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Integrate your interest in Healing, Quantum Biology, the Mind Sciences and Practical Spirituality New Mexico’s Only State Licensed 500-hour Hypnotherapy Certification Course

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C A R H

for Conversation with our Interstellar Friends, Laarkmaa. Connecting & Communicating to Build a New World Community.

S       L      


uring this loving weekend, you will explore your evolutionary path with other resonant hearts. Heal your heart through lively, direct conversations with Laarkmaa as they share how we can enhance our non-verbal communication as we form true communities of light.

R      .. P O and C S are unique interstellar communicators who, natural awakenings February 2015 together, bring forth the wisdom of Laarkmaa, a spiritual voice from the stars.


BRINGING MORE THAN HOMEWORK HOME By Ryan Hogan It’s that time of year when we’re sending our kids back to school. Unfortunately, while schools are good places to learn they are great places to catch a disease. In fact, children’s Upper respiratory illnesses (URI’s) cause more doctor visits and missed school days than any other illness in the US. Luckily, there are a few things you can do at home to help reduce the chances of your child getting sick at school this year.

sanitizer before eating snacks, lunch and after using a shared computer mouse, pencil sharpener, water fountain or other community objects. Now, most people know we need to wash our hands, but one thing most people don’t really relate their health to is nasal hygiene. Using a saline spray with xylitol, such as Xlear Nasal Spray, is safe for all ages. Research has shown this natural sweetener is useful in preventing bacterial otitis media (ear infections), among other upper respiratory problems that are most likely to occur in fall and winter months. Additional xylitol studies have also shown a significant reduction in asthma attacks when a xylitol nasal spray is used on a daily basis. Xylitol affects nose and throat bacteria in two ways:

HOW? Before we talk prevention, we need to know how infection spreads. Many childhood illnesses are caused by viruses and bacteria that are transferred from person to person. URI’s increase in fall and winter as we spend more time crowded indoors. All it takes is one sick child, going to school for the spread to begin. Small droplets from a child’s cough or sneeze travel through the air and land on surfaces like desks, doorknobs and people. These germs are easily spread when someone touches the contaminated object and then proceeds to touch their eyes, nose or mouth. Children’s immune systems are less mature than those of adults, so they’re more vulnerable to these germs. Washing your hands and your nasal passages and also keeping their hands away from their nose, eyes and mouth are the most preventative habits to form at a young age.

• Decreases the adherence of harmful bacteria on their surface cells. • Stimulates the body’s own natural defense system Since the average American child has six to ten colds a year, using a xylitol nasal spray is a safe and effective way to promote better upper respiratory health, year round. FINAL HEALTHY TIPS In addition to frequent hand-washing, teach your child some other school health basics: • Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. • Give your child a package of tissues to keep in his or her desk. • Encourage your child not to share water bottles, food or other personal items. • Ask your child’s teacher to include hand-washing time before lunch or snacks.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Our best defense is to stop cold germs where they breed. Good hand-washing is the most effective way to prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading. Wash your hands after using the bathroom, blowing your nose, handling trash and prior to touching food to help eliminate germs. Soap and water should be used for 20 seconds (about as long as it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice). Using alcohol-based hand cleaners is also effective. Remind your child to use the


Northern & Central New Mexico

• Have your whole family practice nasal hygiene and the use of xylitol saline spray like Xlear. Even with all of these tips, your kids are bound to come down with something over the course of the school year. We all get sick at some point or another, forming healthier habits and maintaining a positive attitude is all we can do as parents. For more information, please visit

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February 2015


letterfrompublisher Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. ~Mother Teresa


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o true. How often have you exchanged smiles with a stranger and had this beautiful connection and uplifting energy when both of you smiled at each other. What if we could self-generate this beautiful feeling without needing someone else? When you board a flight you are told “in case of an emergency, fasten your own oxygen mask, and then assist those around you.” In other words, in order to help others we need to first take care of ourselves. There is no need to analyze why so many of us have the behavior of “not loving ourselves first.” The answer is always the same—something occurred during our childhood that programmed our belief system into adulthood. Love your neighbor the same as you love yourself. Why do so many of us reverse this spiritual law and love others first and then ourselves second? No wonder there are so many failed relationships. We put ourselves last and live our lives reacting to the needs of our partners, kids, parents, jobs, friends, etc. It’s time to set boundaries and stop letting others throw you off your game. Every time you are in a negative space simply take a breath, place your hand on your heart, focus on the heart center, and surround yourself with loving light while saying the mantra “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself.” This simple act can bring about an amazing shift. Those seeking new friendships or romance will attract more supportive friends and better partners if you love yourself first. Thanks to the Internet and social media supportive coaches and communities are only a mouse click away. Here are eight things available to you locally and listed by page: 8 - February 11, Gratitude Party in Albuquerque. 9 - February 7, Two-hour Tele-Class to “Attract the Perfect Relationship” 10 - February 23 - 27, Santa Fe Soul 5-day Fresh Start Program. Change feeling tired, wired and overwhelmed to feeling uplifted and empowered. 10 - Sign up for a Heartmath intervention & checkup with Obsidian Health in Albuquerque. 10 - Take a Secret Sexuality class at the Mogadao Institute in Santa Fe. 11 - Awaken your inner goddess with an online belly dance class with Ansuya. 11 - Treat yourself to a cosmetic procedure with “Face by Kim” in Albuquerque to radiate on the outside what you feel on the inside. 15 – March 7, Passion Compass Couples Workshop in Albuquerque. Check out our February issue through the lens of self-love; you’ll be surprised how many other things you discover! My gift to you in our quest of continuous self-love is the link to this beautiful meditation to start your day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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14 HAPPILY COUPLED Creating Loving Relationships that Thrive by Judith Fertig



by Kelly Chisholm



Jill Crosby on Looking for Love Online by S. Alison Chabonais



Remedies to Heal the Heart by Kathleen Barnes



Obstacles Point the Path to Wholeness and Healing

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by Deborah Shouse



Tips to Bring More Positive Energy into Your Home by Sarah Tarver-Wahlquist



by Rev. AliceAnn Saunders


Eating Healthy Foods Fights Off Depression by Lane Vail



A Guide to Mourning, Remembering and Healing by Julianne Hale

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February 2015


newsbriefs Gratitude Event Infiltrates Social Media with Positivity


oin a group of people collectively posting 1,000 gratitudes on the internet with the #1000gratitudes hashtag on February 11. This annual event began last year when Our Gratitude Collective founder, Antonia Montoya, posted her one thousandth gratitude post on Facebook and challenged others to join her. This year’s event will not only take place all day online but also includes a gratitude party being held from 4 to 9 p.m. in Albuquerque. The party brings together like-minded people for meditation, a gratitude dance class based on ecstatic dance, facilitated discussions, collective art projects, and culminates in a two-hour dance party. Throughout the event there will be gratitude-sharing, a potluck, and a craft table for creating gratitude boards. The Collective will also hit the streets before the event with acts of gifting and gratitude. “Renowned fiction author Margaret Cousins once said, ‘Appreciation can change a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.’ This event is your opportunity to put your gratitude into words and into action,” says Montoya. Gratitude party cost: $5 (kids free) Location: The Kosmos, 1715 5th St. NW, Albuquerque. For more information, visit or call Antonia Montoya at 505333-9336. See ad page 10.

Thomas Hübl – Mystical Practice in Everyday Life


ontemporary mystic and spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl returns to Santa Fe on February 26 for an Open Evening event being held at 7 p.m. at the Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living. His Open Evening last February drew a full house and Hübl looks forward to his return. In his talk, Waking Up and Growing Up: Mystical Practice in Everyday Life. Hübl will continue the exploration of a mystical practice that is deeply relational and teaches us to practice right in the center of our busy lives. In addition to the Open Evening, there will be a rare opportunity to join Hübl in the more intimate space of a half-day intensive workshop from 1 to 5 p.m. Attendees will get a chance to work one-on-one with Hübl and experience a taste of the kind of community that begins to emerge within Hübl’s work. Hübl ‘s teachings are an invitation to engage in a way of being that invites profound clarity, compassion, transparency, fierce love and tenderness with ourselves and each other—a way that allows us to intertwine stillness and movement as one path rather than two separate approaches to life. He brings an entirely new, multi-dimensional understanding of spiritual transformation that is practical and embodied. Cost: Half-day intensive (location TBA) $65 by February 12, $75 after; Open Evening $20 early registration, $25 at door. Open Evening location: Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living, 505 Camino de Marquez, Santa Fe. To register, visit See ad page 13.


Northern & Central New Mexico

Julia Cameron Leads Creativity Workshop at Unity Santa Fe


ulia Cameron, noted author, international teacher and Santa Fe resident, will lead an afternoon workshop entitled “Creativity and Divinity: Dancing Partners” from 1 to 5 p.m. on February 7 at Unity Santa Fe. Julia Cameron has been an active artist for more than three decades, authoring such books as The Artist’s Way, Walking in This World, and Finding Water. In this workshop she will be drawing on ideas and practices contained in many of her 30 books including her latest, Prayers to the Great Creator. Cameron will guide participants to release old ideas that separate divinity from creativity, freeing them to experience a stronger communion with the Great Creator. “We often speak of God as ‘the Creator’ without realizing that ‘creator’ is another word for ‘artist’,” shares Cameron. “Using prayer, meditation, experiential exercises and Q & A, we will begin to create a working partnership between our creative and divine selves.” Fee: $50. Pre-register by February 4; class space limited. Location: 1212 Unity Way, Santa Fe. To register or for more information, call 505-989-4433, email or visit See ad page 25.

Looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right


repare for the best Valentine’s Day ever by attending a live, two-hour teleclass 5 Steps to Attracting Your Perfect Mate: From Dinner Date to Soul Mate being held at 10 a.m. on February 7. The event is hosted by Jan Stringer and Alan Hickman, international business coaches, bestselling authors and founders of PerfectCustomers, Inc. “Most people agree that looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right takes a lot of energy. First, you must figure out where you are most likely to find the type of people you are interested in dating. Then you must spend more time and money experimenting with the right way to catch their attention. Once you’ve caught their attention, you must convince them that you are what they want,” says Stringer. “So, when this prospective mate tells you that they are not completely satisfied with you—your qualities, your interests, your friends, your personality—you are more than willing to make compromises to satisfy them,” says Hickman. “Truth be known, you are simply too tired from the chase to put up a fight to go out and hunt down another prospective mate to replace this one.” Stringer and Hickman agree that there is a better way. “We invite you to replace ‘It’s hard to find that perfect person’ with the conviction that ‘I am now attracting the perfect relationship,’” says Stringer. Cost: $47. For more information, call 505474-5348 or visit See ad page 6.

Get Ready to Thrive


anta Fe’s premier indoor cycling and hot power yoga studio, Santa Fe Thrive, is scheduled to open in early 2015. The studio will feature top-of-the-line equipment; antimicrobial yoga flooring; a custom-built heating, humidifying and air purifying system; free showers and towel service; and a carefully selected group of Santa Fe’s favorite spinning and yoga instructors. Classes will be offered throughout the day, starting at 6 a.m., and are scheduled to facilitate students’ ability to both ride and practice yoga. “The combination of a high-intensity cardiovascular cycling workout that is inspirational, empowering and most importantly, fun, with the strength training, stretching and balance-building of a sweaty, meditative yoga practice builds full-body fitness through safe, low-impact activities that reduce the risk of injury and increase overall mind-body wellness,” says Thrive owner Mira Rubiano. “All Thrive classes are sweat inducing, which promotes detoxification, increased immunity and glowing skin.” Mira Rubiano, MA, E-RYT 200, RYT 500, is a Mad Dogg-certified spinning instructor and a Hot 108 and Bhakti Flow-certified yoga instructor. Her vision for the studio, in addition to offering the best of the best, is to create a platform for inclusive, communityconscious empowerment in the spirit of holistic health and vitality. Location: 947 W. Alameda Street, Santa Fe. For more information, visit and follow Santa Fe Thrive on Facebook and Twitter.

