to get in some quiet time while using the right and left side of our brain. Alongside the article we share Creative Wings Studio’s 7-day workshop in June hosted at the enchanting Vista Verde retreat in Carson, near Taos. What an amazing opportunity to discover your own inner artist in a beautiful setting and restore and nourish yourself.

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