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executive summary

who we are


Hark Consulting Group is an independent brand consulting agency in St. Petersburg, Florida. Comprised of four MBA students from the University of South Florida Consulting Group St. Petersburg, Hark brings fresh and innovative strategies to firms looking to breathe new life into their products or reach a new market. Hark goes beyond simple marketing to form a new brand experience that invites consumers to form a relationship with products and invite them into their lives.

executive summary Mary Kay Inc. is a direct sales cosmetics and beauty product company that has empowered women for fifty years. Beginning in 1963 in a 500 square foot retail store in Dallas, Texas, with only $5,000, it has grown to a multibillion dollar global business with three million Independent Beauty Consultants around the world selling its products. Mary Kay Inc. is seeking to expand its footprint with women 18-25 years old in the United States. To achieve with this objective, the company has launched new products geared toward this demographic such as marykay at playTM and acne product Clear ProofTM. Mary Kay Inc. also intends to increase its number of Independent Beauty Consultants in this age group. Through research and surveys, Hark Consulting Group has determined the best strategy to reach female millenials. The following outlines the steps taken to arrive at the conclusion and details the strategies identified in order to grow Mary Kay’s footprint among the demographic.


company analysis Mary Kay Inc. was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash. It was started with $5,000, the life savings of Mary Kay Ash, in a 500-square-foot retail store in Dallas, Texas. After 50 years and with more than 3 million Independent Beauty Consultants selling its products worldwide, Mary Kay Inc. is “the third largest direct seller of beauty and personal-care products in the world.” In 2013, Mary Kay Inc. saw $3 billion in sales and was listed as number 163 on Forbes’ list of largest private companies. Mary Kay Inc. follows a direct selling model in which products are sold at a wholesale rate to Independent Beauty Consultants, who then resell the products at retail rates to consumers. These sales can be made face-to-face directly, at parties hosted by the IBC, or through personal websites. This provides customers with the opportunity to try products before they buy them. IBCs earn one of the highest income-earning percentages in the direct selling industry and can start a Mary Kay business in the United States for only $100. She can also choose to take a leadership role as an Independent Sales Director or Independent National Sales Director and earn additional commissions. Mary Kay Ash believed in rewarding her IBCs for their sales efforts and each year Mary Kay Inc. offers travel to exotic locations and more than 143,000 IBCs have qualified for the use of a Mary Kay Career Car or instead elected to receive cash as compensation. Mary Kay Inc.’s core values include The Golden Rule-treating others as you would like to be treated, placing life’s priorities in order of faith first, family second and career third, making everyone feel important, and the “Go-Give Spirit,” meaning “the willingness to help one another knowing that this spirit creates positive reciprocity.” Mary Kay Inc. has recently turned its attention to Gen Y to increase sales amongst women aged 18-25. Women in this age range number around 571 million worldwide and have an estimated purchasing power of $170 billion annually. This group represents an enormous opportunity for the company. To gain awareness amongst Gen Y women, Mary Kay has recently sponsored the third season of Project Runway All Stars and has launched Mary Kay At Play, a product line designed for young women and plans to expand the line in 2014.

timeline breakdown HARK’s approach to developing the Mary Kay 2015 Campaign

Mary Kay Brand Deep Dive

Research: Industry Trends/Competitive Review/Target Analysis

Strategy Statement Who we are and what we stand for

Strategy Definition The specifics of the strategy explained

Tactical What we will execute against the strategy

Training & Operations Recruitment


Marketing External

Internal PR

R&D Packaging



product overview Mary Kay® has a portfolio claiming variety in both product and price. Its expertise in skin care has helped the brand stay at the top for 50 years. In 2013, the Mary Kay at Play™ line launched, adding a collection of items aimed at a younger demographic. For this 18-25 target, the wants and needs vary greatly from the core Mary Kay® consumer. Mary Kay at Play™ has aimed to attract this younger consumer with brighter colors, different products and lower prices. The quality of the makeup is good. However, compared to the drug store brands that many in this age group buy, the prices are still too high. Compared to the cachè brands coveted by this target, the products are not exciting or cool enough. The consultant-consumer relationship that Mary Kay® built its brand from should also be considered a product. This has been a great asset and has inspired higher than average levels of brand loyalty. Adweek recently published that levels of brand love are falling, especially among millenials. Mary Kay® should strive harder than ever to engage with consumers and forge relationships, as few brands have the opportunity for a 1:1 dialogue with consumers like Mary Kay®.


