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Hello! My name is André Barros, and i’m a Communication Designer, i have a degree in Design at one of the best new Universities in Europe, University of Aveiro. I’ve been working as designer since 2011. I’ve worked full time in a company named iBrandit as Creative Designer, worked in UI Design, Web and Graphic Design until May 2013. Currently working as a Freelancer, worked for companies such as events by TLC, Autodesk, Symantec, Harvard Power Group, among others. Would be a pleasure to work with you!


Here are some of my Designs for Contest in the store. Threadless is one of the biggest Shirt Stores in the Web, in the World. The Threadless community, Is made by artists and fans of Shirts, that score their favourites, so that the winner of each contest in place, haves his Design printed. My best score is Second Place in Words of Wisdom Contest (Only Dead Fish Go With the Flow).

Achievers (Symantec) 02. In collaboration with events by TLC, an international

awarded events company, based in Lisbon, i’ve done the graphic design for the event in Lisbon. Created the Voucher Cards, Confirmation Cards and Maps, for the company that creates the world famous Norton Antivirus.

Downtown Lisbon

Downtown Lisbon

by Tammy Mollai

Restaurant Map

1.1 Downtown Lisbon, Front, Back and Divider

1.2 Downtown Lisbon, Inside


This work was Designed for the client Harvard Power Group in partnership with events by TLC. The client wanted to know the Best Shopping Spots available in Oporto, so we narrowed the Map to seven spots of interest. The client loved it and so did I!


The PÊrola Online was a project of an online newspaper for the Autonomous Region of Madeira, within the Master of Journalism Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities for a friend and collaborator Miguel Pereira. It was the first of it’s kind in our borne island.

05. I’ve created the design for the health Blog of my Girlfriend. She’s a nurse working currently in Norfolk, Kings Lynn. For the tola & carola, i created the logo and notebook that was sold on the web.

01. We <3 type, was a weekly typographic work on iBrandit Facebook, it consisted

in each week the use of a different font, inserting it with the surroundings. I always been a great fan of typography, this kind of work gave me even more joy in working with types. In here i present you some of them.

microsite (Mentaur) 02.

This website was exclusively design to this event, an conference and workshops that took place in Oporto in June of 2013, with the main focus in the Asperger Syndrome. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve created all the event material, the Microsite, Social Network Publicity and Graphic Material, as Posters and Rollups.

Web Communication (whisper) 03.

Whisper was a collaboration between iBrandit and Electronics Department at Universidade de Aveiro, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a new of communication between devices, without the need of an installation on the device in use. In this project, iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been responsible for the Graphic, Web and Mobile Design.

Tv Institucional (Proef) 04.

This project was design to Eurico Ferreira, an enterprise that works in the fields of engineering infrastructures for Energy, Telecommunications and Renewables. The briefing was to create a new layout to the Corporate Tv of the company. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in use since the summer of 2013.

webplug (iBrandit) 05. The goal was to create an internal CMS, a easier one,

that the ones in the market. In iBrandit they use this as a management tool and as base for the CMS for our clients.

being energy

Logos 01 06. Here are some of the companies that i’ve done the

Branding Design. Being Energy consists in a project of FEUP, of Oporto, in Clean Energy. Paciência de Jó, was a blog about personal taste in day to day experiences. Lotação Esgotada, was a weekly post in O’Caçula restaurant Facebook page about Wines. Maria Tita, it’s a arts & crafts blog.



Logos 02 07.

Tee o’clock and possibili’tee , it’s a proposal for two Shirt Web Stores. MCS , it’s an England based caring home, and this logo was rebranding propossal. 800 kiwis, it’s about an communication project. Whisper, it’s the Web Communication platform spoke before.

Creating this website was conducted under the chair of Project IV in Design at the University of Aveiro, this project in connection with the contest Action for Age 2 Experimenta Design in which my work group participated. In the video is simulated the operation of the website being explained by narrator RuiBatista.

Está provado que o cacau tem benefícios na saúde, e a ingestão moderada de chocolate - principalmente o chocolate preto - pode regular a tensão arterial, a diabetes. Estudos revelam ainda que o cacau contém uma substância que nos faz sentir bem e favorece o bom humor. Por todas estas razões, o Sin Sin faz algumas doces sugestões, todas cobertas com… chocolate.

espaço jovem

O argumento principal do projecto parte dos conceitos da adição e orgânica, resultado da interacção de elementos complementares como componentes de um sistema em casca de noz. A linha de mobiliário é dirigida ao espaço jovem, para arrumação multimédia, estando sujeito a outros tipos de áreas de arrumação. O módulo é construído por meio de uma união das quatro faces com recurso a ripas de madeira, de modo que garanta uma primeira estabilidade e equilíbrio do trapézio quando montado. A solidez é assegurada pela fita de nylon, que ao embrulhar o módulo, exerce uma força nas placas dando consistência necessária, ideia que surge do conceito casca de noz. Com estes módulos podemos criar conjuntos entre estes, resultando em diversas composições, onde a fita do último módulo abraça o acoplado, assegurando a estabilidade do conjunto.

con ceito CASCA DE NOZ

planos que de uma maneira ou de outra se suportam mutuamente

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I'm a communication designer, licensed at the University of Aveiro in Design in 2011. Working as a designer since 2011. I've worked full tim...

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