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2013 Nicolas Cevallos Manuela Quiroga JosĂŠ Ignacio Vasconez Alfonso Laso Andrea Barba

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Overpopulation in Our World

Overpopulation is a very serious global issue. Is the main cause of the problems is the world because we as humans ruin everything for our needs and supplies for a living. There are some breaking news of overpopulation and some ways to prevent it from growing to preserve the planet. The planet doesn’t have enough natural resources to sustain us and each time the natural supplies that we gather for our living are running out. We consume 50% more resources that the earth can afford. There is 6 billion people living in the world right now and we can hardly feed most. Half of the world is suffering from hunger and it’s all because of overpopulation. Most hungry people live in Africa, Asia and Latin America which are the poorest countries in the world. Thomas Malthus the English Cleric reasoned that human population is increasing at an enormous rate and the fabrication and gather of food and goods is decreasing. That is exactly what is happening and men are trying to find new sources to gather food. Another problem that we as humans suffer is the lack of education in undeveloped countries that suffer from scarce resources because of the overwhelmed population. Women are not well educated in this regions which causes the over reproduction of humans that will suffer from hunger because this places deteriorate from food and goods shortages. After numerous years of facing this problem US founded a maternal health program which teaches women, so they could be aware that they don’t have the goods needed to sustain a family of twelve or more children and to prevent undeveloped cities to grow more their population. In parts of china women are forced to abort their children because of their one-child policy to maintain the population in a stable average in order to sustain their country and their needs. In India there is an overwhelming population there is over 2.6 billion people in India and to stabilize its population India needs to hit 2.1 billion people. So the government pays to the nationalists of India if they don’t have kids so their populations will decrease. China also plans in sterilizing 10,000 people in southern China but there is a campaign against this petition and they are fighting to stop it. The population could grow so much that it could get to 9 billion people by 2050 and the world will be “unrecognizable” because of the scarcity of resources and the needed of water and food.

The fresh supplies of water will not be infinite; there are more people in the world which means that the water is finishing quickest. In the poor countries where there is more people for feeding and for drinking, a lot of people don’t have access


to water and they die of famine. The underground water (the fossil water) is finishing for the most needed, like some African countries and some countries in which persons lives there. In Asia and China people walk almost 7 kilometers for search for water. Also the pollution is a problem because it damages the earth and then the glaciers and mountains decreases because the ice and the snow reduce. Because of overpopulation many persons have to cut trees and then the nature is gone, we breathe a very contaminated air because of the pollution and we don’t care. Some people are cutting down because lots of people need space to live. Also we are building islands for carry more people and for the space of others. Because of the reduction of rain falls people don’t have money because their crops and animals are dying because they don’t have anything to eat. In 2000 the population of the world grew ten times from the population in 1700. In 1935 there was an estimation of two billion people in the world, know days there are more than 7 million people in the world. Scientist explains and argues between each other that in 2050 there will be 9 million people. In the last 85 years the population of the earth had grown from 2 billion to 7 billion people because a lot of no developing counties have many children’s and the children’s need food. The environmentalist had chosen the best solution of the problem that is to have 1 or two children’s maximum per person, also use preservatives for the not having children, injections and also pills for not having any children. There are many other solutions in the entire world, and environmentalist continues investigating.



Overpopulation Use of Technology to Prevent over Population, Ways to prevent it and Opinion of the Church

Overpopulation is a problem that many people think it already happening and others think this is a problem that would happen in many years more. Technology is a very important thing we can use to prevent over population in many ways. In this year’s many things have been created and developed for the prevention of overpopulation, things that are used for control the birth of kids that weren’t in a person plans. Technology had helped us, humans; develop things like the condoms and the sterilization of men and women. By the use of these things we can prevent overpopulation but not having kids that we don’t want and making the world not full of people. In order to do this here are some things we can do to prevent overpopulation; we can give a better education in order so they can understand what is the responsibility of having a children and that they don’t need to have too many children, also we need to make people understand and made them use condoms in order to prevent pregnancies and for this to be done the condoms need to be better with no failure and made with better technology, we need to make campaigns and speeches about teaching people that they only need to have the amount of kids they can maintain. If we can do this things, make people use condoms, do sterilization and specially make them understand and teach them the responsibility that means having a kid, all that you need to do and pay, our world for sure will never have an overpopulation problem. Another thing I’m going to talk about in this article is the opinion of the Church about overpopulation and the ways we are creating in order to stop or prevent overpopulation. First of all the Church things overpopulation is a total myth and our world doesn’t suffer from that. Also the Church says that by wanting to stop and prevent overpopulation makes people want and promotes homosexuality, because some people believe that in order to stop having kids and prevent overpopulation they become homosexuals. Another thing the Church thinks overpopulation promotes is abort, this because some people don’t want to have kids but when they get pregnant they abort and in a way they are trying to stop overpopulation.