industry overview US beauty sales in 2012 equaled

$92.2 billion US sales in 2017 are predicted to reach

102.3 billion Global beauty sales in 2017 forecasted to reach

$265 billion Total Market Share by Category 27% Facial Skin Care

23% Personal Care

20% Hair Care 20% Makeup 10% Fragrance

During the first half of 2012, sales grew in every category of beauty products + 8%


+ 5%

+ 7%




+ 68%

Women spend an average of $144 on beauty products yearly

2012 Mary Kay速 rankings

#2 Beauty & Personal Care #6 Skin Care #9 Color #12 Fragrance

industry trends

Product Trends Q u i r k y E yes

A snapshot of the colors that MAC offers. Buyers can create their own palatte from over 100 colors.

Bright, embellished eyes were prominent on runways in Fall 2014. Designers Chloe, Prada and Christian Dior all styled their models with a focus on over-the-top eyes.

N ail Ar t Nail polish was the fastest growing beauty segment in 2011 and has continued to be in high demand. The nail art trend has spurred countless DIY tutorials and blogs, prompting big brands to provide their own content. Covergirl featured a social media series (R) during the NFL playoffs with customized “Fanicures� for each team.


industry trends

Marketing Trends D i g i t al F o cu s

The beauty industry is continuing to react to its consumers increased reliance on digital platforms. Brands are adding a social component to every campaign and working diligently to build their online presence. The Colour Cosmetics Social Engagement Report from September 2014 named MAC as the brand with the best digital presence. This is attributed to their seamless integration among all social platforms and its website. One could also suggest MAC has benefited from having a younger customer base than many of its competitors, giving it an advantage in the social space.

Mary Kay has 38k Instagram followers. MAC has 878k.

R e w a rd ing L o yalty The beauty industry is catching on to the idea of loyalty programs. Consumers are used to getting rewards from restaurants, hotels and airlines, so why not from cosmetics? Lancome recently launched a program that could accomplish two goals for the brand - give consumers a reason to be loyal and build its digital engagement. The program is activated mostly through social media, where consumers can get points through different social tactics (tagging a specfic hashtag for example) in addition to purchase based points. All points are tracked on a user-friendly dashboard.


competitive analysis

2013 Sales: $3 Billion Distribution Method: Direct Selling Celebrity Endorser: Recent PR stunt with Conan O’Brien Marketing Mix: Print, Digital (Search, Display & Social), PR, Grassroots efforts, Word of Mouth 1.7 MM

54.6 K

38 K

38.5 K

2013 Sales: Unavilable - part of the Estee Lauder portfolio Distribution Method: Brick & Mortar stores, online retail Celebrity Endorser: Rihanna Marketing Mix: Print, Digital (Search, Display & Social), PR

6.9 MM

519 K

878 K


2013 Sales: $10 Billion Distribution Method: Direct Selling, Online Celebrity Endorser: Irina Shayk Marketing Mix: TV, Print, Digital (Search, Display & Social), PR, Grassroots efforts

8.6 MM

74.1 K

25 K

11.4 K

2013 Sales: Unavilable - part of the P&G portfolio Distribution Method: Traditional retail, online retail Celebrity Endorser: Katy Perry, Pink, Queen Latifah Marketing Mix: TV, Print, Digital (Search, Display & Social) , PR

4.8 MM

376 K

182 K

21.6 K

The brands in Mary Kay®’s competitive set all have strengths to be considered when planning how to gain market share. Avon has triple Mary Kay®’s revenue and has diversified its brand by adding new lines like Anew and Mark. Avon has opened up its buying process to online ordering without needing to go through a direct seller. M.A.C. is the “it” brand among the target demographic. It has extremely high levels of engagement, especially dominant in Instagram - the fastest growing social network among the target. Covergirl is the most affordable option and price is key to this target. Covergirl also uses multiple celebrity endorsers, increasing its chance of appealing to consumers with a favorite celebrity.


competitive analysis

consumer trends

Consumers are looking for

Multifunctional (hybrid) make-up products that allow more benefits while saving both time and money.

Eco-friendly brands that tout natural ingredients.

Nail color products - bright colors, textures, and new application methods.

Less is more.


consumer trends

Consumers are



Engaging with brands via social media, positively impacting buying behavior.

Wanting to be able to buy on the spot - conveniently and impulsively.

Looking to social media for product releases and updates, particularly video and image based content.


primary research

Objectives 1. Determine target market (18-25 year old women) attitudes toward the Mary Kay® brand. 2. Determine beauty product purchasing habits of target market. 3. Determine target market attitudes toward other beauty brands.

