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a n d r e a m. b o r k o w s k i

andrea m. borkowski

“To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit; it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse. Design is both a verb and a noun. It is the beginning as well as the end, the process and product of imagination.� -Paul Rand-



main street for the arts bainbridge island demonstration garden seattle waterfront suitability study engineering and drafting layout and graphics garmann-miller architects travel experience australia center redefining the playground


main street for the arts

The successful separation of circulation networks is critical to this design. What was once dominated by vehicular space, now also allows for bicycle and pedestrian activity. Underground parking, tunneled street sections, the addition of a bike lane, and a green alley for the arts all encourage people to abandon the vehicle and experience a richer journey on foot. The transformation from Main Street to “Great Street” attracts more than just the ‘artsy’ individual. It serves as a regional destination made unique by its character; a character embedded within its users and inspired by its detailed design.

urban design

Working with Muncie’s existing structures, this design creatively fits new uses and systems within the basic grid to establish an enjoyable arts community that both looks amazing and works well. Viewsheds guide building form while vegetation reinforces important sightlines. Add in unique artwork done by local artists, and individuals will undoubtedly find themselves being drawn through the site. And as they meander towards newly added public open space, users are sure to wander into the various shops, galleries, and local amenities that spill onto the flexible sidewalk space, thus revitalizing the current state of the city’s downtown.

MEDIUMS: Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop Google SketchUp

“To say a grid is limiting is to say that language is limiting, or typography is limiting. It is up to us to use these media critically or passively.� -Ellen Lupto-


And by preserving the natural environment, citizens get the privilege of being completely immersed in their environment. What is their reward for aiding in the global mission to reduce our ecological footprint? expansive views and a close knit community atmosphere that is sure to be priceless


bainbridge island

Topics such as reduced automobile dependence, solar orientation, school and job proximity, and habitat conservation were all taken into consideration when planning for the

Bainbridge community. In addition, permeable streets, sidewalks, and trails were all laid out to promote and inspire the home dweller to walk, in opposition to taking the car.

community design

Located on Bainbridge Island, this proposed development is noticeably LEEDing in new ideas. It focuses on connecting individuals to their natural and built surroundings, while adhering to LEED-ND guidelines. Whether it be within small housing clusters or on the greater open green and gardening space, the development successfully encourages neighborhood interaction on a variety of scales.

Mount Tabor Middle School

MEDIUMS: Ink | Marker

“Growth is inevitable...the question is not whether your part of the world is going to change. The question is how.” - Edward T. McMahon -



demonstration garden

A major influence in the overall feel of the garden lies in the selection and placement of plant material. The color pallete, comprised mostly of blues and purples, communicates a night mood during the day. Grasses sway with the wind. The large cypress, directly from Starry Night, adds verticallity to the landscape and directs visitors’ eyes towards the stars. Swirling flower beds seem to have been lifted right off the canvas and placed in the landscape. Silver plants, prominant in the darker hours, adhere to the painting’s theme.

planting design

With sweeping brushstrokes that illuminate the sky, Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night (1889) captivates viewers. Inspired by such emotion, this garden design, experienced during day or night, uses the painting’s textures, colors, and symbolism to make visitors feel as if they are walking through the artist’s masterpiece. Encouraging active day play and passive night strolls, A Starry Night Garden is essentially two gardens in one. Brilliant blues, purples, and yellows take your breath away in the light, while silver plants seemingly shine in the dark. Visitors come ready to dream and leave in awe.

