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Storydancer Expands with Strengthening Hearts & Minds Program


he Storydancer Project (TSP), a non-profit in Santa Fe, is pleased to announce the expansion of its program for Navajo mothers in northwestern NM. The Storydancer Project aims to revitalize women, girls and families in marginalized communities through innovative self-care and movement awareness practices. Strengthening Hearts & Minds, part of TSP’s Rainbow Bridge Initiatives, is a bilingual (English/Diné-Bizaad) program in northwestern NM Navajo Nation for rural and urban Navajo mothers facing depression and historical trauma. Three women specialists in the fields of education, healing and self care bring their tools together to facilitate the program. Strengthening Hearts & Minds focuses on traditional women’s ways, healing and indigenous foods, leadership, developing new patterns of family communication, and restorative exercises for body and mind following trauma and chronic stress. Presented and led by The Storydancer Project Founder/Director Zuleikha, Navajo facilitators Kelly Dinéyazhe-Hunter and Sheila Goldtooth, the program partners with Northwest New Mexico First Born Program and Gallup Battered Family Services to bring innovative, culturally resonant self care to Navajo mothers who otherwise would not have the opportunity. Working from the understanding that self care in community is a powerful agent of change, The Storydancer Project and its partners extend an invitation to northwestern NM Navajo mothers and organizations who would like participate in this transformative program. Strengthening Hearts and Minds pilot program has received the endorsement of the Navajo Nation government and is offered free of charge through TSP partnerships. For more information, please contact or visit

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Reclaim Bladder Control


o you or anyone you know suffer from urinary urgency or incontinence? Christian Raphael is holding a free class to teach participants how to re-direct their thoughts to reclaim normal bladder control. The class will be held May 11th from 3 to 5pm at the Source on 1111 Carlisle Blvd in Albuquerque. Overactive bladder and urinary urgency incontinence affects 33 million Americans, that’s one-tenth of the population. We reported in the November issue that the National Institutes of Health recently completed a 4-year study costing $3million comparing drug therapy to hypnotherapy with the conclusion that both were effective in treating urinary urgency and that in some cases hypnotherapy was more effective. Raphael is one of only 5 qualified with the proper training to apply the methods proven in the study. Attend the class to learn more and stay after if interested in an optional brief hypnosis experience for relaxing body tension which is an important skill for regaining bladder control. For more information, call 505-918-6555 or visit Register for the event at 8

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