Free Information Evening at New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts


ew Mexico Academy of Healing Arts will host a free informational evening from 6 to 8 p.m. on February 6. The event is open to patients, caregivers, students and all healthcare practitioners with questions about integrative care, palliative care, hospice care and pediatric care. Event facilitators, David Lang and Emilie Brough, are both staff members at the University of New Mexico’s Preventative and Integrative Medicine Clinic, The Center for Life. Combining their years of experience, Lang and Brough will answer questions relevant to the current scope of practice, healthcare policy, and professional opportunities. “As a group, we will explore what is crucial to the development of mastery in medical settings,” says Lang. The pair is developing a certification program for licensed massage therapists, Oriental medicine doctors and allied healthcare practitioners. The program will help prepare these practitioners for work in medical settings and will be available for registration in 2016. Location: New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, 501 Franklin Ave., Santa Fe. RSVP to or call Erin at 505-982-6271. See ad page 2.

APRIL 10 - 12, 2015


GHOSTRANCH.ORG for more information

natural awakenings

February 2015


healthbriefs Santa Fe Soul Offers Fresh Start


anta Fe Soul Founder and Director, Robyn Benson, DOM, is excited to announce that Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health is now offering two transformative, five-day Fresh Start Programs. The Breakthrough program, being held February 23 to 27, is for those seeking less pain, more clarity and a significant improvement in their health and well-being. The program will help attendees recover their health and vitality while releasing emotional blocks, feel empowered with their selfcare choices, and gain insight about their overall condition while improving mental clarity. “Ultimately, the program creates the condition for each person to return to a state where they are living their life with more fulfillment, passion and possibility,” explains Benson. The Revitalize and Thrive program is designed for those who are wired, tired and overwhelmed,” says Benson. “Leave feeling uplifted, stronger and empowered with a greater vision for your life.” Throughout 2015, Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health will continue to offer one of these two retreats each month. 2905 Rodeo Park Dr. E, Santa Fe. Each class is limited to 10 attendees. For more information and to register, call 505-474-8555 or visit Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health can be found on Facebook and Twitter. See ad page 16.

Obstacles are what you see when you take your eye off the goal. ~Chris Burke


Northern & Central New Mexico

Sacred Sexuality Classes


he MogaDao Institute, located in the Railyard of Santa Fe, offers classes, workshops and lectures in meditation, qigong, yoga, gongfu conditioning and Sacred Daoist Sexuality. Two MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality classes are offered weekly for women. The first class is held on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. and the second is held on Friday mornings at 9 a.m. A monthly couple’s class is also held at 6 p.m. on the first Sunday of each month. In addition, a workshop for women will take place on February 21; a workshop for men on February 28; and a special class for the LGBTQIA community called The Sacred Body Undivided: The MogaDao Epicene Sexuality Class will be held on March 5. Over Valentine’s weekend, The MogaDao Institute will also host three special offerings. Two talks entitled Ecstasy, Eros, and Vulnerability: Claiming the Birthright of the Erotic Body, and Sexuality as the Hidden Wilderness of a Man’s Life: Linking Him to Myth, Time, and Vulnerability will be held at 7:15 p.m. on February 13. A free introductory talk entitled The Dance of Destiny and Desire: A Talk on Sex and Spirituality for Singles and Sweethearts will be held at 6 p.m. on February 14. In addition, a MogaDao Couples Practice of partner yoga and sexuality qigong forms will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. on February 15. The MogaDao Institute was founded by Master Zhenzan Dao. The teachings and practices of the institute arise out of his deep and personal studies of Daoism, qigong and yoga over the last 30 years. The MogaDao tradition is infused with western psychology, literature and poetry, and is a unique and profound blend of East and West embodied in sacred physical practice. Location: 703 Camino de la Familia, Ste. 3103, Santa Fe. For more information visit

Manage Stress and Anxiety with HeartMath Dr. Berje Barrow-Kaiser


t is commonly understood that excessive threatens our well-being. Studies have shown that stress is the underlying cause of many diseases. We can become so accustomed to our stress that we become numb to it and may not realize how affected we are until a crisis takes place. Irritability, depression, sleeplessness, loss of memory, anxiety, weight gain, diabetes and digestive disorders are all symptoms of stress. More serious problems such as increased blood pressure, stroke and cardiac arrest can occur when stress is ignored. HeartMath research identifies the connection between the heart and the brain and shows how thoughts, emotions and attitudes affect our bodies both positively and negatively. It helps us gain a better understanding of our stress and how to better control the outcome. We can learn to identify stressful situations, and how they affect us before they become physical, mental or emotional diseases. HeartMath has been used successfully in many environments including schools, professional training programs and for law enforcement and the military to reduce low performance and stress-related safety issues. Dr. Berje Barrow-Kaiser, Ph.D., is a Certified HeartMath Interventionist. Call 505-715-3452 for an appointment today. See ad page 23.

Cultivating a Healthier Relationship with Ourselves by Bellydancing by Ansuya Rathor


s women, we are under a lot of pressure to maintain our bodies according to outside standards. A common way to get relief on this subject is to hear a compliment from a lover about a part of our bodies that we feel insecure about. “Until now I thought this part of my body was truly dreadful,” we may think. “Thank you for correcting me on this. Now I can be happy. Just one thing, I can’t live without you.” Here’s where we’ve set ourselves up for failure. Imagine a different scenario. We receive a compliment for a part of our bodies that we have been celebrating. “Thank you,” then becomes our response. Perhaps followed by, “Just wait until you see the rest.” Here we’re being funny. But we get the idea! One great way to generate this change in perspective is by bellydancing. Bellydance teaches women to respect, adore and celebrate their bodies. Through this process we cultivate a deeper, broader sense of personal growth and love of self. Now we are in a healthier relationship with ourselves and more ready to love another. Ansuya is a second generation internationally recognized bellydance teacher and performer. She fosters a fun and supportive online learning and social environment for women around the world to receive the benefits of bellydance. Find her live and prerecorded online bellydance class offerings at For full article go to See ad page 17.

Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures by Kim Kaminer


ccording to American Society of Plastic Surgeons, from 2000 to 2013 non-surgical cosmetic procedures like Botox have increased 703 percent and dermal fillers have increased 243 percent. Many people are staying fit and working longer and they want faces to match how they feel. Now that social media requires that we show our faces to the universe on a daily basis, more people are considering anti-aging alternatives that fall somewhere between a facelift and wrinkle creams. A more youthful and rested look with no cutting or anesthesia; is a trend that will likely continue. Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport are very popular among all genders and ages because these products relax wrinkles and create a more youthful-looking face. Dermal fillers, which are second in popularity to Botox, add volume to the face and fill in deep lines and/or hollows of the face. The subtle, natural improvement that dermal fillers make in such a short time is a big reason for their popularity. Dermal fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane and Juvederm take as little as 20 minutes and produce immediate results. Before undergoing any major cosmetic surgery, be sure to do your research on non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Fear-free Dentistry in Albuquerque


lbuquerque dentist Dr. Alicia Abeyta believes that everyone deserves a beautiful, one-of-akind smile. “I understand that your dental treatment is personal, from your personal decision to receive treatment, to the personal care you receive,” she says. With a different and gentle approach to dentistry, Abeyta and her team believe that dentistry is health and trust centered and that is why she focuses on treating the whole person. “Our mission through a gentle approach is One Mouth, One Body and One Connection,” explains Abeyta. “We incorporate art, science and spirituality into our care, which allows for total body healing.” Patients will enjoy not only a peaceful and calm environment, but also customized care from one doctor. Comfort pillows, music and aromatherapy with Doterra Essential Oils are all individualized to make each patient’s experience unique and soothing. Dr. Abeyta and her staff also use the latest in technology to enhance the quality and fit for their patients’ dental care. Dr. Abeyta delivers precision dentistry and makes sure that all of her attention is devoted to the treatment being delivered. Dr. Abeyta is aware that some patients experience dental anxiety. “This can happen for a variety of reasons,” she says. “Some dental anxiety originates from the shot given at the start of an appointment to get numb.” That is why Abeyta uses a painless anesthetic delivery system. “This technology is called The Wand System and The DentalVibe,” she says. “The Wand System is a painless computerized anesthetic delivery system. The computer monitors how much anesthetic is delivered and administers it at a rate that is painless to the patient. The needle is much smaller than the conventional syringe and most patients don’t even realize that they are getting a shot. Next, The breakthrough VibraPulse of the DentalVibe technology delivers unique soothing pulsed vibration to block pain and discomfort.” All procedures are accomplished without discomfort, in a relaxing atmosphere. To learn more, call 505-293-7611 or visit See ad page 23.

Kim Kaminer, RN, is the owner of Face by Kim located at 6100 Uptown Blvd. NE, Suite 600 in Albuquerque. She is highly trained with the skill and artistry necessary to create the beautiful results you want. Schedule a warm and caring consultation with her by calling 505-225-2177 or visiting See ad page 16. natural awakenings

February 2015


healthbriefs New Device Treats Arthritis Pain without Drugs


he Avacen 100, a new FDA-cleared Class II medical device, treats arthritis pain with cutting-edge heat therapy technology. The Avacen 100 is the world’s first noninvasive medical device that is designed to allow patients to treat their own widespread pain without drugs. “It worked very well for me,” says Gabrielle Farrell, a 67-year old resident of Santa Barbara, California, who has suffered from arthritis for over a decade. “It is such a gentle, easy treatment. It’s just incredible.” Farrell says the Avacen improves her sense of well-being and helps her sleep. She uses it for 30 minutes, twice a day. “When I do the machine in the evening, my sleep comes faster and it is definitely, definitely more restful,” she notes. Farrell says she was skeptical about Avacen when she started using it a year and a half ago. As a test, she stopped using it for a month. “I stopped for a while and the proof was that everything came back,” she explains. “A sharp pain in my fingers or stiffness. When I don’t use the machine, my fingers become very stiff. And I don’t play the piano well because I don’t have mobility in my fingers.” Avacen Medical is dedicated to the innovation of drug-free alternatives to treat pain associated with conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and migraines.  For more information and video testimonials, visit See ad page 31.

Marriage is Good for the Heart


esearch from the New York University School of Medicine found that married people have significantly less cardiovascular disease (CVD) than those that are divorced, widowed or otherwise single. The study used data on the rates of CVD from the health surveys of more than 3.5 million men and women collected at 20,000 U.S. medical centers. Married people under 50 had 12 percent lower incidence of heart disease than single people. Married couples between 51 and 60 years old had a 7 percent lower risk, while those over 60 had a 4 percent lower risk. The results were presented at the 2014 scientific sessions of the American College of Cardiology. Researcher and cardiologist Jeffrey Berger recommends that doctors show increased diligence for single patients: “If one of my patients is recently widowed or divorced, I’m increasingly vigilant about examining them for signs of any type of cardiovascular disease and depression,” he says.

