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aurie Wheeler has been a holistic practitioner, consultant and teacher since 1995, it is her highest mission to work with the principles of true healing and the energy force it seeks to transcend. She is certified through the California College of Natural Medicine, the British Institute of Homeopathy. Wheeler is accomplished in the following modalities, homeopathy, Gemmotherapy, Rife therapy, several forms of flower essences, and what she calls DreamVision-Journey of Discoveries. Wheeler has created and hosted a live radio program called “Journey into Wellness” bringing her knowledge and

interviewing guests of different modalities, to broaden the knowledge of mind, body and soul understanding. She’s also taught homeopathy with the York Wildlife Center in Maine, who now use it as their first form of medicine to aide non-domesticated animals. She has been a guest speaker for many organizations including medical colleges. In 2009, she opened a non-profit clinic for military service people, helping those that are unknown to the world of this type of healing medicine. In 1989, while Wheeler and her family were building a new house, they became ill from contaminated well water. In search of healing and not finding a solution within

conventional medicine, she turned to holistic medicine. Simultaneously, Wheeler had a spiritual experience that led her into studies of many tribal traditions and the wisdom of Shamanism, which has been of great inspiration along her personal path. As an adjunct to homeopathy, she’s endeavored into personal development coaching using shamanic journeywork, soul retrieval, past life soul regression and between lives regression nurturing one to find and develop a more authentic self. She has brought this experience to young and older students in schools, the corporate world, and wellness centers all over the United States and Mexico. Her program WellnessWithin, is designed to help individuals or group participants to recognize individual power, passion, truth, strength, creativity and motivation – the “juice for purposeful living”. Wheeler’s business acumen stems from previous entrepreneurial endeavors as a manager/broker/owner in real estate for 10 years and a hobby that turned professional – painting furniture and murals for both private and commercial settings. As an artist and visionary, she believes creative expression is a bridge to the authentic self. She continues to paint, garden, cook, and making healthy body products – anything that supports an opportunity to be creative and healing. Wheeler says she is blessed to have lived in many places such as New York, New England, Hawaii, Mexico working with dolphins and now Santa Fe.

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