Methodology Survey

HARK created a survey and distributed it online via social media. A total of 112 usable responses were collected and analyzed.

In-Depth Interview Print Review

HARK reviewed three Mary Kay® print catalogs (Summer 2013, Winter 2013, Spring 2014), and promotional pamphlets.

Media Review


HARK interviewed a Mary Kay® Independent Beauty Consultant active in Pinellas County, Florida.

HARK reviewed Mary Kay®’s corporate website, Facebook and Twitter activity. An Independent Beauty Consultant’s Mary Kay website and e-mail templates were also reviewed.

primary research

Survey Results

55% prefer to purchase makeup products in a department or drug store

34% prefer to purchase makeup products at a specialty store 7% prefer to purchase makeup products online

2% prefer to purchase makeup products from a consultant at 67%, word of mouth is the largest influencer when making a purchasing decision

39% are influenced by magazine or newspaper ads 24% are influenced by social media


primary research

Survey Results Consumers that rated the following brands as MOST likely to buy Mary Kay








Cover Girl


Bare Essentials


What words come to mind when you think of Mary Kay?

What words come to mind when you think of Bare Essentials?

“mature” “expensive” “boring”


“dull” “traditional”


“popular” “natural” “good quality” “trustworthy”

primary research

Survey Results Frequency of beauty product purchases by target market

52% feel “very” or “somewhat” confident in their make-up skills 32% are “very” or “somewhat” interested in being shown how to apply

their makeup

29% wouldn’t mind a refresher on make-up application techniques


primary research

Survey Results Most important product feature for target market SPF Brand Anti-aging


Color selection Price Blemish coverage Most important type of beauty product

#1 Skin Care #2 Makeup #3 Hair care


11% 17% 20% 22% 24%

target analysis

Key Demographics

mean age is 25

32% are in a relationship

81% work full time 44% make less than $65,000 a year Beauty Habits

69% wear makeup daily

39% spend $50-$150 annually on beauty products

63% describe their beauty style as “natural�


swot analysis



Customer loyalty • Quality products • Customer Service • Name recognition • History of social responsibility • Strong brand identity/POV: empowering women

Older demographic • Negative impression among target • Small share among target: most buying other brands • Buying process can be inconvenient



Open to new products • Promoting the service aspect • Word of mouth from loyalists • Plenty of share to steal from competitors

Well-established “younger” brands • Risk of multilevel marketing: hard to control so many individuals & streamline messaging • Negative press around pyramid scheme • Saturated industry

key takeaways from research

Maintain Quality Word of mouth focus Expertise in Skin Care

Strengthen Perception as instructors Value for money Credit for social responsibilty

Build/Expand Younger product line Social Media presence Cool factor

Mary Kay has strengths that it has not leveraged. Survey research showed that 32% of women would be interested in some instruction on makeup application. Many of the Independent Beauty Consultants are well-versed or certified in makeup, but this is not something heavily promoted or well-known.

Nothing in the research suggested that Mary Kay utilizies customer data in order to tailer the consumer experience. Mary Kay may be behind its competitors in amount of data since most of its transactions are face-to-face and its digital presence is lacking.

Primary research showed that there is very little demand for Mary Kay in the target segment.The brand is not seen as young, cool or trendy, and it would be difficult to change the consumers’ mindset without a complete brand refresh.


Goal, Objectives, Strategies

Business Goal Introduce a new affiliate brand to increase market share among female consumers ages 18-25 and generate new revenue.

Marketing Objectives 1. Drive engagement for the brand. 2. Generate buzz and excitement around new product line. 3. Generate new sales withing target demographic.

Marketing Strategy

Support marketing objectives with promotional tactics that inspire product trial and brand engagement.


Introducing bold

Positioning Statement “Setting the trend in innovative and affordable beauty products that empower women to feel bold.”

bold is

bold is NOT









socially conscious


Product Lines

Why bold?

Repackage existing Mary Kay @ Play skin care, makeup, and nail polish product lines.

Rebranding Mary Kay @ Play creates distance from current consumer impressions including “mature” and “basic” while allowing the company to maintain the successful direct sales model that Mary Kay has perfected.

Expand skin care product line to include a moisturizer with SPF. Expand nail polish product line to include 10 colors. Promotional efforts in the first year of launching will highlight skin care, nail polish, lipstick, and eye shadow.

Additional national, regional, and local marketing campaigns will strengthen the brand through its launch year.


