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Doc Vision Windscreen-Cleaning-Tablets The new generation of Windscreen Cleaning

Presentation for potential local distributor partners

Highly concentrated windscreen cleaner in tablet form


16 Liter of windscreen cleaner in one pack



4-fold innovation

Strong cleaning power

Easy to use

Price advantage up to 75%

Better for environment and business


Strong cleaning power Dekra* test


Cleaning power for “year-round-test-dirt“

Very good

Cleaning power for “insects dirt”


Material compatibility

* Dekra is Europe´s leading auditing company for security and quality issues


Easy to use

Easy and precise dosage: 1 tab for up to 4 liter of water Fast and complete dissolution Always ready to hand in glove box

No leakage of open containers


Better for the environment ‌

No waste disposal (PET) e.g. liquid cleaners for 57 Mio. registered cars in Germany

Reduction of CO2

1 truck with Doc Vision = 52 trucks with regular liquid cleaners


‌ better for your business

The 4-fold savings-effect:

Significant reduction of Cost of transport Storage space & Shelf space Cost of Handling Cost of waste disposal


Target groups

Retail trade

Heavy users

Private Label

Promotional article




Bulk box


Euro pallet


Article Product

Article number


Size (B/H/T) cm


Consumer packaging: 4 tabs รก 8 g

DCV 100100


9.5 x 1.0 x 8.0

42 g

Display-Tray: 20 packs in one tray

DCV 100101


10.9 x 8.5 x 23.8

880 g

carton: 20 trays

DCV 100102


56.0 x 24.5 x 35.0

18.0 kg

Euro pallet: X cartons 480 trays

DCV 100103



495 kg

Bulk carton: 100 tabs

DCV 100200


Cooperation / Task allocation GENERAL DISTRIBUTOR


Call center (sales&orders) Local sales

Depending on partner

Shipping International advertising Local distribution POS advertising

Provides materials

Placement & control of POS advertising

General advertising

Provides materials Costs

Placement & control of advertising


Please download DEKRA-certificate und security data sheet on


Frequently Asked Questions


FAQs What is the right dosing of Doc Vision? One tab is sufficient for up to 4 litre of windscreen cleaner. By reducing the amount of water, you can even increase the cleaning performance. DEKRA confirms the compatibility with all car materials also with a higher concentration. Doc Vision can be used for fan nozzles. Do I need distilled water? No. Regular tab water is sufficient. Does the tab dissolve completely? Yes. Doc Vision tabs dissolve completely and residue-free in water. Can I mix Doc Vision with anti-freeze? Yes. By mixing one Doc Vision tablet together with your anti-freeze you will significantly increase the cleaning performance. Hence you will reduce the amount of washing fluid by half for each cleaning process. This will save you up to 50 % of your cost! 15

FAQs Is Doc Vision bio-degradable? Yes. All surfactants present in Doc Vision are quickly and completely bio-degradable. Is Doc Vision compatible with all materials of the car? Yes. Doc Vision was tested by DEKRA - the leading auditing company for security and quality issues – and was awarded with the DEKRA quality seal. Doc Vision is compatible with all materials, e.g.: polycarbonate, rubber, car finishes (metallic), metal, aluminium, copper, brass, ordinary steel, iron steel and all types of synthetic materials. Do I have to pay special attention when I use Doc Vision? All types of cleaning products need special care during usage. The warning notice can be found on the consumer packaging and on for download. The security data sheet with detailed product and security information can also be downloaded at


FAQs Does DocVision need special storage conditions? No. Doc Vision is packed in an air-proof protection-foil and can be stored in the glove box of your car.

Who is producing Doc Vision? The Doc Vision production company is located in Germany and is a very experienced manufacturer of detergents, cleaners and cleaning agents. The company supplies international food retail chains (e.g. REWE, Spar, Aldi, Coop) and works with state-of-the-art production and security standards.