MEDIUMS: Ink | Colored Pencil | AutoCAD Modeling Material

“I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.� -Vincent Van Gogh-



waterfront seattle

master plan reunites the city by incorporating the waterfront in the downtown and the downtown in the waterfront. The street, tower, and pier systems enable the city-wide movement of people and water. Vertical structures enhance the identity of the Seattle area and cater to the specific users that will pass through and explore their existence on a daily basis (shown below). This, inturn, inspired the development of an interactive pier system, thus allowing the community to, at times, be the creators of their own waterfront experience.

urban design

Drawing off of captivating imagery and investigated precedent studies, myself, and teammates Derrek Fields and Tyler Kirages, set off on the task to transform Seattle’s urban voids into interesting and engaging spaces that focused on the user and their experience of water. Conceptual iteration processes established the following development opportunities to be addressed in the masterplan: mimicking the bathymetry, built vs. natural abstractions, and cultural movement and form. Combining these ideas created a harmonic balance of the natural and built envionments through an eco-friendly design. The new Seattle

MEDIUMS: MEDIUMS: Adobe Illustrator Photoshop| Adobe | Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Google SketchUp SketchUp Google

“No design can exist in isolation. It is always “I often think that the night related, sometimes in very is more alive and more complex ways, to an richly colored than theentire constellation of influencing day.” situations and attitudes.” -Vincent Van Gogh-George Nelson-


populated areas

agricultural fields

forested areas



Wind Farm Suitability Study

however, needed to be considered. The following criteria was rated with highest suitability when compiling individual data layers. These maps were then compiled together (right) to establish the ideal wind farm locations in east central Indiana. Locate land at least 275 meters from dense vegetation to avoid wind breaks. Locate land at least 300 meters from densely populated ares to reduce noise pollution. Locate land labeled as agricultural row crops to allot for ample space. Locate within one mile of school to allow wind farms to be used for education.

regional design

With sustainable concepts becoming ever more prevalent in today’s world, the exploration of obtaining energy from renewable resources is also gaining popularity. One such option for an alternative energy source is the installation of wind turbines, which convert the free movement of air into electricity. This idea is viable in the east central Indiana region for a number of reasons. Not only would it stimulate the economy by creating jobs, but a wind farm would also power the surrounding area without causing pollution, waste, or depleting natural resources. In order to locate ideal areas for this type of industry to be erected, several factors,

no suitability low suitability moderate suitability high suitability

% of land covered

Weighted Overlay

3% 25% 57% 15%

MEDIUMS: ESRI Geographic Information System

16 10


engineering & drafting



Ink + SketchUp + Adobe Suite

layout & graphics



Garmann-Miller Architects

For more feedback on my work with the firm and the variety of skills I exemplified, please contact my supervisor: Kathy Trejo, RLA, ASLA | 419-628-4240.

professional practice


Much of my professional practice experience was obtained through Garmann - Miller & Associates, a design firm established in 1992 and located in Minster, Ohio. I completed an internship with the company during the summer of 2010 and was furthermore able to assist in moving ongoing projects forward during University breaks. I strongly feel that my time with Garmann-Miller was beneficial on a variety of levels. Not only was I able to aid the company in areas such as schematic design, computer drafting, site renderings, and the production of marketing material, but I was personally able to obtain a real life understanding of how offices and projects are run. Such concepts, relationships, and ideas are impossible to grasp in a classroom setting.

note: site design accredited to the work of GMAE designers

MEDIUMS: Adobe Photoshop | Photography AutoCAD

“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.�-Nikola Tesla-


Portland, OR Boston, MA Chicago, IL Washington, DC St. Louis, MO

Bilbao Madrid Vitoria

Spain El Salvador

San Salvador

Australia New Zealand

Brisbane, QLD Hobart, TAS Melbourne, VIC Sydney, NSW Christchurch Franz Josef Milford Sound Queenstown

travel experience

national international

Seattle, WA

travel experience


I have, on numerous occasions, been “Curiosity blessed with the means and opportunity to fulfill my strong passion for travel. I about life in strongly believe that these experiences all of its have had a tremendous impact on my education and have been highly aspects, I influential in expanding my knowledge think, is still as a designer. Through the College of Architecture and Planning I have been the secret of able to travel to various locales across great the United States. These experiences, along with those which have led me creative abroad, have all provided me with a people.� real life understanding of people and place and a new perspective of the -Leo Burnettworld which surrounds me.