Introducing bold

Promotional Tools E-mail and Personal Website Beauty Stylists are provided with a company e-mail and personal website with customizable templates to promote special offerings, new products, and beauty tips. Company provides proposed e-mail schedule and best practice tips.

Introducing bold

Promotional Tools USB Business Cards USB business cards hold introductory catalog with evergreen product line information.

Product Samples


Beauty Stylists receive an assortment of free product samples monthly for promotion. Stylists can purchase additional samples. ois

turizer SPF 3


bold bold




media strategy

Key Media Implications Digital presence is a priority. The brand needs to raise awareness and be seen on platforms relevent to the target. Pay particular attention to mobile.

The target identified “color� as one of their purchase influencing attributes. Use print to illustrate the products’ vibrancy.

TV ads may be too fleeting to explain the bold sales process clearly. Consider integrations for reach.

Media Objective Convince young women that bold is the brand for them.

Media Strategy

Introduce the new bold product line by placing it in a cool, hip media that resonate with the target audience and that they trust.

media flowchart


Creative Strategy

Creative Objective Showcase bold’s attributes in a way that will appeal to young women.

Creative Strategy Position bold as the new “it” brand with compelling content and graphic advertising.

Marketing Communications Overview

K g $700 recruitin s e l a & s tS Direc s sample e d Inclu

Advertising will communicate the bold benefits most directly. It will support each quarterly PR stunt. Miscellaneous $34 K PR will raise awareness of the brand and keep consumers looking for what’s coming next.

PR $2.2 MM Includes stunts & talent

Direct Sales will provide opportunity for relationship building with consumers. Advertising $7 MM. Includes media spend + CRM


Sales Promotions will be solely at the local level and at the Beauty Stylists’ discretion. With the amount of new news, sales promotions should not be necessary this year.

PR Strategy

Public Relations Objective Create buzz around the brand and keep consumers talking.

Public Relations Strategy Create awareness through promotional stunts that inspires interactivity and crosses lines between beauty and being socially conscious.

Public Relations Tactics


The premiere of bold will happen on 2/14/2015. To launch in a big way, bold will give away 50,000 makeovers. This will create buzz and will introduce the new bold Beauty Stylists.


To introduce the new nail polish line, bold will commission local artists in major cities to create a mural painted only with nail polish.


In the heart of the summer, bold will surprise vacationers with beach/pool parties complete with moisturizing sunscreen stations. bold will partner with a national beverage company, such as William Grant, for a signature cocktail.


bold holds the inaugural Power Lipstick Half Marathon, which will become a yearly event. bold teams will provide the lipsticks and proceeds will go to charity.


quarter one promotion

Q1 - Promotion Campaign Objective Launch bold into the 18-25 demographic and introduce the new Beauty Stylists.

Marketing Strategies 1. Create brand buzz with a national PR stunt 2. Utilize a high viewership TV event to promote bold with celebrity talent

Tactics 1. Sponsor a pre-show concert at the Grammy’s hosted by Joseph Gordon Levitt. JGL will

introduce a #BoldDay promotion for young women who are bold in their own way to enter to win a makeover and pamper themselves through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Due to the timing around Valentine’s Day, JGL will also encourage men to enter to win a surprise #BoldDay for their deserving women.

2. On February 14, 2015, 50,000 Beauty Stylists will surprise the #BoldDay winners. Camera crews will follow some particularly deserving winners.

3. Content from #BoldDay will be shared on all social platforms. 4. 50,000 new Beauty Stylists will make connections with the winners and give out business cards with product information.


quarter one creative


#boldDay chrislucj my girl deservers a #BoldDay for being amazing every day

I need a #BoldDay after working overtime all week!

quarter two promotion

Q2 - Promotion Campaign Objective Introduce new My City nail polish collection.

Marketing Strategies 1. Increase social media engagement within target demographic. 2. Collaborate with local artists to inspire interactivity and cross lines between make-up and art.

Tactics 1. Commission nail polish murals by local artists in NYC, Las Vegas, Austin, Miami and Washington D.C.

2. Hire street teams to hand out sample product at each mural location. 3. Drive engagement through use of hashtags for each location #boldmuralNYC, #boldmuralLV, #boldmuralAustin, #boldmuralMiami, #boldmuralDC

4. Post daily update videos and photos via Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. 5. Invite users to share their stories about their city and what makes it bold for chance to win a My City nail polish collection set.