Mind-Body Therapies Stimulate the Immune System

A Healthy Approach to Intestinal Maintenance


mall intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a condition in which too many and the wrong kinds of bacteria inhabit the small intestine, or small bowel, usually due to another condition that interferes with normal intestinal activity. Bacteria are allowed to stay overlong and multiply or even spread backward from the colon into the small intestine. The results may include constipation, bloating, abdominal pain, fatigue and even anemia, because iron and vitamin B12 are absorbed here. Allopathic medicine usually kills off the overgrowth with antibiotics that tend to stay in the intestinal tract. The small intestine is then reseeded with healthy probiotics to establish the proper balance of gut bacteria essential to the absorption of nutrients and the production of some natural vitamins. Steven Frank, founder of Nature’s Rite, advises that as a more natural alternative, some naturopathic practitioners are using an enhanced aqueous silver colloid to kill off the overgrowth before reseeding. According to the Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine, after using either technique, it helps to ingest herbs such as plantain, licorice, marshmallow and slippery elm bark, as well as aloe, to heal the damage.


large statistical analysis of multiple studies on body-mind therapies such as meditation, tai chi, qigong and yoga found that the practices effectively reduce inflammation and show promise in modulating the immune system. Scientists at the Tufts University School of Medicine analyzed the results of 34 controlled scientific studies that collectively assessed 2,219 people. Each study involved the use of at least one mind-body practice for between seven and 16 weeks and measured immune system health using multiple biological markers. Eighteen of the studies specifically examined inflammation factors, while seven evaluated antiviral-related immunity. Nine of the studies measured C-reactive protein (CRP) levels—an indicator of cardiovascular-related inflammation. The analysis revealed that mind-body therapies reduced CRP levels in subjects with high risk factors for cancer, diabetes, depression and cardiovascular disease. The scientists added that some of the research suggested that mind-body therapy may also increase immunity against viral infections.


Northern & Central New Mexico

For more information, call 888-4654404 or visit See ad, page 31.

Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you. ~ Loretta Young

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globalbriefs Potent Promises

Climate Change Pledges Predict Progress President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping have both made ambitious pledges to combat climate change. Jinping pledged that China’s CO2 emissions would peak around 2030; the first time that Beijing has set such a target. Obama promised that by 2025, the U.S. will have reduced its emissions by 23 to 26 percent from 2005 levels, twice as much as Washington had previously offered. The carbon emission deal that has been reached between China and the United States is a promising breakthrough. The world’s biggest economies account for one-third of the planet’s emissions, so their initiative should help persuade other countries to reach a global emissions agreement at a United Nations climate summit next year in Paris. President Obama faces opposition in the Republican-controlled Congress, although aides say he can act unilaterally. Moreover, rapidly evolving energy conditions in the United States, from the increased supply of natural gas to the expansion of renewable energies, will ease the pain of carbon cuts.

Portable Feast

Guess Who’s Delivering Dinner A new service called Plated ( is providing households the ability to prepare a fresh, homemade dinner without having to think about menu planning or grocery shopping. The ingredients arrive at the door in a biodegradable box, pre-portioned and ready to cook in 30 minutes. Customers browse a rotating menu of chef-designed recipes on the Plated website and select their favorites each week, add the number of plates to the shopping cart and set a delivery date. For the price of subscription to the service, they receive a box with perfectly portioned ingredients and detailed cooking instructions. Based in New York City, Plated delivers its subscription boxes to 47 states, with plans to further expand in the next year. Source:

hile the IRS may say it’s tax season, Anthony Belletete, CPA, refers to this time of year as Energy Clearing Season. “Filing taxes for the prior calendar year is one issue that we all have to deal with each and every year.  The filing of tax returns can be a great way to relieve stress, put the past in the past, and clear your energy field of any negative residuals, ” says Belletete.  “Think of tax time like spring cleaning.  It is a time to look back to the prior year and record your blessings.” Belletete is not your ordinary CPA.  He has a special connection with the Divine and understands the light and dark side of tax filings.  “I don’t know of a single individual that likes to file their income tax returns, but I can tell you that almost 100 percent of my clients are happy when their returns have been completed and that negative energy has been released to the universe.  If you think of filing taxes as spring cleaning, as the wiping away of the past in preparation for the future, you take on a whole new energy, a whole new vibration. Suddenly, tax filings are not a burden, but a release, a cleansing.”  Belletete has been a CPA for two decades and has owned his own firm for over 10 years.  He moved to Santa Fe in early May 2014 and has been developing a CPA practice of like-minded clients.  He currently works with clients in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Albuquerque.  He provides one-on-one tax and accounting services and interacts with each client personally.   “If you have been looking for someone to help you clear past tax energies and to move on into a brighter future, I’d be glad to help,” he adds. Anthony Belletete can be reached at 505-225-1120 or by visiting   See ad page 11.

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Making Love Last

Happily Coupled Creating Loving Relationships that Thrive by Judith Fertig


t the conclusion of her bestselling memoir, Eat Pray Love, author Elizabeth Gilbert had fallen in love with Jose Nunes (called Felipe in the book), a Brazilian living in Indonesia. The divorced Gilbert, reluctant to have her heart broken again, had vowed never to remarry… yet ultimately changed her mind when U.S. immigration law presented her with multiple choices: marry so they could live together in this country, stay single and live as ex-pat partners or say goodbye to Nunes. Gilbert chose a marital partnership that suits the shared life they want: honest and, after years of travel, settled in one place. She says, “For the first time in my life, living in a small town with a lovely husband in an old house with a big garden and several pets, I feel absolutely rooted in a way I have never experienced before and never would have imagined even desiring. But it is what we want—at least for now—and we’re relishing that stability.” Gilbert records the process of going from two global wanderers falling in love to a married couple sharing domestic chores in her follow-up memoir, Committed: A Love Story.

Love Science


Northern & Central New Mexico

The spark that ignites such a partnership is love, which is “primarily about connection,” says Barbara Fredrickson, Ph.D., a positivity expert and author of Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become. “It’s vital to our health and happiness, affecting our brains and bodies at the cellular level. “We were born to love,” emphasizes Fredrickson, who also serves as a psychology professor and director of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “The evidence comes from research that shows how our brain and nervous system are designed to enhance our chances of experiencing it.” When we share positive emotions with another person, experience a synchrony between their biochemistry and behaviors and ours, plus exhibit mutual care, love can bloom, whether we stay happily single or decide to pursue a committed relationship. She calls this triple-action sequence “positivity resonance”. Love, she observes, is less a smooth, solid path than momentary experiences of connection.

The more areas of connection we have with our partners, the more opportunities we have to positively resonate every day, adds Frederickson. Thomas G. Plante, Ph.D., a psychology professor at California’s Santa Clara University and adjunct clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine, agrees. “Long-term relationships, like marriages, are partnerships in living,” according to Plante. “The vast majority of the time couples are together they’re not having hot sex, but are sharing a practical day-to-day life together.” Shared activities aren’t always exciting or glamorous. Raising children, working, managing a home, cooking and cleaning, shopping, being with friends and family and the rest of regular daily living is where the rubber meets the road in relationship satisfaction, observes Plante. “If couples aren’t compatible in these areas, then the connection and attraction will inevitably atrophy, tensions emerge and too often, relationships fracture and fall apart.” Compatibility means different things to different people, and requirements can change as individuals in a romantic partnership change over time. Compatibility also means agreement that the relationship is worth the effort to nurture and sustain it.

Partnering Life’s Dance

Five couples in different stages of loving partnerships share how they make their special relationships work. The key to them all is shared values. Doing everything together. For newlyweds Drs. Josh and Chelsea Axe, of Nashville, Tennessee, a mutual commitment to vigorous wellness and physical fitness keeps them together. Says Josh, “The healthy lifestyle I have chosen to live is so important that I need someone who is able to not just agree, but also partner with me.” Married in 2012, the two chiropractic physicians went on to co-found the BurstFIT interval training program and meld their professional, as well as personal, lives. Chelsea notes, “There is truth to the phrase, ‘Couples that sweat togeth-

er, stay together.’ When working out together, you share a specific energy you create while pushing yourself to your mental and physical limits. You have your partner right there doing it alongside you, knowing they’re supporting you; so when you each break through a mental or physical barrier in your workout, you step over together into a strength and confidence that carries over into your marriage. Being a part of each other’s goals and the struggles to reach them unifies us.” Remarks Josh, “I feel like we can both be successful individually, but when we’re a team, the outcome is synergistic.” Chelsea adds, “It’s never a mindset of ‘me.’ It’s always ‘us.’” Balancing work and play. Barbara and Bob Unell, of Leawood, Kansas, dated as teenagers, went their separate ways in college and then found each other again in their early 20s. “We went on a blind date in 1968 and both belted out songs on the car radio,” recalls Barbara. “I thought he had a great sense of humor and was fun to be with. All these years later, it feels like we’re still dating. We’re crazy about each other.” Both Barbara and Bob describe themselves as enthusiastic, playful, entrepreneurial, altruistic and geared toward creative projects, whether undertaken together or separately. “We’re both, ‘Let’s try this,’ sort of people,” says Barbara with a laugh. When the Unells had twins, now grown, they realized there was no national publication addressing how to parent multiples, so they launched Twins magazine in 1984. Bob founded and managed an advertising agency while Barbara wrote bestselling parent-

ing books, but the whole family traveled together on her speaking engagements. In response to becoming a breast cancer survivor, Barbara founded the nonprofit Back in the Swing in 2000 to support survivorship care at cancer centers. When they needed additional staff, Bob joined the team in 2009. One of the biggest things that Barbara has learned from Bob is, “You can make work fun.” “Although we come from different backgrounds, Bob and I know the power of mutual respect, trust and kindness,” reflects Barbara. “Part of our connection is that we have shared history and never take each other for granted.” Making long-distance work. Lisa Ekus, who runs the full-service culinary talent agency The Lisa Ekus Group, in Hatfield, Massachusetts, had been married twice and already raised her two children when she met Atlanta Chef Virginia Willis. They got to know each other through culinary events and to their surprise, fell in love. Over the past six years they’ve evolved a relationship that works for them—keeping a deep personal connection, but maintaining separate residences. Cookbook author Willis gardens, develops recipes and writes for her Food Network blog, “Down Home Comfort,” at Ekus’ New England compound in the summers; Ekus travels to the South during cold months. They also meet up as often as they can at conferences, food and wine festivals and other events during the rest of the year. “We are both smart, professional women who love what we do, have strong ethics and a high level of self-expectation in how we work,” says Ekus.

“We are also best friends and work together professionally. The respect we have for each other and our work is instrumental in our relationship.” “We often joke about the North/ South, fast/slow cultural difference,” Ekus notes. “I’m more spontaneous; Virginia is more thoughtful in her responses. I tend to move fast and focus on checking off items, while Virginia is more about the journey and being in the moment. It often makes us each take stock and consider what we’re doing and saying.” They make the geographic separation work despite its inherent longdistance complications via consistent communication, saying good morning and good night every day by phone and texting often. They hold regular agent/author meetings to make professional plans and personal calendar meetings at least weekly, recognizing and respecting what is important to each of them.

