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HANDSTANDS MEET PHYSICS Center of Attention Breakaway, Center of Attention is a physics workshop where students locate the center of mass on their own bodies through measurements and calculations. They then experiment with the principle in the context of a handstand, a physical application for leveraging center of mass.

STEP ONE Apply Stickers Stickers represent the average center of mass for various body parts. The stickers are then used as markers for subsequent calculations to find the overall center of mass for the body.

HEAD 7 pts

VALUES Estimated Trunk - 50 pts Thigh - 10 pts Lower leg and foot - 5 pts Arm and hand - 5 pts

Official Trunk – 50.80% Thigh – 9.88% Head – 7.30% Lower leg – 4.65% Upper arm – 2.7% Forearm – 1.60% Foot – 1.45% Hand – 0.66%

TRUNK 50 pts

THIGH 10 pts


5 pts

STEP TWO Measuring and Math The distance between the stickers is measured to calculate the location for the center of mass.

THE MATH Distance The largest weight distribution is between the trunk and thighs, so the center of mass should fall between those two points.

Calculate To find the exact point, the easiest analogy is to think of it as if it were a scale, and to find the balance point.

THIGHS 20 pts



TRUNK 50 pts

STEP THREE Handstands Handstands serve as a visual and physical representation for explaining center of mass.

STEP FOUR Handstand Review Students can have their photo taken on an instant camera to see their body alignment Students can decorate their photos with stickers to help illustrate mass distribution and alignment.


Handstand Stations

Handstand Practice Station Photo Decoration Station

Calculation Station

Measurement Station

Prototyping and Testing

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Center of Attention Deck  
Center of Attention Deck