6. Push creative through e-mail, digital ads, a full page 4-color print ad in Cosmopolitan


and Seventeen Magazine.

quarter two creative

Q2 - Creative Creative


quarter three promotion

Q3 - Promotion Campaign Objective Showcase the Skin Care products in a way that catches the target’s attention

Marketing Strategies 1. Create brand buzz with a national PR stunt 2. Focus on grassroots marketing for extended dialogue Tactics 1.To promote bold’s skin care and sunscreen product lines, bold Beauty Stylists will visit

local beaches, community pools and outdoor areas and offer free samples of bold’s sun screens and skin care.

2. Beauty Stylist street teams will also work with local amusement parks, water parks and other recreational outdoor places to distribute free sunscreen samples to help protect their visitors from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

3. bold will hold parties at select beaches and partner with a national beverage company to provide a signature drink.

4. “Own your skin,” a play off bold’s slogan “Own it,” will be promoted through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


5. Push creative through e-mail, digital ads, a full page 4-color print ad in Cosmopolitan and Seventeen Magazine.

quarter three creative


turizer SPF 3 0



we’ve got you covered

own your skin

quarter four promotion

Q4 - Promotion Campaign Objective Drive sales of the new Power Lipsticks with strong, empowering messaging

Marketing Strategies 1. Create brand buzz with a national PR stunt 2. Promote Power Lipsticks while getting credit for a good cause Tactics 1.To promote bold’s Power Lipsticks, the inaugural bold Power Lip Run Marathon will kick off Q4.

2. Fans will get to vote via social media for which city gets to host the marathon. 3. bold Beauty Stylists will give out Power Lipstick samples for the runners to wear. 4. The race will be covered on Social platforms and bold will randomly choose 1,000 runners to sponsor.


quarter four creative

Add Some Power to Your Pout


lips are running your way soon. Check out #PowerLipRun for more details.

Ddrect sales strategy

Direct Sales Objective

Direct Sales Strategy Incite trial with product samples at events relevent to the target and on-brand for bold and attract new consultants within the key demographic with age-appropriate incentives.


Drive sales and product trial while building relationships with consumers that will inspire loyalty.

Quarter 4 - Determination

Quarter 3 - Lustful

Quarter 2 - Original- Quarter 1 - Beauty Preliminary

bold beauty stylist calendar

Nov Recruitment at local colleges Dec

Recruitment at football and basketball games to attain new consultants for the bold brand


Combine forces with gyms such as LA Fitness and the bold street team can sponsor work out classes to promote looking good and feeling good


Promote bold to singles at a ladies’ karaoke night, nail salons, and host a speed dating event

Mar Partner with Victoria’s Secret to gain new consumers before Spring Break Apr

Advertise bold services to do make-up application for weddings at wedding expos

Advertise bold services to do make-up application for college graduates during May lunch at colleges Jun

Promote a bold movie date night by giving away movie tickets


Promote bold services at vintage/handmade fairs and 4th of July festivals by having a game/promotional table


Partner with H&M clothing store to promote boldand donate money to help single families with their school supplies


Promote bold with a promotional table at colleges’ and universities’ “weeks of welcome,” perform facials and recruit


Work with local hospitals to bring cheer to breast cancer patients; everything pink

Promote a bold half-marathon for women to raise money to pay for girls to go Nov to college


Final conference for bold consultants and give a vacation away to the consultant with the most sales


bold beauty stylist initiatives - quarter one Combine forces with gyms such as LA Fitness and the bold street team can sponsor work out classes to promote looking good and feeling good!



It’s a tough month for singles, so bold will hold a ladies’ karaoke night, a spa pedicure day for a few lucky local consumers, and a speed dating event for those single women.



We will combine forces with Victoria’s Secret for March so we can target the college spring breakers by promoting our new bold line at local stores nationwide.

bold beauty stylist initiatives - quarter two

By promoting our wedding services at wedding expos, and by word of mouth and print advertisements, bold will earn new customers to expand on the wedding make-up services



For the month of May we are celebrating all college graduates. Our local beauty stylists will set up tables at the various local college lunches and will complete facials for the female graduates so that we can promote our make-up services for their big day !


June springs off the summer for everyone and bold wants to help those summer romances by sponsoring a date night in the local park. The bold street teams will have tables set up with the new bold products and will also raffle off a date night package a few lucky couples.


bold beauty stylist initiatives - quarter three JULY Beauty Stylists will set up a table at local craft fairs and 4th of July festivals to show new and current customers our new bold brand and original products.