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Bridging the age gap. Karen and Dick Eagle, from St. Louis, Missouri, are 16 years apart in age, but are close in the ways that count. Both are strongminded and still vie to get their own way even after 30 years of marriage. “We argue over the stupidest things, and then resolve our disagreements and realize how good we have it,” says Karen. What first attracted them to each other—and keeps them together—is

a love of playful fun and good times with friends. Karen remarks, “I knew Dick was ‘the one’ when he jumped flat-footed over a wingback chair at a friend’s house. That showed me that he was young at heart.” Making ends meet. Eleven years ago, when family therapist Susan Franklin lost her husband, Michael, a university college professor, she felt bereft and overwhelmed. The pair had owned a country property near Cleveland, Ohio, where they boarded horses. Susan realized, “I couldn’t keep up with everything on my own,” and Jake Marshall, a musician friend of Michael’s, offered to help. Over time, Susan and Jake became close, and they now live together. Although Jake is a great supporter in many ways, he’s not in a position to help financially. Susan depends on her late husband’s insurance and pension benefits, which she would lose if she remarries. “Jake is so laid back and easy to be with, I can relax,” says Susan. Michael, on the other hand, always seemed to fill a room. Jake helps Susan with chores around the property and she is always there cheering him on from the front row when he performs at local venues.

Cultivating Care

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Working out as a couple, sharing a creative project or making a gourmet meal together can do more than keep partners feeling connected. Shared activities also keep the positive experiences ongoing and resonating. “That special bond and the commitments people often build around it are the products of love, the results of the many smaller moments in which love infuses you,” maintains Fredrickson. Such moments not only accumulate, but can also be stored in memory and banked to feed a relationship during the tougher times. “Love is something we should recultivate every day,” she says. A loving partnership is always a work in progress. Judith Fertig is a freelance writer from Overland Park, KS.

I Love You, You’re Perfect: Now Change by Kelly Chisholm


ow often have you heard the phrase “opposites attract?” This principle is based on the idea that we are attracted to other people not because they are similar to us, but because they possess certain talents, skills and qualities we lack. When we are fascinated with someone, we often hope their strengths and talents will become our own; on an unconscious level we want to possess those qualities that we lack. Our hope is that our own strengths and abilities will in turn, complement the relationship. If I am an avid sports fanatic, for example, it may be good for me to be in a relationship with someone who has other interests besides sports (and vice versa). The two of us together make a well balanced, integrated team. The classic love story plays out like this—two polar opposites meet, fall madly in love and live happily ever after. The newly formed couple is in the delicious space of discovery—every unique aspect of their partner’s personality is an enjoyment to be treasured and valued. The social animal meets the social wallflower and the chemistry explodes. Partners typically are attracted to their opposites in the following areas: The creative, emotional person is attracted to the intelligent, logical person The clean, neat partner pairs up with a messy, unorganized one The spendthrift shopper mates with the frugal saver But after a few months, something else explodes too—our willingness to accept the special, unique qualities that are so different from our own. We begin to pick apart the very assets that we were initially attracted to in our partners. Change becomes the name of the game and we spend huge amounts of time and energy trying to change our once-perfect mate. Our partner’s differences, which we once saw as a positive, are now seen as faults. A very curious pattern begins to emerge. It starts slowly, but eventually it takes on the speed of a runaway train blowing through the station and threatening the long-term survival of the relationship. This is the pattern where we try to change our partner into someone who thinks, feels and acts just like us. Instead of respecting and appreciating our partner’s differences, we begin to see them in a negative light, just for being the way they are. Instead of keeping ourselves open to what their differences have to offer, we attempt to change them into our mirror image. This path will only lead to resentment and frustration, and is a sure way to inflict severe damage to the relationship. Much of our relationship stress comes from our conscious and unconscious efforts to change our partners. So, how can we stop this destructive pattern from continuing? Be aware of your thoughts. Are you seeing your partner differently than you used to? Are you having conversations with yourself about their “faults”? Internal conversations such as good/bad and right/wrong can be a common factor in our interpersonal problems. Stop negative thinking. Remember the positive attributes that your partner has and focus on those. Practice substituting thoughts or a thought-stopping technique to help overcome the negative thoughts. Change yourself. Spend the energy and time on changing yourself instead of your partner. Acceptance of this main idea leads to happier, healthier relationships with everyone. Practicing these three steps helps us realize that we don’t have to search for the perfect partner—they’re right in front of our eyes.

We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.

~John Lennon

Kelly Chisholm is an internationally renowned relationship expert, bestselling author, marriage therapist and professional speaker and educator who specializes in helping people change their lives and improve their important relationships. She is the CEO of Great Relationships Now, with offices in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, a relationship consulting service that helps save relationships from break ups and marriages from divorce. For more information, visit or call 505-974-0104. See ad page 15. natural awakenings

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Conscious Dating Jill Crosby on Looking for Love Online by S. Alison Chabonais


How has online dating continued to evolve and what trends do you see now?

ill Crosby, owner and founder of the Conscious Dating Network, has focused on spiritual development and meditation for more than 30 years. Working as a director for the granddaddy of the original onsite photo/video dating companies, which included interviewing 6,000-plus singles, sparked a desire to create a venue for spiritually conscious singles to meet. So, 15 years ago, she created her flagship online dating site,, launched two years ago as part of the network, shares the same database of members as and many affiliated conscious dating sites in the network. Today, the Conscious Dating Network is the largest of its kind. From Mount Shasta, California, Crosby leads a team of specialists that care for members’ needs and provide a loving, inspiring site for singles to meet their beloveds.

The stigma about meeting someone online has completely dissolved as success stories have become so common. It’s like shopping online—you can look at many different varieties and styles to find exactly what you are looking for, rather than physically searching store after store hoping to find something you like. Technology has made a tremendous difference in price, accessibility and reach. Today, members post selfies as headshots, shoot their own videos and can access potential matches anywhere in the world. I used to think long-distance relationships didn’t stand a chance. However, with Skype and a willingness to relocate, many of our success stories start as long-distance connections.


Northern & Central New Mexico

Video chatting is a great way to assess common values and get to know someone on a deep level before traveling to meet in person.

What distinguishes conscious dating sites like Natural from mainstream sites? Natural Awakenings Singles is a niche dating site for those that are conscious, spiritual and green. Singles with specific interests, passions and lifestyles usually prefer niche dating sites because they allow for more targeted search results, provided that the member database is large enough. Our database of more than 90,000 members globally is considered large for a niche. Mainstream sites may have more members; however, they require far more time and effort in sorting through profiles to find those with whom we might have something in common. Natural Awakenings Singles is also much more generous than conventional pay models, in that free members can read and reply to personal messages and live instant messages sent from subscribing members. Most mainstream sites make members pay to read and reply to messages. Our primary goal is for our singles to become couples—to facilitate the tremendous amount of success our members experience, we do many things differently.

Have you seen any overall differences in the success stories the Conscious Dating Network facilitates? Yes, our members usually connect on a deeper, “soul-to-soul” level and tend to understand that chemistry comes in all shapes and sizes. Our success story couples oftentimes have the feeling that they are destined to be together. We encourage members to listen to their inner guidance in regard to whom to contact, be grateful in advance and stay in their divine flow. When members tune in and act from this space, miracles happen. Many of our “destined” couples go on to do amazing projects together, like opening retreat centers, writing books, facilitating workshops, starting intentional communities, creating nonprofit organizations and other beautiful ventures that neither of them would have necessarily done alone. The power of two seems to be exponentially greater.

What have proved to be your all-time favorite tips for online dating success? By healing past traumas, loving and forgiving ourselves, and embodying our divine presence as much as possible, deep-seated feelings of unworthiness fall away and we emanate our true radiance, thus magnetizing a partner equally empowered and awake. When we are in a place of personal power, there is no being shy or procrastinating. Imagine how it would be once you have met the love of your life, and focus on those feelings while browsing and reading profiles. When you notice a strong inner nudge to contact someone, do it. If it’s not mutual, that’s OK; don’t take it personally. That’s part of the beauty of online dating; the pool is large, and when the feeling and knowingness is mutual, you might just be starting a life together. “In-joy” the process, be positive and choose to make it a fun adventure! Joining NaturalAwakeningSingles. com includes access to all members of all the Conscious Dating Network sites.

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the flood of adrenaline; Star of Bethlehem, for shock and loss; and Mimulus, for fear and anxiety. “Combining a few drops of each of these in a water bottle or tea several times a day helps you regain a feeling of balance,” Erwin says. She also likes drinking bloodcleansing noni juice to help wash adrenaline out of the body, and taking salt baths enhanced with lavender essential oil to literally “wash away the darkness.”


GRIEF Remedies to

Emotional Aids

Heal the Heart by Kathleen Barnes


rief can arrive suddenly with the death of a loved one, serious illness, loss of a job, parental dementia or decaying relationship. In any case, it takes a toll. “Grief encompasses all of our thoughts and feelings. Mourning is when we put them into action by talking, crying, perhaps doing rituals,” explains Tracy Riley, a licensed clinical social worker and grief counselor in Jacksonville, Florida. “Grief isn’t something that’s over when you wake up one day,” Riley counsels. “It’s ridiculous when an employer gives you three days off and then expects everything to be fine.” She notes that time helps heal all wounds, but even a decade after losing a loved one, the pain can remain and life is never the same, although most of us learn to live with loss and move forward. “Some things can’t be fixed,” concludes Megan Devine, a psychotherapist in Portland, Oregon, and author of the audio book, When Everything is Not Okay, who blogs at RefugeInGrief. com. After witnessing the drowning death of her fiancé, she says, “I didn’t need to hear platitudes that everything would be OK. I needed something solid to hold onto when my whole world exploded.”

Physical Aids


Northern & Central New Mexico

An unexpected death and any emotional shock is an extreme stressor that causes the adrenal glands to release a flood of adrenaline. Tina Erwin, La Mesa, California author of The Lightworker’s Guide to Healing Grief, explains, “If you get a shock when someone close to you dies, your adrenal glands are blown out almost instantly and you are overwhelmed with adrenaline, much like we often see in people with post-traumatic stress disorder. You need to rebalance your body chemistry.” Intense grief can sometimes show up as chest pain, a classic sign of heart attack, due to a temporary disruption of the heart’s normal pumping action from a surge in stress hormones, according to the National Institutes of Health. Yet Imperial College London scientists now have found that a recognizable “broken heart syndrome” may temporarily protect the heart from being overwhelmed with adrenaline. “Healing the physical side of grief ultimately helps healing on an emotional level, too,” says Erwin. To assist herself following the death of her 6-yearold niece from a sudden infection, she uses several Bach flower remedies for trauma—Rescue Remedy, to rebalance

Riley views art and music therapy, plus journaling (a “personal roadmap” that helps chart her progress), as powerful healing tools. She’s also seen firsthand how animals can play a key role through the mourning process. Her miniature schnauzer intuitively approaches her clients that are anxious and grieving and gives them permission to pet him. “It puts people at ease,” she says. “Then they can talk more freely about their pain.” Numerous studies, starting in the 1980s, show that stroking a furry pet lowers blood pressure.

Charting a Personal Course

For the bereaved (literally defined as “torn apart”), the symptoms of grief are meant to slow us down, advises Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D., director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition, in Fort Collins, Colorado, and author of numerous related books, including Understanding Your Grief: Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart. Society expects bereaved people to “carry on, keep their chins up, be glad they had him/her as long as they did or else be grateful that our loved one’s pain is over”—all platitudes that are more hurtful than helpful, says Wolfelt. Mourning takes time, but it also requires a social context, he explains. “It’s the shared response to loss. If you isolate yourself, you are grieving, not mourning. You can’t do this on your own. It’s bigger than you.” For those that feel stuck or unable to move forward, experienced grief counselors may be able to help. Kathleen Barnes is the author of numerous health books, including Ten Best Ways to Manage Stress. Connect at


into her body and inquired about the dread: “How big is it and how deep does it go? Does it have a flavor?” The more she questioned, the more curiosity and attention she brought to the emotion and the freer she felt.  

