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Repurposed Materials for Jewelry Making

By: Andrea Fertgus

Bottle Caps Details: ● ● ● ●

Measuring 8" in length using acculon beading wire. Hand drilled holes into sides of caps. Purple glass beads between caps. The back sides of caps are filled with a purple pigmented acrylic polymer to add some weight to the bracelet. Fastens with a toggle clasp.

Referenced from TheOtherAli

Plastic Bottle Pieces

Details: â—? â—? â—?

Made from recycled plastic from shampoo bottles. Cut into small pieces and smoothed along the corners. Each piece has a whole in the center for stringing. Referenced from DekoProjects

Craft Paper

Details: â—? â—?

The paper beads are rolled from finished craft paper. They are attached to oxidized sterling silver ear wires. A moisture-resistant sealant is applied to the paper beads to add moisture protection to the craft paper. Referenced from HippieKingdom

Pop Tabs

Details: â—? â—?

Pop tabs woven together by ribbon. The ends are just tied together with the extra ribbon.

Referenced from MoKeKuMiLei

Typewriter Keys

Details: â—? â—?

Made from antique typewriter keys. The keys are mounted on gunmetal colored earring settings. Referenced from Tanith

Guitar String & Sheet Music

Details: â—? â—?

Beads are made from hand rolled sheet music and coiled guitar string. Beads are on steel wire and strung on galvanized steel wire for the cuff. Referenced from Tanith

PC Circuit Board Details: ● ● ● ●

Pieces made from circuit board of an old PC. Each piece is cut and smoothed. A clear matte finish is applied for protection. Links are made from weathered brass rings with a brass lobster claw catch.

Referenced from GroovyGarbage

Bicycle Tire

Details: â—?

Hand cut out of inner tubes of a bicycle tire.

Referenced from meganrosepedals


Details: â—?

Made from decorative sterling silver dinnerware. Referenced from dankartistry

Vinyl Record Details: â—?


The earrings are made from cut vinyl record into an abstract shape with a whole in the top to attach the earring hardware. The hooks are made of surgical steel.

Referenced from LesCreationsdAna

Paper Mache

Details: ● ● ● ●

Beads are made from recycled paper. The paper is shredded, then a pulp is created. THe bead are hand sculpted, then painted. The beads are finally spray with a water repellant, matte sealant for protection. Referenced from StudioRenee

Repurposed Materials: for Jewelry Making  

A PowerPoint of types of reusable materials that can be used to create beautiful jewelry.

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