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Everytime the street style is stronger than that of the runways. Now the models are ordinary people of all ages, sizes and styles. New trends prevail in the street, the new colors and textures are everywhere, not only in a red carpet with really skinny girls. .

Tyra, you're a model, so always follow all fashions, it is very difficult to always change your looks? - no, not that hard because usually I don´t choose what to wear, I have people expert in the subject to decide what to wear every day, so I'm always up to date.

and if you want something more comfortable, what do you do? - I always have people to dress me but that does not mean I always do, if I do not want to wear what they ask, I don´t wear it.

do you buy many clothes? not to much, designer always give me clothes so I almost never buy them.

Well Tyra, thank you very much for the interview.

street fashion  

... fashion of the streer

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