AUGUST Just in time for school, bold will partner with H&M to donate to girls’ scholarship funds.

SEPTEMBER During “Weeks of Welcome” at many colleges, Beauty Stylists will promote being Beauty Stylists with bold. They will also promote the new bold brand while giving make-up tips to the females on local campuses.


bold beauty stylist initiatives - quarter four





Our biggest supporters have been our breast cancer patients. bold will work with breast cancer patients and survivors to provide facials and make-up application services. A third of our sales this month will go towards breast cancer research.


Many women aspire to complete a 5K , half-marathons, marathons, and other healthy lifestyle goals. bold will sponsor local half-marathons all over the country. The funds produced from each of the half-marathons will go towards girls striving to go to college.



It has been an amazing year for bold and what better way to celebrate the new bold brand than holding a huge conference with the nationwide Beauty Stylists. The top three Beauty Stylists who reached the highest sales will receive a vacation getaway for themselves and a guest. At this conference we will elaborate on the next year’s goals and aspirations.


marketing budget


methodology for measuring success

success will be measured by following these steps: • Each Beauty Stylist will track sales from marketing efforts to determine effectiveness. This will be done by monitoring sales made on-site at events and by asking clients where they heard of bold or how they were referred to the Beauty Stylist. • Beauty Stylists will report monthly on sales made through marketing efforts to Mary Kay®. Mary Kay® will then use the information to determine future marketing efforts and adjust quarterly promotions based on the reports. These adjustments can be made according to region or overall efforts depending on whether efforts seemed more successful in particular regions or nationwide. • Mary Kay® will monitor recruiting efforts to determine if Beauty Stylists in the preferred demographic are coming on board. These measures will be made according region as well as specific recruiting tactics. • Social media and website traffic will be monitored to ensure growth. This will be measured by website page views and unique users, social media engagement, Facebook likes, Twitter and Instagram followers, and Pinterest pins and followers. • Success will be determined by a quarter-over-quarter growth rate of 10% in sales and 5% in recruitment.


style guide Logo


type color C0 M 68 Y 41 K0 outline color C 100 M 90 Y 10 K 36

Own it.

Unacceptable Uses



Do not shrink more than 2x normal size

Do not invert colors


Outline must be proportionate to logo size

Copy Specs


The bold girl knows what wants. Copy - Georgia. 12 pt. Regular or Bold.

Emphasis copy - Accidental Presidency. 22 pt. Regular only.

Copy Tone

The bold voice should always sound strong. The bold voice should be perceived as young, fun, cool and unique. The voice should not sound judgemental, boring or matronly.


references!/MACcosmetics!/covergirl!/Avon!/MaryKay Adweek Vol. LV #12 pg. 15 “Data Points - End of the Affair” Moses, Lucia. 3/24/14. aspx?entid=499 Mary Kay NSAC Case Study Mary Kay Celebrates 50th Anniversary, PR Newswire Mary Kay Sold Beautifully, Investors Business Daily Mary Kay® Products Hold More Than 800 Patents for Innovative Products, Technologies and Packaging Design, Business Wire Mary Kay Inc. Turns up the Volume with Launch of New Color Product Line Designed for Young Women, Business Wire Survey -


interview with mary kay beauty consultant Interview with Kimberly Bland, Mary Kay’s Independent Beauty Consultant on April 5, 2014: Q: A:

How do you connect with each consumer? Making people laugh and sharing stories with every customer.

Q: Do you have a certain way of persuading a consumer to buy a product? A: Consultants typically have a lot of the main products for the consumer to try. If a consumer does buy a product and isn’t happy, they can return it at any time. Mary Kay has 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy and keeps their customers loyal. Q: A:

Do you use Mary Kay products? Consultants are trained and use all of the products they sell and typically has their own set of products they use on a daily basis. It’s difficult to sell products they don’t like and believe in, however consultants all believe in the Mary Kay products.

Q: A:

What made you get involved in Mary Kay? Everyone in my family was involved in Mary Kay and convinced me to join as a consultant.

Q: A:

How often does the same customer buy Mary Kay products from you? In a typical situation, a customers will buy new Mary Kay products every three months from their beauty consultant.

Q: A:

When did the buying online kick off? Mary Kay launched their online buying in the 1980s.

Q: A:

Do you compare the pricing structures between each region? Each consultant has the ability to change the pricing that they charge their customers. For example, a consultant gets 50% of commission on products but if they give the costumer a 20% discount on the products they buy, the consultant’s commission is reduced.


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