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MY COMPOSITIONS Bautista Jiménez Andrea Alondra. 413




Work & Study.


My pet.


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My cousin.


Letter to my pet.




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Life in Mexico City.


“El Chapo”.


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Writing a Report.


Bed & Breakfast.


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Film & Television.

INTRODUCTION This is the compilation of my compositions and I made in my English class. There are seven or written compositions in all, talk about me, about my pets and what I like. It has taken a lot of work in each written but hey greatly improved and it is becoming easier to write them. In this time uh learned a lot about grammar, because I failed a lot and try not to make the same mistakes.

My pet He is my dog, his name’s Pinki, He is thirteen years old. He loves to play and chase butterflies and bees. When she catches them, she jumps around. I love my pet.

My cousin Abril Hi, She is my cousin, She is thirteen years old, She likes to sing and talk to her friends from her school, She is a student. She likes going shopping and watches game shows and reality shows.

Composition I need to learn to speak English for my future, because I mil have better opportunities for study and work. It troubles me that this teacher send us documents online, because there are lot of programs. I wish that we communicate by email. If you contact me in: o



Facebook: Andrea Bautista

Life in Mexico City In Mexico, people generally have a breakfast at school or work, and then they have coffee. The working day typically starts at seven o'clock. Bank and schools are open at this time. Lunchtime is generally from ten o’clock to eleven o’clock people buy sandwiches during their lunch break. School generally finishes at three o’clock and a lot of people finish work at 8 o’clock. Banks close between 4:30 and five o’clock. It’s typical to have dinner at nine o’clock. If you go out to eat or for a drink after dinner, night clubs and cafes are generally open until 12 pm or 1am. A lot of restaurants close at this time, too. People generally go to bed at eleven o’clock.

Email to my friend Hello Evelyn How are you? I’m writing because I miss you, I want to tell some things and know about you. I will be go vacation to Brazil. Do you know of a good hosting place? Can you help me please? We are four members, two adults (my mom and my father) and my brother is 17 years old. They like to watch movies and soap opera, they love the internet. We need a place with broadband internet. We would like a quiet place. Thanks for any help you can give me. I love you best friend. ANDY

Bed & Breakfast

Dear Miss Alos I'd like some nice information about your holiday apartment to rent. We’re two persons and one puppy. How big is it? How many bedrooms are there? Could you send a photo of the rooms? The description also says the apartment is near the city centre. How far from the centre is it? Can we walk there? If not, are there taxis? Could you send me the address? And other question is about food. The apartment is self-catering. Does it have a fridge? And is there a supermarket near the apartment? And the other question is can I have pets? Finally, I’d like to know about the price and when it’s available. We’d like to rent it in the first or second week of December. Is it available for one of those weeks? And how much does it cost for 7 days? I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes ANDREA.

Film & Television. The real entertainment site. The programs that real people recommend. Category TV programs. Starting next Wednesday we can watch all of the TV series called designer interior Fox life again. It’s on channel 244 at 7pm every night. It’s set in New York in USA and it’s about interior designers. Peter, a designer from New York hates quiet places. It’s big and modern. It’s not boring. The other main character in the program is Madd. At first Peter doesn’t like her, but they become good friends. But they are very different and they often disagree. Another good character is Madd. He loves mexican designers and wants to be a film director. Some people think it´s an entertainment program and I recommend it because the characters are all very interesting.

Work & Study Dr. Ms Alos I saw advertisment for adult training courses on the internet and I would like to apply for a course in the internet. The online option is best because I can't go out in the evenings. I'm interested in the course because it would increase my salary. I attach a copy of my CV. As you can see, I studied English at CELEX, so I speak English very well. I was also assistant teacher in an English school for an experience of online learning. If necessary, I am available for a telephone interview in the evening. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely Andrea Bautista

Work & Study 2 Dear Ms Alos I'm writing because I saw your posting and I'm interested. I love being in touch with all the seasonal clothes and I like to be busy helping to find clothes that customers need. I'm 18 years old and I'm from Mexico. I believe I can do this job very well. I can speak Spanish and I understand English. I took a course in fashion. I'm friendly and I'm also hard-working and efficient. Please write soon, Yours sincerely Andrea Bautista

Letter to my pet He is my dog, his name is Pinki and he is thirteen years old. He loves to play and chase butterflies and bees. When he catches them, he jumps around. I love my pet he is the best of the best. Happy Valentine's Day Pinki! Bautista JimĂŠnez Andrea Alondra

News & Weather

A weather experience This happened two years ago when we were at a folk festival in Michoacán town. The festival lasts for three days. When we arrived the weather was fantastic. It was very hot and windy. That night there was a huge storm. A little later, we started coming into the tent. In the end, we decided to take our things and go to a hotel. There weren't any rooms free but they let us sleep in the living room. The next morning it was sunny again. But our tent wasn't there. The wind blew it away during the night. Andrea


Last week. The universal celebration took place in Mexico DF in the Mexico DF. It lasted three days. The universal is famous all over the world, about one million read it one of the headlines was the capture of el Chapo a drug dealer.

Writing a Report People in Mexico go to work by bus, light train, taxi, a car, a bike, motorbike, by metro or on foot, but sometimes the traffic is very difficult. The transport in some regions is very low, but in the capital traffic is heavy, outside. There are many people who work outside city state and go use the roads but it is a big problem because there are many car accidents.

Coming & Going

When you come to Mexico you have to come visit the Zocalo because it is beautiful and big. Sometimes light shows are organized in the cathedral. This show is late at night from Friday to Sunday. The traffic is a little heavy, but you can use from buses, taxis, subway, light train or car. A lot of people are riding in a bike.

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