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W h e r e t e c h n o l o g y a n d f u n c t i o n a l i t y

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b e a u t y

After 30 years of experience Laghetto has created the overflow pool Bluespring. This pool incorporates the latest and most advanced technological developments, coupled with the classical beauty of Italian architecture. P u r e n e s s

o f

f o r m

In the overflow system, water overflows from the upper edge of the pool and disappears into the perimeter channel giving the appearance of a vanishing edge set in a stone surround. A

c l e a n

p o o l

The overflow system is the most effective filtering system. Independent of wind direction, floating debris is carried, by the constant flow of the water, into the perimeter channel. Once the debris and water have entered the pool’s perimeter channel, it quickly enters the filtration system for removal.

ACCESSORIES › Internal or external Roman ladder › Olympic model stainless steel ladder › Vacuum cleaner › Automatic salt chlorination system PVC grid

› Sand filtering system

Classic stone

Old stone

(available in different tones)

(also available in mixed sizes for pool patios)

› Winter cover LINER COLOURS › Thermal floating pool cover › Rolling slatted cover White

› White LED spots

Light blue

› Coloured LED spots › Complete range of chemicals

Sand beige

Pool mosaic

› Double jet counter current swimming system › Heat pump › Spa corner › Multichannel remote control for LED spots, swimming counter current, spa

Light grey

Dark blue

Agrisilos Srl reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice or obligation. The products shown in this brochure are for private use only. Every public or commercial use has to be authorized by Agrisilos SRL who accepts no responsibility for safety, filtration and water purity. The owner must observe their own strict guidelines in the country where they are installed.


TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS › Bluespring is constructed of a rigid supporting steel structure

with adjustable feet, assuring a perfect overflow even if there is some ground settlement.

› Bluespring can be installed on virtually any site. It can be

in-ground, partially in-ground, above-ground and even installed on a terraced or sloping site.

› There is a cavity between the pool wall and the outer wall

S u p p o r t in g s t r u ct u re

Re in f o rce d co n cre t e ba s e

Ov e r flo win g ch a n n e l

Gro u n d

giving excellent insulation and energy conservation.

› The cavity between the two side walls, under the overflow


channel, can be easily inspected, allowing the additional

Bluespring’s perimeter overflow channel feature also serves as the

installation of new accessories at a later date (ie. Counter

pool’s balance tank. Where many pool recirculation systems requi-

current swimming, spots…)

re a balance tank that is located away from the pool, using significant amounts of space and adding additional expense, Bluespring incorporates the balance tank into the overflow system. The overflow channel can be also inspected without empting it.

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