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Server problems? Computer Problems? Virus Problems? Backup Problems? Getting Hacked? How would you know until it was too late? Our 24/7 Xtreme Managed Services will monitor all activity and alert us when anything is wrong so we can take immediate action to resolve it before it’s too late. For about the price of lunch you can get started. Server rates start at about $6.6 per day which includes your Anti-Virus protection—the total cost for one server starts at $199 per month. Workstations start at only $8 per month per station that’s a great deal and your Anti-Virus protection is included. All Data Online Backup plans start at only $9 up to 10 GB of data per month and are monitored 24/7.

Services Our Xtreme Managed Services monitors your Server and Workstations 24/7: you just let us what you want monitored

24/7 Backup monitoring: make sure your data is being backed up 24/7 Online backup: safe, secure and off-site protects your data 24/7 Anti-Virus protection: make sure you are always protected against virus attacks

Xtreme PC Solutions 825 S Main St, Red Bluff, CA 96080 530-528-1688 |

Benefits 20% Off all on-site service calls

as long as you use our Xtreme Managed Services for your Server: we want your business to get the best solutions and best prices.

Free Setup: includes on-site configuration of servers and workstations

Free on-site assessment: we check to see if our Xtreme Managed Services are right for your business

Free month for every referral: we want to reward loyal customers No Contracts: quit anytime there is no obligation Need to be HIPAA compliant? Our Xtreme Managed Services provides those requirements

Points to Ponder If your backup failed 6 months ago would you have known about it... in time before your hard drive failed? How would this affect your business? Would your business be able to recover? Would your business suffer financial loss? Would your business survive losing any data?

Using our Xtreme Managed Services your business is safe, secure and efficient

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XPCS rack card  

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