Turn Curiosity into Compassion

O’Malley learned to more accurately self-report her feelings. Instead of, “I am afraid,” she learned to assess; “Dread is here.” Then she cultivated compassion, treating the dread as her friend signaling the need for a solution. She acknowledged and listened to the stricken and paralyzed parts of herself, knowing they were separating her from joy because they needed to be heard and understood.

Step Outside Struggle to Embrace Humility

What’s in Your Way? Obstacles Point the Path to Wholeness and Healing by Deborah Shouse


O’Malley believes that struggle is humanity’s core compulsion. We develop a story about the difficulty of life and heroically fight against myriad injustices. Yet making a U-turn in perspective to see them as challenges is tailor-made to help us recognize and achieve separation from our individual struggles in favor of a better way of experiencing life. “The dictionary misses the full meaning when it defines humility as ‘lowliness, meekness, submissiveness,’” O’Malley believes. “True humility is a state of great availability, and from this kind of openness we can reconnect with the joy of being fully alive.” She now discovers gifts embedded in every single challenge. Deborah Shouse blogs at

ince childhood, Mary O’Malley always thought that something bad was about to happen and experienced a continuous dread that gnawed her insides. Over the years, she tried to eat, drink and medicate away the anxious feelings plaguing her, and sought help from group therapy, hypnotherapy and psychiatrists. Then in 1972, in her late 20s, O’Malley attended a yoga workshop that helped advance her quest to let go of struggles and embrace life. Later, when she met Stephen Levine, whose teaching is influenced by Buddhism, he conveyed, “There’s nothing in you that needs to be fixed,” and invited her to view her own issues with curiosity and compassion. The transformational insights learned along her journey shared in her book, What’s In the Way Is the Way, include simple tools for those that need to move beyond struggles to live in the present with more peace, ease and joy.  

Train as a Tightness Detective

Ask this internal question when feeling stressed: “In what aspect of life am I holding on for dear life?” Is your breath short, are your shoulders tight; do you feel a fist in your solar plexus or an elephant sitting on your chest? These are indications that you’re aligned with some struggle. By softening and breathing into the tight places, you can open into life and better align with ease and grace.  

Strengthen the Curiosity Muscle

Whenever O’Malley experienced inner gnawing, she tuned natural awakenings

February 2015



Eco Feng Shui Tips to Bring More Positive Energy into Your Home by Sarah Tarver-Wahlquist


hen we’re hungry for change, we may feel the impulse to spruce up our living spaces. Rooms that feel cluttered, drab and unappealing drag on our energy. Applying the basic inspired tenets of the ancient Chinese art and science of feng shui can transform and re-energize any space, improving the way we feel. Translated as “wind and water,” feng shui—which has been creating healthy and harmonious environments since its origins 3,000 years ago—can activate our rethinking the arrangement, uses and tone of each room while bringing beneficial green changes home.

Feng Shui Basics When considering how to apply feng shui principles, it helps to have a trained practitioner make a map, or bagua, analyzing how energy, or chi, moves through a building. They will determine ways to help chi flow and settle in appropriate places to support all aspects of life. Recommended alterations typically start with furniture placement, color choices and key accessorizing. Sample bagua maps are available online for referencing. While a complete feng shui treatment may require major revamping, we can also take some low-cost steps to immediately create more harmony while eliminating toxins that are unhealthy and disrupt the energy flow.

will aid the circulation of chi, help achieve a balance and yield an indoor environment of peace and calm,” says feng shui practitioner Maureen Calamia, owner of Luminous Spaces, in St. James, New York. Feng shui categorizes the natural elements as water, metal, fire, earth and wood, reflected in items like stones, plants and water features, as well as art and wall decorations and paint colors. Filling a home with living plants is favored by many feng shui experts. “Surround yourself with green plants, including cuttings from the yard,” advises Debra Duneier, a feng shui master practitioner, certified ecodesigner and author of EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience, in New York City. “They bring energy and life force into your home, while also filtering the air you breathe.” If adding plants isn’t feasible, she recommends picking up some fresh flowers each week. Remember to change the water every day and dispose of the flowers at the first sign of wilting (dying flowers bring negative energy).

Banish Toxic Materials

“Bringing natural elements into a space

“Healthy indoor air quality is an essential aspect of good feng shui,” attests Alisa Rose Seidlitz, an eco feng shui consultant/designer, certified green building and interiors professional and owner of Ambiance Eco, in Berkeley, California. “Materials used inside our homes, such as cleaning products and furnishings, can either contribute significantly to poor air quality or support positive feng shui.”


Bring in Green Northern & Central New Mexico

Indoor air quality is significantly impacted by furnishings and décor. When seeking out the cleanest, greenest options, pay special attention to: Cleaning products. Safely discard toxic cleaning chemicals by taking them to hazardous waste pickup sites. Many household jobs can be done with vinegar and baking soda. Paint. Revisions in wall, trim and furniture colors quickly freshen a room and bring new energy, especially when they align with Earth’s natural elements. Avoid conventional paint, which contains dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOC) that off-gas into the air. Look for widely available zero-VOC brands. Other options include displaying art or colorful wall hangings. Flooring. Many toxins lurk in conventional carpeting and adhesives used to lay wood or tile floors. Look for natural wool rugs, reclaimed wood and zero-VOC floor adhesives. Preserve resources and alter the energy in a space by repurposing reclaimed materials for rehab projects. For good feng shui, smudging with dried sage cleanses any negative energy leftover from previous owners. Furnishings and fabrics. Mainstream furniture is typically treated with toxic flame retardant, so always ask how furniture has been treated before purchasing. Seek out nontoxic and natural materials like natural rubber mattresses and hemp or organic cotton shower curtains and window coverings.

Follow Your Joy

Feng shui is multifaceted, but at its center is a search for balance and harmony. When making changes at home, it’s good to know we can follow our instincts and add things that bring us joy. Feng shui experts provide guidance in choosing colors and elements, but each of us is ultimately the best judge of what feels best for our own space. “I often ask my clients: What kind of message are you sending yourself?” says Duneier. “You can use your space to send yourself a message of a beautiful, abundant and healthy life.” Sarah Tarver-Wahlquist, a writer from Tucson, Arizona, also freelances for

Enlightened Relationships for the Age of Aquarius by Rev. AliceAnn Saunders


s humanity is processing itself through to the next age of Awakened Consciousness, everything is in play, including integration of lost soul fragments, Higher Self-awareness, new patterns of perfection in one’s life, and the power and presence of relationships. At some point in everyone’s life the question of “who should I be with at this time?” arises. And it is no different in these transitional times. We are all on an evolutionary walkway leading to our next full consciousness octave, and so the choices we make can and do have a powerful effect on our lives and on our spiritual progress. Typically, when we search beyond ourselves for strength in emotional and financial support, we are often not searching for a partner at the most optimal level, and most certainly it may not be the best psychospiritual fit for us at a given point in our lives. So how do we ‘search’ for a partner? The right partner? The perfect mate? Well, to start out, we don’t look for perfection in any one person; we look rather for love, clarity of mind and heart. There are times that love seems to be a Divine intervention, and indeed, when you feel that way, it is. But so often we confuse love with need, companionship with true connection, and lust with love. Attraction to another is not a bad thing in the panoply of God’s Universe; in fact, it is part of the Greater Divine Plan. It is, rather, ‘how’ we approach the feelings that lead us to choice. Sometimes we rush headlong into situations that are simply not nurturing to soul and spirit and we don’t even realize the power of lines of karmic force that are part of that particular game of life. Sometimes we find ourselves hesitating to move into a relationship because we are full of self-doubt, self-centeredness or self-delusion. Other times, we are completely attuned to the wisdom of the heart and there is no room for doubt, fear or misjudgment. Yet in this new energetic, humanity is coming together in ways that have never before been realized. The heart

and soul of every person is learning to step out and choose the patterns of perfection that include love, harmony, and spiritual togetherness. It is as if Earth’s assignments are now pointing to unity beyond the usual duality; that is, a shared oneness born out of the joining of two souls who are perfectly suited to accomplish that which fulfills each and that is part of each individual’s divine plan. It is true all of us upon the earth are increasingly choosing situations of love, joy and peace, even as we watch the last remnants of discord disappear from our consciousness. This does not mean that we have our collective heads in the sand, not seeing the obvious strife and suffering of others. No, it means that Love is setting a new perfection standard, a new coming reality, where relationship with all life is actualizing a major change towards wholeness and completion for the entire planet. What is needed most is the recognition of the new energies of transformation that are an integral part of this human transition to the Higher Mind. Once one comes to grip with one’s soul-self; once one comes to foster love within one’s self; and once one finds meaning and purpose in one’s own existence, then it is time to bring together those patterns of perfection that define a divine relationship. So is this pie in the sky? Absolutely not! To read the rest of this article visit Rev. AliceAnn Saunders, Ph.D., is a transpersonal clinical psychologist, an ordained priest, a clear-voice channel for the Ascended Master Realm and the founder of the OakRose Academy of Light Inc., a non-profit spiritual-educational organization. She is available for Personal Readings by appointment. Email her at or call 505490-8855. See ad page 31. natural awakenings

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HAPPY MEALS Eating Healthy Foods Fights Off Depression A

by Lane Vail

dvertisements for antidepressants abound, yet a recent analysis in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the benefits of treating mildly or moderately depressed individuals with these drugs “may be minimal or nonexistent” compared with a placebo. Most physicians agree that at least part of the prevention of and recovery from depression can be addressed through diet. “Every molecule in the brain begins as food,” says Dr. Drew Ramsey, author of The Happiness Diet and assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. “Food choice is the biggest puzzle piece patients have under their control.” Ramsey describes the modern American diet as being overwhelmed with highly processed foods, refined carbohydrates, omega-6 fats and sugar. His food philosophy serves as an overall prescription for mental health: “Eat food that comes from farms and not factories; simple, recognizable human food.” Registered Dietitian Kathie Swift, an integrative clinical nutritionist in Lennox, Massachusetts, and author of The Swift Diet, agrees that food is powerful medicine. She recommends a balanced, flexitarian diet founded on plants, but including high-quality, animal-sourced foods. Just shifting our processed-foods to whole-foods ratio yields an improved mood, Swift says, which continues to motivate dietary change.

in the brain communicate intimately and bidirectionally via the vagus nerve, explains Swift. Altering the gut’s microbial population, whether from chronic stress, antibiotic overuse or nutritional deficiencies, can change brain chemistry and thereby influence mood, mental clarity and sleep, she says. In 2013, Canadian researchers altered both the neurochemicals and behavior in mice by switching their intestinal microbiota; anxious mice given the microbes of intrepid mice became braver, and vice versa. Another small study in the British Journal of Nutrition showed a decrease in depression and anxiety symptoms in volunteers taking probiotics for a month. Essentially, says Swift, “We have a brain in the belly,” which must be nourished by both prebiotics (soluble fiber) and probiotics (fermented food). “Fiber is the quintessential substance to feed the lovely community of bugs in the gut,” says Swift, “while fermented foods interact with resident bacteria and give them a boost.” She recommends a variety of vegetables as a primary source of fiber, especially legumes, along with fruits, nuts, cheese and the occasional gluten-free whole grain. Probiotic foods include fermented vegetables, kefir, yogurt with live active cultures and apple cider vinegar.

