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1. In word place the following concepts a. What´s hardware software b. What´s an operative system and what types of O.S exist? c. Define *imput devices *output devices *sotorage devices d. Send the document to the email given e. Create an account on issuu and publish the document sending an email with the link to the teacher (Give 4 examples per option and put some images of them) Subject: Exercise 1 10°a

Answer 1. A. HARDWARE The term hardware refers to all tangible parts of a computer system, its components are: electrical, electronic, electromechanical and mechanical Set of components that make up the physical part of a computer

SOFTWARE It is known as the logical software equipment or software of a computer system, comprising all the necessary software components that enable specific tasks, as opposed to the physical components are called hardware. B. OPERATIVE SYSTEM An Operating System (OS) is the basic software of a computer that provides an interface between other computer programs, hardware devices and the user.

*Single-tasking *Multitask *Single User *Multiuser C. Input devices *Keyboard *Mouse *Scanner *Webcam

Output devices *monitor *headphones *speaker *printer

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