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Botox to Help Solve Hyperhidrosis in NYC

Hyperhidrosis is when a person has a great deal of sweating when trying to cool off. This health condition usually occurs on the hands, feet, face and underarms. Hyperhidrosis can sometimes cause embarrassment, discomfort and can make a person withdraw from certain activities. NYC dermatologist can help you with any questions you might have on this procedure.

There are treatments for Hyperhidrosis such as prescription treatments like Drysol or over the counter treatments like Certain-Dr. Then, there is Botox. Botox is a medication that is injected into the skin and when used for excessive sweating, is injected into the sweating area. This Botox treatment usually lasts for about six months. When a person’s hands sweats too much, it can be embarrassing; especially for those who have social positions and need to shake hands often. This kind of Botox treatment for the hands is very effective and lasts for almost six months. NYC Botox injections can help you with your perspiration concerns.

What makes this Botox treatment effective is that the treatment plan takes only 30 minutes and after that, you are able to return to your daily activities. Once the treatment has been completed, you will notice an improvement in about one to two weeks.

The cost of this treatment is around $1,200 per treatment. A study was conducted that took three years and from that study researchers found that the Botox injections were safe, effective and brought relief and a better quality of life for those who went through the procedure. Once the Botox injections were completed, many felt that they were satisfied with the results and that they also felt more confident in social situations.

Even though Botox has been found to be safe, it is important not to take Botox if you are allergic to other products such as Dysport or Exemin. It is also important to talk with your doctor about any muscle or nerve conditions you have and any other medical conditions you have had or currently have in the present such as any plans you might have for surgery or all the medications you are currently on; especially herbal products and prescriptions and non-prescription medications.

Some side effects that might occur are: blurred vision, rash, blurred vision, headache, neck pain and eye problems. NYC Botox injections can answer all the questions you have on this topic. Find out more on this topic from a NYC dermatologist.

Botox to Help Solve Hyperhidrosis in NYC