B Happy

Recent science suggests a deeper meaning to the “gut feeling” adage. Bacteria in the gut and neurochemicals

Most psychiatric medications target feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, says Ramsey, but the body also manufactures these chemicals naturally during the methylation cycle, a B-vitamin-dependent neurological process. “B vitamins are superstars of the brain,”


Prebiotic/Probiotic Potential

Northern & Central New Mexico

Ramsey says. “Think of them as lubrication for the brain’s gears.” Folate, or vitamin B9 is particularly important to healthy nervous system functioning. A meta-analysis of 15,000 people reported in the Journal of Epidemiology associated low folate with a higher risk of depression. Dark leafy greens like kale, spinach and Swiss chard are high in B vitamins, as are beets, eggs, lentils, beans and whole grains; helpful fruits include papaya, avocado and berries.

Omega-3s Please “It’s a horrible notion that fat is bad,” says Ramsey. Swift agrees, noting, “We need a major renovation and reeducation of this important neuro-nutrient.” The integrity of a neuron cell membrane, which Swift describes as “a beautiful and fluid layer of lipids,” is crucial for brain health because it dictates communication among neurotransmitters. “The fat we eat becomes the fat of our cell membranes,” she says. “So nourish your membranes with adequate amounts of the right types of fat.” Long-chain omega-3s (DHA) docosahexaenoic acid and (EPA) eicosapentaenoic acid build and protect neurons, help prevent cognitive decline with age and can boost overall mood and mental performance, says Ramsey. A study in the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry found that treating depressed patients with omega-3 EPA was as equally effective as Prozac. “DHA and EPA are the two most important fats for brain health on the planet, period,” states Ramsey. Foods rich in omega-3s include fatty seafood like salmon, mussels and oysters, plus sea vegetables, walnuts, flaxseed and grass-fed beef. For vegetarians and vegans, Ramsey recommends an algal DHA supplement. Focusing on feeding the brain doesn’t preclude staving off heart disease, obesity or diabetes. “Follow the rules of eating for brain health,” Ramsey says, “and you’ll also be slim, energized, focused and resilient.” It’s all a recipe for happiness. Lane Vail is a freelance writer and blogger at

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. ~Aristotle

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When Your Pet Passes A Guide to Mourning, Remembering and Healing by Julianne Hale


pet’s love is extraordinary because it is unconditional. It doesn’t have expectations, pass judgment or try to leverage guilt. It is rich in loyalty, trust and adoration. Domestic pets provide warmth, companionship and love, as well as purpose, fun and conversational gambits for family members. For lonely hearts, they are a lifeline, providing a physical, emotional and spiritual connection to life that may prove critical to survival and happiness. Loving pets seem like an endless source of happiness while with us, but few outlive their owners. Loss is as much a part of having a pet as potty training and vaccinations. For some, the loss of a dog or cat is debilitating and the grieving process can take months. Rev. Gary Kowalski, author of Goodbye, Friend and a Unitarian Universalist minister in Santa Fe, New Mexico, contends that the depth of the relationship that we develop with pets emerges from the time we spend with them every day—exercising, feeding, grooming and even sleeping with them. The relationship is pure and uncomplicated, and the pain of separation can be especially intense and profound. The challenge of pet loss is often complicated by the difficult decision to euthanize an aged or suffering animal. “One of the hardest things about having a dog is that sometimes you have to decide to end its life,” says Jon Katz, of upstate New York, a New York Times bestselling author of many books about dogs, including Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die. “Our job as pet owners is to be an advocate for our pets, making sure they do not suffer. Don’t poison the joy that you shared with your pet with guilt over your decisions,” he says. Katz recommends taking photos of pets and making intentional memories in the time leading up to parting to encourage closure. The same kind of rituals we use to honor and say goodbye to other family members can likewise help ease the pain of a pet’s passing. Owners can gather with loved ones and friends to celebrate the life of their pet with a

burial ceremony or memorial. Kowalski likes adding meaningful words. His book includes a variety of readings that pet owners can use in their rituals taken from poems, literature, the Bible and other sacred texts. When a human friend or family member dies, compassion and empathy flows from everyone we meet, but many may not be aware of, or understand, the depth of grief associated with a pet’s death. “Some people feel embarrassed or don’t understand that mourning a deceased pet is a normal process,” explains Julia Harris, a pet bereavement counselor from Ellijay, Georgia, and author of Pet Loss: A Spiritual Guide. Support is essential during times of grief, and it can be difficult to find an understanding friend to discuss it with. Several online communities are devoted to providing support. An Internet search of “pet loss support” yields a wealth of online resources. In the same way that the belief in an afterlife comforts people of many faith traditions when a person passes, the possibility of the same destiny for pets can offer comfort. “Perhaps one of the most common questions I am asked is whether or not animals have a soul,” explains Harris. “I encourage people to know that the soul, like love, is eternal. It leaves the physical body, but the loving relationship continues.” While there’s no standard timeline for the grieving process, it’s important to keep perspective. Excessive grief can lead to depression. “If the grief is interfering with life and your work, then you may need to seek professional help,” advises Katz. Not even a parent is capable of providing the purely unconditional love we receive from pets. Kowalski views it as a sacred connection, observing that through the unconditional love and acceptance that we receive from our pets, we get a little glimpse of what God’s love must look like. Julianne Hale is a writer and editor for Natural Awakenings and blogs about family life at AnotherGrayHair.WordPress. com.

calendarofevents MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2 Start Date 500-hour Accelerated Hypnotherapy Certification Course 2015 – This class is filling fast, it’s already over three quarters full! Let us if you want us to hold a seat for you.Hypnotherapy Academy of America™, 2132 Osuna Rd NE, Suite B, Albuquerque. Call: 505-767-8030.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3 Full Moon in Leo Gong Voyage – 6-7:30pm. A sanctuary of Sound Mind Meditation with gongs, bowls, chimes & bells to help access your highest state of consciousness. We also offer custom made, one-of-a-kind prayer beads to support your spiritual practice. Everything needed will be provided. $20. 1807 Second St., Studio 80, Santa Fe. RSVP/directions/info: 480-766-6535. Yraceburu EarthWisdom NM: Earth Renewal Full Moon Bear Ceremony for Everyone – 6:30-9:30pm. With Maria Yraceburu, Lld, philosopher, Native American author and master ceremonialist and Lynda Yraceburu, firekeeper, gypsy healer and earthspirit photographer. BYO drums and rattles. $35 suggested donation. Taanaash-kaa-da Sanctuary, Las Vegas. 505-414-1583.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5 Yoga: Harmony in Body and Mind (Iyengar Style) – 9:30-11am. Offers a creative approach to the basic Yoga asanas (poses) exploring the interplay between

body, breath, and mind. $95. Wellspring Center for Yoga, 5500 San Mateo NE #103, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109. Preregistration: 505-277-0077.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6 Craniosacral: Basic Training – Feb 14-17. 9am6pm. Listen and feel the inner movements of a person’s body. Connect to the basic cranial rhythms and study fascial intelligence, all diaphragm releases, and cranial lifts. Learn how to give a full basic cranial session. 32 CEs, NCBTMB Approved. $575. New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, 501 Franklin Ave, Santa Fe. Details: 505-982-6271. HeartThread Workshop and Sessions – 1-5pm. Release old patterns from trauma and conditioning that are held in the body. We create a safe field through the vibration of the Heart protected and guided by Angelic forces & beings and then are able to access messages from the body, which are able to be easily released. Minimum donation $15. Private sessions available by appointment. 620 1/2 Alto St, Santa Fe. 575-770-1228.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7 Live Two-hour Teleclass – 10am-12pm. Prepare for the best Valentine’s Day ever with Jan Stringer and Alan Hickman. Five Steps to Attracting Your Perfect Mate: From Dinner Date to Soul Mate. Create a crystal clear vision for the kind of man/woman desired for oneself. 505-474-5348. $47.

Women Only Sensuality Celebration – 10am4pm/open house. Women only event. Presentations at 11am and 2pm. A lot of useful information, door prizes, gifts and gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Free one day only event. The (organic) Living Room, 1924 Juan Tabo Blvd, Ste F, Albuquerque. RSVP, Martha: 505.286.2112. Intuition Training, Level 1 – 1-4pm, 10-weeks. Learn to recognize and trust one’s own inner wisdom, experience greater well-being, spiritual awareness, and empowerment in every area of life. Facilitated by Chantal Fidanza, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master. Level 1 certificate provided upon completion allowing graduates the opportunity to continue on to Intuitive Healer Certification. $350. 1300 Luisa St, Santa Fe. RSVP: 505-438-1074. Julia Cameron: “Creativity and Divinity: Dancing Partners” – 1-5pm. Be guided to release old ideas that separate divinity from creativity, freeing participants to experience a stronger communion with the great Creator. Using prayer, meditation, experiential exercises and Q & A, to create a working partnership between creative and divine selves. $50. Preregister by Feb 4. Unity Santa Fe, 1212 Unity Way, Santa Fe. 505-989-4433.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8 Kirtan and CD Release Event Feat. Scott & Shanti Medina – 7pm. Dynamic husband-andwife duo from Boulder, CO, will take us into the vibration where the body and mantra are One. Fun kirtan night! Suggested donation: $10. Blue Earth

Chill With That Special Someone

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Healing, 1045 West Don Diego Avenue, Santa Fe. Intuitive Readings & Animal Communication Sessions – 1-5pm. With Galaya. 2nd Sun Healing Fair at Blessings Boutique, Devargas Mall, Santa Fe. Info: 505-466-3764.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10 Eight-week Conscious Aging Course – 7-9pm. Create a vision of living with intention, heart, meaning and purpose. $260 includes materials. Obsidian Health and Wellness, 2420 Juan Tabo NE, Albuquerque. Preregistration: 505-715-3452.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11 1000 Gratitudes Online Event – All Day. Share personal gratitude every hour on the hour or as often as possible. Post to, the Collecting Gratitude Collective Facebook group, or social media of choice. Use tag #1000gratitudes. 505-333-9336. More info or other ways to participate online: 1000 Gratitudes Party – 4-9pm. Day of gratitude and community. Will begin with a ceremony and meditation followed by a gratitude dance class (ecstatic), a facilitated discussion and ending with a dance party. Potluck, craft table and a collective art project to work on throughout the event. $5 adults. Kids free. The Kosmos, 1715 5th St NW, Albuquerque. Info: 505-333-9336. Coming Back to Center – 6:30-9pm. An Evening of Exploration with Marianne Murray and Patty Nagle. leading_by_beingThe art of embodied leadership begins with a capacity to stay present with yourself. As a leader, what knocks you off center? What brings you back? We will introduce a simple model to support the experience, and invite participants to share practices that they use to bring themselves back to center. FREE to the public. Please Register. Space is limited. 133 Seton Village Road, Santa Fe. 505-995-1860. META-Health Presentation – 6-7:30pm. METAHealth acknowledges the intelligence of the BodyMind in the healing process. A new approach to a path of healing begins with 12 questions that address organ, stress, emotion, belief associations that, can assist people in reaching their health and wellness goals. Free. Obsidian Health and Wellness, 2420 Juan Tabo NE, Albuquerque. Preregistration: 505-715-3452.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12 Eight-Week Conscious Aging Course – 7-9pm. Create a vision of living with intention, heart, meaning and purpose. $260 includes materials. Obsidian Health and Wellness, 2420 Juan Tabo NE, Albuquerque. Preregistration: 505-715-3452.


