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Moving in to Flow with Your Holistic Business Clarity, Insight and & Inspired Right Action


aGina Glass of Prana Blessings Metaphysical Shop and Healing Hub is a Reiki Master Teacher, Author, Business Mentor, Certified Infinite Possibilites Trainer and Certified HR Professional. She combines her knowledge, experience and resources to support others in moving past energetic blocks and patterns that hold them back from success in life and business. Glass’ coaching system, the TICL Effect, uses four guiding principles to make positive and lasting change: TRUTH- Identify the root cause of self-limiting thoughts and beliefs INTEGRITY - Identify and strengthen moral character COURAGE - Strengthen the mind that enables a person to face difficulties LOVE - Live without fear and honor the connection to ourselves and others


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Building a foundation for life and business that is based on false thoughts and beliefs is sure to crumble at some point. Beside the “know how” of business, success takes diligence and a deep dive into thoughts and beliefs. Through the TICL Effect, Glass works with business owners to understand life themes, behavior and thought patterns. When the truth of beliefs is uncovered, the power and vibration of words are used to make meaningful distinctions that lead to intelligent, heart-felt changes. Once truth is established, participants are able to move into integrity, courage and ultimately into a place of love. Doing so allows participants to let go, live in the present and strive towards goals without dragging baggage along. Michael Bernard Beckwith says, “You can’t hide your secret thoughts, because they show up as your life.” And this is absolute truth. Whether stuck on getting started (courage) or lining up priorities with vision (integrity), the TICL Effect Coaching System can achieve goals (love). Using the system, Glass will assist in balancing energy and identifying thought process (truth), so that business owners can move past fears and focus on success. Website: Schedule Your Mentoring Session: May 2019


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