An opinion for this issue: Over Population Overpopulation is a very important issue in the world because the more persons the world has, the biggest the problem, contamination we do and the more quick the earth destroys. Each year a lot of persons had been born. At the same tame a lot of persons buy cars and they drive them all day. Because of this we made deforestation, then a lot of species are dying and we are the principal destructors. I think this is a huge problem for humanity because the less forests and water we have in the earth, the less we are going to survive and that’s very difficult to remake it. A lot of people in the poorest countries each mother has an estimation 4 children. That’s a very bad idea because that children’s will soon die because in their country there are not many6 water and sometimes they don’t eat for a week. This can make eliminate by just having from 1 to 2 children’s per mother, use preservatives, pills, vaccines etc. Another problem is that a lot of species die because of the deforestation. This is a problem because of the cycle of life. There is over hunting and also a lot of overfishing that makes very difficult to make simple life for other species and we found a lot of dead fishes in the beach because of this. I think that this can be solved by fishing just the necessary thing and hunt just the necessary. Over population is also dangerous because we are damaging de cape of ozone. Because of this, all the water is finishing and we would not have more. The petroleum is another source that we need for a lot of things. We live in a world that we need petroleum; for the car, the plane, for making a bottle. Without food we do not have food and without food we die. A lot of people throw away water. They let the water run when they brush their teeth. When they are taking a bath they do not close the water. That water goes to the ocean and knows is trash; that’s terrible of the humans, so we need to conserve more and waste less. A lot of people throw trash to the ocean. Then a lot of fishes die because of the overcrowded countries that need a lot of food for a living. It is clear that the best solution for this problem is that we should create educational programs for women suffering of poverty in order to reduce overpopulation.



Statistical Article In 1995 there were around 3 billion people in the entire earth and right now there are around 7,186,636,252, meaning that the population has increased more than half in the last 18 years and the number keeps increasing in size. Overpopulation in the world is becoming a big issue in many ways. The overpopulation has increased in a 20% in the last 15 years. China is the most overpopulated country in the entire world. In 1992 it had 1,324,655,000 people and now days it has around 1,384,694,199. Population has increased a lot so in some parts of china they can´t have more than one kid because there’s not space to fit all the population. China is 19.1% of world´s population. The next country is India that has almost the same amount like China 1,210,193,422. More than half people who live in India are poor and with so many people India can’t feed them all. Also India is not a big country like China and it has a lot of people living in it. After India the most populated country in the world is the United States of America with 309,975,000 people living now a day in it. The U.S had 100 million people in 1999, meaning that it has grown three times what it was in a period of 15 years. That is a very large growth in population.

This graph shows us the databases from the United Nations. In the next 90 years if the population has a low variant of fertility it would decrease. If it has a medium variant of fertility we would increase and by 2100 we would be around 9.1 billion people in the world. And finally if we had a high variant of fertility we would increase and double our population by 2100 we would have 14,000 people living in earth.


Overpopulation Historical article Overpopulation have going more bigly all the years. Like2.3 billion of people suffer of disease. In the 75 countries from all the religions 2.1 children’s born per a women or less people. In 1804, 1 billion of people go to Earth making not too much, but then the overpopulation was going bigger and more dangers. In 1927, 2 billion of people, and then it was passing short time the overpopulation happen, then in 1959, 3 billons of people, that was a lot and the overpopulation go bigger and bigger almost less than 15 years the population go up In 1974, 4 billon of people. But it don’t stop and in 1986, 5 billon of people that was a high number of person in so last the year 1987 87.01 of people was in the Earth and that was too much for just one year. It was dangerous and bad for all the people but the overpopulation didn’t stop growing and in 1999, there were 6 billon people which were a lot. On the 2000 many people went to Earth making a very bad amount on people, in the 2000 it was 60.1 millions of people and then in 2013 there was 2.3 million of people that’s was a lot of people in just one Earth. What will be the overpopulation in passing some years, it can get better or not? if the people relies that overpopulation is danger for us also for the world. But not the scientists think that it will go bigger and bigger passing years. In 2020 they think that the amount of overpopulation on the world will be like 6.64 billion of people, making that just a lot of overpopulation, In the 2025 just many people like 2.8 billion but this don’t end in this year they think that 2029 be like 9.4 to 8.3 billion of people were will be added to the world In this crazy amount of people that all the years go bigger and bigger, and don’t stop at all. We all know that the world have a very serious problem with the overpopulation in the world, each year like billions of people go to the world and make many problems with that. The world is going bigger and bigger each year or passing years. The year that more people go to the world is going to be in 2029 with a number approximate to 9.4 to 8.3 billon of people because in 2029 the overpopulation will be worse because in that year many improved thing will come to Earth.



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