Pilates: Reformer – 2-3:30pm. Learn the Pilates method of body conditioning as a system. Will primarily use the reformer as the foundation of the method. $325. Shedden Pilates, 4200 Lomas, Ste A, Albuquerque. Preregistration: 505-277-0077. Valentines’s Day Gong Voyage – 5-6:30pm. Two gong players & Eight gongs! Bowls, chimes & bells to help access your highest state of consciousness. We also offer custom made, one-of-a-kind prayer beads to support your spiritual practice. Everything needed will be provided. $20. 1807 Second St., Studio 80, Santa Fe. RSVP/directions/info: 480766-6535.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15 Intuitive Readings and Animal Communication Sessions – Feb 15 and 22. 10am-4pm. With Galaya. Railyard Artisan Market, 1607 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe. Appt/Info: 505-466-3764. Light Workers Teleconference – 7-9pm. Through their clear voice channel, the Ascended Masters of Shamballa will give a brief discourse on current ascension progress and lead a guided meditation and answer questions. All light workers welcome. Limited street parking. Donation: $22 door or via PayPal. OakRose Academy. Santa Fe. Directions, Rev AliceAnn: 505-490-8855. Teleconference callin number: 619-326-2772, AC: 7325118.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 21 Intro to Self-Healing Class – 10-11:30am. Empower oneself and enhance one’s spiritual path. In four-weeks learn how to: Meditate with easy to use visualization techniques, quiet the mind, release negative energy and create consciously. $100. Center For Inner Truth, 826 Camino de Monte Rey, A1, Santa Fe, 505-920-4418. Past-Life Regression – 1-3pm. Powerful two-hour group session. Regress to a past life and discover, access and activate a positive inner resource to benefit oneself and other people in one’s life today. $40. Crystal Dove Metaphysical Book Store, 525 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque. 505-918-6555.



Beyond Meditation: Community HU – 10:3011am. Actively explore your inner worlds, experience more divine love, a feeling of peace, and increased awareness by chanting HU with others of like mind. Free. Eckankar Center, 2501 San Pedro NE, Ste 113, Albuquerque. 505-265-7388.

Claiming Your Passions – 6- 9pm. Randy Crutcher and Karin Lubin will offer a workshop to start using the number one tool in the world for getting clear and making decisions based on what is most important to you! The Passion Test process is a jumpstart to a fun and rewarding discovery process. $50 Everyday Center for Spiritual Living 1519 Fifth St, Santa Fe.

Reduce Pain & Inflammation with Essential Oils – 2-3:30pm. Want to learn how to use essential oils to reduce pain and inflammation, and increase one’s energy? Free informative workshop. Reserve seat early and receive a sample of Wild Orange oil. The (organic) Living Room, 1924 Juan Tabo Blvd, Ste F, Albuquerque. RSVP, Anne: 505-259-2161.

New Moon in Aquarius and Chinese New Year Gong Voyage – 6-7:30pm. A sanctuary of Sound Mind Meditation with gongs, bowls, chimes & bells to help access your highest state of consciousness. We also offer custom made, one-of-a-kind prayer beads to support your spiritual practice. Everything needed will be provided. $20. 1807 Second St., Studio 80, Santa Fe. RSVP/directions/info: 480766-6535.

International Live Conversation with Interstellar Friends – 11am-12pm/MST. The Pleiadian group, Laarkmaa, speaks on the illusion of time and current energies. Participants may ask questions during the call. $15. Register/info:

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19 Craniosacral: Follow Up to Basic Class, Unwinding Meridians – Feb 19-22. 9am-6pm. Explore deeper cranial rhythms and the neutral touch. Learn the unwinding process of the head, neck and the extremities. Use the meridians to open heart and release lungs. Use energy to direct a healing flow. 32 CEs, NCBTMB Approved. $575. New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, 501 Franklin Ave, Santa Fe. Details: 505-982-6271.

Women’s Healing Sanctuary – 1-3pm. For those of us in a female body, the hardest thing can be to take time for ourselves and allow ourselves to receive. Replenish and heal one’s female energy. Choose between a reading or spiritual healing. Receive communication, clearing and next step on personal path. 20-min sessions. Must reserve space. $20. Center For Inner Truth, 826 Camino de Monte Rey, A1, Santa Fe. Preregister: 505-920-4418.

Unity Santa Fe: Healing Service – 6:30-7:30pm. Sacred hour opens with meditation, followed by personal choice of gentle therapeutic touch or vibrational healing. Close with mental “remote” healing for all those unable to attend. Leave feeling refreshed and replenished. Love offering. Unity, 1212 Unity Way, Santa Fe. 505-989-4433.


Northern & Central New Mexico

Habitual negative messages and invalidating medical energy can prevent people from knowing how capable the body is at healing. Explore and clear the emotional and energetic patterns that affect one’s maximum health. Reclaim the power and communication in one’s body. $20. Center for Inner Truth, 826 Camino de Monte Rey, A1, Santa Fe, Preregister: 505-920-4418.

Clearing Your Health Blueprint – 6:30-8pm. Bodies are designed to stay healthy and self-regulate.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23 Fresh Start : Breakthrough – 7am- 6pm, Feb. 23-Feb. 27. There are times in life when we need help getting back on track. Chronic health conditions can make you feel so frustrated and exhausted that you become paralyzed. Why spend thousands of dollars and not get results? Breakthrough is specifically designed to get you out of this endless cycle. Santa Fe Soul, 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Bldg. 3, Santa Fe. 505 984 8733. Register at Spiritual Cinema Circle Potluck – 11am-4pm. Films of inspiration, motivation and thought-provoking, uplifting stories. Enjoy full-length features, documentaries, short films and discussion with other participants. Free. Space limited. Obsidian Health and Wellness, 2420 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE, Albuquerque. Preregister: 505-715-3452.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26 Growing Up and Waking Up: Mystical Practice in Everyday Life – 1-5pm. With Thomas Hübl. Half-day intensive. Tickets: $65 by Feb 12, $75 after Feb 12. Location TBA. Santa Fe.

Open Evening with Thomas Hübl – 7pm. Tickets: $20 Early Registration, $25 At Door. Register: Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living. 505 Camino de Marquez, Santa Fe. Stop Climate Change Now: A FREE Screening of Cowspiracy – 6pm. There is one single industry destroying the planet more than any other, but no one wants to talk about it. Q & A following film with vegan treats and wine. Free screening will be in the dining room of BODY of Santa Fe. 333 West Cordova Road, Santa Fe. 505- 986-0362.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28 Craniosacral: Allowing Expression/Listening – Feb 28-Mar 3. 9am-6pm. Increase flexibility of the cranial base and allow the brain to function within the maximum space available. Release a whole new avenue of intelligence that was unavailable before, because of a lack of space for the brain. 32 CEs, NCBTMB approved. $575. New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, 501 Franklin Ave, Santa Fe. Details: 505-982-6271. One Day Process Painting Workshop – 10-4pm. Deborah Purdy will facilitate an introductory workshop. If you are looking to expand your creativity, release creative blocks, unfold periods of transition, come paint, without regard to technique, skills or meaning. Find new passion and in your creativity. Enjoy self expression and self exploration with increased intuition. $45. CREATIVE WINGS STUDIO, just east of Nob Hill, Albuquerque. 630530-5697,

planahead MONDAY, MARCH 2

Georgia O’Keeffe Southwest Excursion Road Trip – Mar 2-6. Spend a week traversing special places Georgia O’Keeffe loved. Schedule includes time in Santa Fe, Abiquiu, Ghost Ranch and Taos. $895/pp. Double occupancy, includes most meals. Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu. 505-685-1000.

THURSDAY, MARCH 5 Craniosacral: Working with Alarm Systems – Mar 5-8. 9am-6pm. Survival is the main goal of the body to fulfill life tasks. Unconsciously, individuals take on other peoples’ opinions, angers, anxieties etc. Learn how to consciously remove these encumbrances. Explore the Reticular Alarm System and the total Stress Cascade Response in the body. 32 CEs, NCBTMB approved. $575. New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, 501 Franklin Ave, Santa Fe. Details: 505-982-6271.


savethedate Evening Of Self-Discovery And Transformation with Don Jose Ruiz – 6-8pm. New York Times bestselling author of The Fifth Agreement and Ripples of Wisdom. In his Toltec Rattlesnake Book Tour he shares personal anecdotes and lessons learned through translating ancient wisdom into practical applications of truth, love and common sense. Cost: $45, includes don Jose’s newest book, My Good Friend The Rattlesnake. Unity Santa Fe, 1212 Unity Way, Santa Fe. 505-989-4433.



Passion Compass Couples Workshop – 9-4pm. For couples in need of direction to get back to love and romance. Couples, regain the love map, put fun, passion and play back into the relationship, increase intimacy and communication. Couples only, early bird discount till Feb 18. Includes refreshments & lunch. Limited seats, registration required. Offered by Great Relationships Now, 8500 Menaul Bl NE, Albuquerque. 505-974-0104. www.bit. ly/1CVBxO6.

Beyond Surviving Weekend Retreat and Workshop – Apr 24-26. 2pm/Fri-2pm/Sun. Teaches survivors of abuse/trauma how to move into a life of thriving—breaking free of any continuing affects of the event. $550/pp includes food/lodging/course materials. The Cannossian Spirituality Center, 5625 Isleta Blvd. SW, Albuquerque. Preregister, Stephanie Jaeger: 505-898-6540. More info:

Level 2 Yoga – 9:15-10:45am. Iyengar practice that takes participants on a journey of stability, alignment, strength and mobility with intelligent awareness and full breath. $85. High Desert Yoga–Nob Hill, 4600 Copper NE, Albuquerque. Preregistration: 505-277-0077.

TUESDAY, MARCH 10 Alternative Methods to Strength Training – 6-7pm. Learn how to utilize equipment such as TRX, free weights, medicine balls, sled, ropes and body weight exercises to get into the best shape of one’s life. $125. Dennis Chavez Elementary School Gym, 7500 Barstow St. NE Albuquerque. Preregistration: 505-277-0077.

MONDAY, MARCH 16 Breathe Some Ghost Ranch AIR: Artist TwoWeek Immersion – Mar 16-29. Pastels, oils, watercolors, metal sculpting, mixed media. Includes instruction, lectures, demonstrations, gallery visits along with restorative activities. $1,750-$2,450 all-inclusive. Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu. 505-685-1000.


sunday Transitions Radio Magazine, FM 98.1 – 8-11am. With Alan Hutner, Elizabeth Rose & Co-Hosts. Celebrating 30 years in broadcasting. For guest and sponsorship call 505-466-2616. Online, live streaming & archiving of all shows at Spiritual Happy Hour – 10-11am. 2nd & 4th Sun. Exploring and sharing with each other our paths to consciousness. Special topic each service. Potluck following service. Everyone of all paths welcome. Free. Center For Inner Truth, 826 Camino de Monte Rey, A1, Santa Fe, Preregister : 505-920-4418.


Qigong in the Park –11am-12pm. With certified Qigong instructor Loretta Shiver. Qigong supports optimal health and well-being. Easy and fun. Free. Robinson Park, 8th and Central, Downtown, Albuquerque. 505-681-1924. www.QigongInThePark. com

Emotional Genealogy: Solving the Mystery of Who You Are – Mar 20-22. With Judith Fein and Paul Ross. Who came before you and how did they shape who you are? Through writing, photography, storytelling, access one’s deep, creative intuitive self. $325-$435 all-inclusive. Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu. 505-685-1000.

Embodydance: Dancing Your Journey from the Inside Out –3-5pm. Gathering together in ecstatic dance provides an opportunity to drop into profound connection with self, community, the world, with Source. $12. Railyard Performance Center, 1611 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe. 575-770-1228.

