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Francesca Trani, LLP Leonardo da Vinci NA – Isfol Lorenza Venturi, LLP Comenius, Erasmus, Grundtvig, Study Visits NA – Indire

Florence, 6-10 May 2011 Five days of events covering the institutional, economic, academic, didactic and cultural areas, in dozens of different venues, to paint the whole city of Florence in blue

Institutional framework From an idea of – and coordinated by the European

University Institute

With the active participation of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Italian Ministry for European Affairs. In collaboration with the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the major local institutions such as Tuscany Regional Council, Florence provincial and city councils, the regional Board of Education, Florence University and the Chamber of Commerce and the Italian

Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) Agency.

At the very heart of Florence and of the Festival in the Piazza Signoria:

Youth on the Move Tent animated by the LLP & YiA NA in agreement with the European Commission

LLP & YiANas seized this great

opportunity of visibility A five-day programme from 10 to 8 pm, every hour Project presentations, testimonials, exchange of experiences and ideas

The LLP people at the centre of this “piazza�: the protagonists of successful experiences and the public be they invited, passers-by or tourists - had the opportunity to to meet and to discuss. A balanced mixture of serious debate and entertainement

YOUT H on t he M o A t the F Oppor ve com estiva tunitie es to I l d’Eu s and taly r opa i prosp n Flor ects fo ence r Euro pean y oung peop


People from Florence, from the surrounding region and from all over Italy took part in the Festival, estimated presence on the YoM tent 20.000 people + significant media coverage

Stroll into literacy Reading event with Commissioner

Androulla Vassiliou Pupils of various ages and from various schools were invited to read together with the Commissioner texts by Dante, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Galileo Galilei, Dickens, Stendhal and others… With Italian actor Davide Riondino To encourage

young poeple to read and to love reading Part of the “promotion of literacy campaign”, because 1 out of 5 young Europeans cannot read properly

Follow up From the reading event an E-Book for primary and secondary school pupils • in HTML5 • where the text becomes alive thanks to images, video, sounds, narrating voices (from FDE) • For Smartphones and tablets

Follow up A blog on our website on the promotion of literacy: Leggere, capire, essere responsabili, engendering a discussion among our users (mainly teachers) on the best strategies to encourage young people to read more

On line gallery The documentation of all events with videos, fotogalleries, presentations, media coverage etc, is available on our website at:

Follow up: the Video


Video Objectives and Features Dissemination of the Launch results to other target groups

Enhancement of the effectiveness of the event’s “open-space” approach Modularity and flexibility of navigation


Video Availability • LLP Web site: (Leonardo area)

• DVD 16

Presentazione LLP e YiA al Meeting OF Communication officers Bruxelles 2011  

Infoday 2011