VIEW FROM THE ARCH St. Louis, Missouri


Boston, Massachusetts



australia center

studies abroad

During Ball State University’s 2010 spring semester, I had the privilege of taking my studies halfway around the world to Lennox Head, NSW, Australia. In addition to courses such as physical and cultural sustainability and Australian life and culture, I was further able to expand my education through the exploration the country’s topography and landscape design. Noteworthy destinations included Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and Queenstown and the greater south island in New Zealand.



Sydney, NSW, Australia

Melbourne, VIC, Australia




Eaglehawk Neck, TAS, Australia

draw a playground!

This project examines the current formula for playground design and redefines how we view spaces for play. It exemplifies that a playground can become more than simply the overused scene of manufactured elements grouped together atop a bed of mulch. Though playground design has evolved over the years from being a place for only the elite to a common element of public parks, little has changed since the early twentieth century. By recognizing that there are still great opportunities to take hold of in terms of designing for play, we can create more suitable spaces for the children of today. Significantly changing the way we approach playground design draw will allow for better spaces that enhance creativity and spark imagination in children of all ages.


your dream play space!

The project exemplifies this concept through the design of a park in New Bremen, Ohio. It takes a currently underutilized space, located in the heart of the village, and transforms it into an imaginative playspace for all to enjoy. As children slide, swing, run, climb, explore, and laugh amidst the redesigned green space, businesses and nearby properties relish in the economic benefits it brings to the community. The designer’s knowledge of the psychology of play and its importance in children’s lives is evident as play elements and spaces directly cater its young users. Furthermore, as New Bremen’s dynamic history and rich culture is incorporated into the design, visitors undoubtedly recognize that this unique playspace was designed solely for them. New Bremen’s new playspace will serve as the frontrunner for the new wave of innovative playground design. Not only will it provide others with an example of the limitless possibilities we have yet to discover in terms of designing for play, but it will also provide New Bremen communities with a valuable, one-of-a-kind asset that will foster above completed by New Bremen fourth grade students community and create identity.

Redefining the Stereotypical Playground


play space design





n tra ter

s ing

c ara

n gin be


accomodate for today’s popular play theory [play for preparation] + integrate natural, adventrue and traditional play + merge spaces for spectators with spaces for play + promote learning through play: New Bremen’s culture and history

elements of intrigue.




shared space.





in ergy emntit ide


declare site character. establish point of entry. draw users to space. bridge boundary between observer & player. promotes continuous use. encourages open ended play.

specified space.

accommodates for more directed types of play. focuses on specific developmental skill.

MEDIUMS: Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator

“The playground is the McDonalds of landscape design.” -Linda Bakernote: project to be completed May 2011


a n d r e a m. b o r k o w s k i

abbreviated resume

objective To obtain a design related position that maximizes success on all levels by applying, and enhancing, my knowledge and skill set.

education Bachelor in Landscape Architecture, Departmental Minor: Spanish | 2011 BALL STATE UNIVERSITY | Honors Graduate | GPA: 3.8 Thesis Topic: “Redefining the Stereotypical Playground: A Park Design for New Bremen, Ohio� Sigma Lambda Alpha [Landscape Architecture Honor Fraternity] SCASLA

experience Garmann/Miller Architects [internship] Minster, Ohio | summer 2010 common tasks: schematic design work, detail drafting, preliminary construction document drawings, pre-bond board & brochure design, site renderings, site visits, and strong communication between project designers & engineers Spence Restoration Nursery Muncie, Indiana | summer 2009 Fanning/Howey Associates, Inc. Celina, Ohio | summer 2008

skills Adobe CS5: Photoshop, InDesign, & Illustrator | AutoCAD | GIS | Basic SketchUp Abilities Microsoft Office, Powerpoint, & Excel

honors & awards 2011 ASLA Student Honor Award Recipient 2007-2011 Ball State University Presidential Scholarship Recipient 2008 Rundell Ernstberger Excellence in Landscape Architecture Scholarship Recipient 2007 LA201 D.C. Design Competition Merit Award Recipient

references available upon request t: 419.953.3430 | e:


t: 419-953-3430 | e:

AMB Undergraduate Design Portfolio  

Andrea Borkowski | Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning | Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

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