Write Yourself – Mar 20-22. For writers of any level. Learn methods to overcome the inner censors and unlock one’s innate creativity and new methods for finding true voice. $325-$435 all-inclusive. Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu. 505-685-1000. www.

MONDAY, MARCH 23 Salsaerobics – 5:30-6:30pm. Lose weight and get in shape while exercising to the Latin beat. Learn basic dance steps such as salsa, cumbia, cha cha, mambo and more. $95. Baila! Baila! Dance Studio, 2801 Girard Blvd. NE, Albuquerque. Preregistration: 505-277-0077.


savethedate A Gathering of Waters – Apr 10-12. The future of water is at hand. Whose hand shall determine its fate? Become an ambassador of change and influence for water. Featuring Sandra Postel, director of the Independent Global Water Policy Project. $395-$550 allinclusive. Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu. 505-685-1000.

monday Kundalini Yoga: The Yoga of Awareness – 9-10:15am. A dynamic blend of asana, kriya, meditation and breathwork. All levels welcome. $15 Santa Fe Soul, 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Bldg. 3, Santa Fe. 505 984 8733. Gentle Yoga Chi - 5:30pm – 6:45pm. Michal teaches conscious awareness, being present to your journey of mind, body, breath. She combines several yoga traditions, along with qigong, breathing, and imagining to create a full body-mind experience. $15 Santa Fe Soul, 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Bldg. 3, Santa Fe. 505-501-9300.

tuesday Beginner’s Tai Chi with Sifu Jill L. Basso, MA, LMT - 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm. Monthly class fees are collected on the first class of each month. Tai Chi Chuan is a slow moving, meditative, martial art good for health, relaxation and self-defense. Monthly fee $48 Santa Fe Soul, 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Bldg. 3, Santa Fe. 518- 929-1161.

natural awakenings

February 2015


wednesday Qigong & Healing From Within - 10:30am12pm. Taoist, Yogic & Shamanic practices cultivate vitality, inner strength & awareness with energy healing, movement, sound, breathwork & meditation. $12. 1st class free. Allison Lasky. Santa Fe Soul, 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Bldg. 3, Santa Fe. 505-984-8733, Intuitive Readings, Coaching and Animal Communication Sessions – 9am-5pm.With Galaya intuitive, life coach, medium and animal communicator. Clarify life choices and decisions. Activate practical solutions for health, relationships, career, business and pets. By phone or in person. By appointment.505-466-3764. Gentle Yoga Chi - 5:30pm – 6:45pm. Michal teaches conscious awareness, being present to your journey of mind, body, breath. She combines several yoga traditions, along with qigong, breathing, and imagining to create a full body-mind experience. $15 Santa Fe Soul, 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Bldg. 3, Santa Fe. 505-501-9300

thursday Teen Spiritual Gathering – 5:30- 6:45pm. Group will participate in experiential workshops that nurture and inspire the development of mind, body and soul. Ages 13-19 have the opportunity to learn to develop a relatable community grounded in love. Everyday Center for Spiritual Living, 1519 Fifth St, Santa Fe. 505-629-9633 Dealing with Difficult Experiences in Relationships – 6:30-8:30pm. With Judith Harrington, MA, channel of Divine Mother. When relationships become difficult whether with a partner, work situation or friendship there is possibility for transformation. Guidance, healing and blessing energy from The Mother. $25 weekly or donation. 1301 Luisa St, Ste B, Santa Fe. 505-901 7400. Register: www.JudithHarrington.

communityresourceguide Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide email or call 505-999-1319.

classifieds SALES & MARKETING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE - Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos. Passionate about health and wellness? Prior sales experience required. Print or media sales preferred. Must be a self starter with strong work ethics and motivated. Good at phone and face to face presentations, excellent follow up skills, takes initiative, pursues new clients and leads through all mediums available. Must be familiar with excel, word, email and online research. Must own car/insurance, laptop/computer and have the ability to work from home. Generous commissions and flexible hours. Please, email resume stating Advertising Sales in the subject line to

SCHOOL MILAGRO HERBS is now accepting students for our 2015 Herbal Certification Program! Our Foundations in Herbalism program is a 250-hour, 8-month (April-November) immersion designed to teach the foundational principals of herbal medicine, medicine making, botany, and ethical wildcrafting. Pick up your application in person or download from Email: Limited to 12 students only. 419 Orchard Drive, Santa Fe. 505- 820-6321

friday Friday Networking Guest Lunch – 11:45am-1pm. Learn about Friday Networking Lunch and decide whether it would be a good referral community for your business and services. Hear from current FNL Members about how FNL has benefited their businesses. Barbara Gates. 505-231-7328. Intuitive Healing Sessions – Gain clarity, remove energetic blocks and negativity, strengthen energy field, heal physical and emotional imbalances and pain. Sessions offered by Chantal Fidanza, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master. Introductory session $90$120. 1300 Luisa St, Santa Fe. Appt: 505-438-1074.

BODYWORK bluebuddhabodywork

Sante Fe

A unique blend of CranioSacral t h e r a p y, S o m a t o E m o t i o n a l Release and therapeutic bodywork, find relief and balance within your mind, body and spirit. Specializing in Headache Treatment. See ad on page 10.

BUSINESS COACHING Attracting Perfect Customers

Alan Hickman 505-474-5348 or 505-795-5100 GET CERTIFIED in Strategic Attraction™ Planning. A step-bystep sales and marketing process that people from all over the world have used to build HeartCentered $MILLION businesses, write books, create on-line produces that sell, and global business and communities that are making a huge difference in the world.

EDUCATION New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts

ART & CREATIVITY Creative wings Studio

Debbie Purdy Parkland Hills/ Nob Hill area 630-530-5697 When we paint without concern for technique or content, the intuitive self is revealed, and creative blocks are released. Connect with your creative freedom.

501 Franklin Ave, Santa Fe, NM 505 982-6271 Massage Foundation, Polarity Therapy, Dual Massage/ P o l a r i t y, C r a n i o s a c r a l Certification, Continuing Education, Community Health Classes, Free Lectures, Space Rental. Your partner in natural healing since 1981. See ad on page 2.

saturday Qigong in the Park – 9-10am. With certified Qigong instructor Loretta Shiver. Supports optimal health and well-being. Easy and fun. Free. Altura Park, Morningside and Hannett NE, Albuquerque. 505-681-1924.


Northern & Central New Mexico

Community Resource Guide, continued on back page

Nutritional therapy works best when you can absorb the nutrition.

Fix the gut FIRST. The digestive system is a huge part of the immune system. If your gut isn’t working, how can you be healthy? Clear out the garbage with a Digestive Rehabilitation Program. Remove the bad. bacteria and fungus with DUT, re-seed the gut with pro-biotics, repair the lining with healing herbs.

Immune Problems • Joint Problems Skin Problems • Stomach Pain • Ulcers Reflux • Constipation • Crohn’s • IBS Celiac Disease • SIBO Knock out a persistent urinary tract infection in 36 hours - with no antibiotics!

Order online at or call 800-991-7088 natural awakenings

February 2015


communityresourceguide EDUCATION Hypnotherapy Academy of America™ 2132 Osuna Road NE, Suite B Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113 505-767-8030

Accelerated Hypnotherapy 500 hour Training for Certification in Hypnotherapy. First complete hypnotherapy certification training taught in the accelerated format in the U.S. Training is held three times a year, and taught in 2 week modules. Experiential Education Format. Scope of Practice Protocols. Free Introductory Classes. Special Events & Continuing Education. Support after Graduation. Medical Hypnosis Training. Confidence Building Practicum. See ad page 31.


1708A Highway 84, Abiquiu, NM 87510 505-685-1000 Magnificent red rock landscape on 21,000 acres hosts workshops & retreats in themes of spirituality, art, sustainability, Southwest & more. Georgia O’Keeffe Landscape Tours, Hiking, Massage, Anthropology Museum & Tours, Paleontology Museum & Tours, Movie Site Tour, Horseback Riding, Challenge Course & Climbing Wall, Labyrinth & Karesansui Garden, Gift Shop, Lodging, Camping. 65 miles northwest of Santa Fe. See ad page 9.

HYPNOTHERAPY Rev. Maggie De Vore, CHT 505-465-1546

Rev. Maggie De Vore is an internationally trained Hypnotherapist who works with groups and individuals in their spiritual and emotional education and evolution.

HEALING WISDOM Judith Harrington M.A.

Santa Fe 505 9017400 Sessions via Skype also Transforming suffering through – compassionate wisdom – releasing negative energies – insight into unconscious beliefs – support through channeled energy medicines. 35 years working with individuals, couples and groups. Call about groups forming in January.


Northern & Central New Mexico

INTUITIVE CONSULTATIONS GALAYA-INTUITIVE RESOURCES Santa Fe • 505-466-3764 Toll-Free: 1-888-326-0403

F i n d C l a r i t y, I n s i g h t a n d Inspiration! Intuitive readings, Coaching and Animal Communication. Clarify life choices and decisions. Activate practical solutions for your health, relationships, career and business.

Psychic Readings Keri Ports

Animal & Human Psychic/Medium (213) 999-9098 Sessions available in person, phone or Skype Private psychic/medium readings for people and pets, guided chakra meditation, and group readings. Messages from spirit are guidance for your soul so you can fulfill your Divine purpose!


High Priestess to the Order of Melchidezek Santa Fe, NM 505-490-8855 weekdays 11 AM – 2 PM. The OakRose Academy of Light is a Mystery School founded by the Ascended Masters. The Academy holds to and teaches the Divine Law for the New Age. It is non-sectarian and nondenominational, open to all who seek the Higher Truth.

NATURAL PET FOOD Marty’s Meals, Inc. Sandra Bosben 1107 Pen Road 505-467-8162

Local hand-made raw and gently cooked natural and organic pet food for dogs and cats. We also carry bones, tripe, jerky treats and raw goat milk. Optimize your pets vitality through the food-health connection.

SKIN CARE/BEAUTY Jodie Cunningham

Beautycounter Consultant 505.238.8829 Chic and luxurious, yet safe and effective skin care and personal care products for you and the entire family. A new line of color cosmetics scrupulously tested for heavy metals, setting a new standard in the industry.  Explore the website and call to schedule your consultation.


Stephanie Jaeger PO Box 3257, Corrales, NM 87048 505-898-6540 Wo r l d r e n o w n e d e d u c a t o r Stephanie Jaeger works with survivors of abuse/trauma to move Beyond Surviving into a life of thriving through her workshops and retreats..

Psychic Readings PSYCHIC READINGS & SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE Lisa Pelletier 505-927-5407 Energy Readings & Healings in Santa Fe

Your spirit awakens in resonant, gradual but steady ways as information is given in the form of color, symbol, story, amusement and non-judgment. Grounding gently guides you into — and past lives inform — your present. Receive an aura reading & clearing, learn what validates and supports your growth, ask questions, choose next steps. Recording emailed.

INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Obsidian Health and Wellness 505-715-3452 2420 Juan Tabo Blvd NE

Alternative Integrative Health. Create the change and restore health at it’s source with NES Total Wellness system. Re-assess, rejuvenate, re-imprint and rebuild.

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Natural Awakenings Northern New Mexico New Mexico edition of the free monthly national health/wellness and sustainability publication.

Nnm 0215 web  

Natural Awakenings Northern New Mexico New Mexico edition of the free monthly national health/wellness and sustainability publication.