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Funk n Waffles

“For years Funk n’ Waffles has been a place that people come to for: great music, great food and a great time. So sit back, relax, order up a fresh waffle and enjoy the atmosphere.Get Down:Eat Up!!!” - Adam Gold______________________________________________________ • Vegan & Gluten Options • Gourmet waffles • Natural eatery • grilled sandwiches • ice cream • catering



-Open EverydaySUN - TUES : 8:30am-4:00pm WED-SAT : 8:30am-12:00am

Hours are subject to change due to evening events. _________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: 315.477.9700 Delivery: 315.454.4444

727 South Crouse Ave Suite 8 Syracuse NY, 13210

Hot Beverages Fresh Brewed Beverages Small/ Medium/ Large

1. Coffeee--------------------------1.69-1.85-1.99 2. Decaf Coffee--------------------1.69-1.85-1.99 3. Cafe’ Au Lait--------------------2.09-2.29-2.39 4. Red Eye------------------------- 2.29-2.85-2.99 5. Expresso------------------------ 1.69-1.85-2.29 6. Macchiato-----------------------1.69-1.85-2.29 7. Americano----------------------1.99-2.29-2.59 8. Cappuccino---------------------3.09-3.49-4.19 9. Latte-----------------------------3.09-3.49-4.19 10. Vanilla Latte*------------------- 3.49-3.99-4.39 11. Carmel Latte*-------------------3.40-3.99-4.19 12. Mocha*--------------------------3.49/3.99/4.19 13. White Chocolate Latte*-------- 3.99-4.39-4.89 14. Mint Mocha*--------------------3.99-4.39-4.89 15. Mocha Rose Latte*------------- 3.99-4.39-4.89 16. Nutella Latte*-------------------3.99-4.39-4.89 17. Lavendar Latte------------------3.49-3.99-4.19

Other Various Drinks:

Hot Chocolate* ----------------------1.85-2.31-2.50 (*Served with whipped cream)

Dirty Chai---------------------------- 3.99-4.49-5.29 Chai Latte-----------------------------3.49-3.99-4.79 Steamed Apple Cider-----------------1.85 Steamers-------------------------------2.35-2.49-2.89 (Steamed milk with your choice of flavor(s)


Black/Green/Herbal Premium Losse Leaf Tea---------- 1.85-1.99-2.29 Tea Au Lait-------------------------2.15-2.29-2.49 Purple Haze------------------------3.15-3.29-3.49 Earl Grey Tea Au Lait with Lavendar & Hazelnut

Any Drink can be : ICED or DECAF: Substitute w/ Soy ----- 0.50 Extra Shot ------------ 0.60 Whipped Cream----- 0.50 Add Flavor------------ 0.50


Vanilla Hazelnut Peppermint Lavendar Lychee Caramel Irish Cream Almond Rose Gingerbread Macademia Nut Pumpkin Spice Sugar Free: Hazelnut,Caramel,Vanilla

Chilled Beverages Small/ Medium/ Large Milk (Skim/2%/Whole/Soy------- 1.85-1.99-2.39 Chocolate Milk-------------------- 2.35-2.49-2.89 Orange Juice----------------------- 1.85-2.39-2.89 Grapefruit Juice--------------------1.85-2.39-2.89 Pineapple Juice -------------------- 1.85-2.39-2.89 Fruit Punch------------------------ 1.85-2.39-2.89 Lemonade-------------------------- 1.85-2.39-2.89 Iced Tea-----------------------------1.85-2.39-2.89

Bottles and Cans :

Fruit Smoothies:

(Frozen fruits, no added sugar or water.)

Small-----$3.99 Medium -$4.99 Large ---- $5.99 Choose from Various Flavors: Banana,Blueberry, Mango Pineapple,Strawberry, Peach,

Boylan’s Soda----------------- 1.99 Blue Sky Soda-----------------1.53 Coca-Cola---------------------1.53-------------1.85 San Pellegrino---------------- 1.53 Saratoga Springs--------------2.49 Red Jacket Orchards--------- 1.85 Red Bull------------------------2.49-------------3.99

Purity Ice-Cream Single Scoop-2.00wDouble Scoop-2.95 Triple Scoop-3.75/Waffle Cone- 1.00


French Vanilla Mint Chip Cinnamon Strawberry Cookies ‘n Cream Boom-berry Cookie Dough Sleepers Awake Chocolate Raspberry Truffle





-Sweet/Savory WafflesAdd NYS Pure Maple Syrup to any waffle for only 0.99! You may substitute with other batters upon request!! Great for Lunch & Dinner!

Everyday People-------------------------------$5.99 (Brussels with pure maple syrup)

Star Child---------------------------------------$5.99 (Buttermilk with strawberries & whipped Cream)


(Stuffed wit feta and spinach,topped w/ fresh smoked salmon,served with a side of sour cream.)

Smoked Gouda & Herb---------------------$6.99

Chocolate City----------------------------------$5.49

(Stuffed w/gouda & herbs, served with a side of sour cream. (Add Tuna salad: $2.00)

Earth, Wind & Fire-----------------------------$5.99

(Stuffed w/spinach and mozzarella,topped with sliced turkey)

(Chocolate-chip Buttermilk Waffle)

(Whole-wheat walnut with bananas & honey)

Tuesday Heartbreak-----------------------------$6.99 (Whole-wheat with strawberries & bananas)

Spinach:Mozzarella:Turkey Breast----------$7.49

Pulled Pork-----------------------------------$7.99 (Our pulled pork smothered Dinosaur BBQ sauce)


Crepe Expectations------------------------------$5.99

(Crispy bacon,melted brie,fresh basil served w/ a side of jam)


(A buttermilk waffle topped and 1/2 dozen breaded fried chicken wings)

Brownie Waffle Sundae--------------------------$7.49

(Bacon-stuffed waffle folded over two fried and melted cheddar)

(Buttermilk w/bananas and nutella)

(Buckwheat blueberry with strawberries & bananas) (Homemade brownie batter, 2 scoops of ice-cream, whipped cream,chocolate sauce. Serves 1-4 People )

Chicken ‘n Waffles ---------------------------$6.99

Bootsy Brucnh--------------------------------$7.99

Monte Cristo----------------------------------$7.49

Aunt Miriam’s Vegan-----------------------------$5.99

(Brussles waffle topped with baked ham,melted swiss, and an egg over easy.)

The Jersey Shore----------------------------------$6.99

Falafel Waffle----------------------------------$7.49 Half-portion---------------------------------- $4.99

(Made with organic flour, sugar, and soy milk)

(Buttermilk waffles w/two scoops of Ice Cream)

(Baked Falafel topped w/isreali salad and homemade tahini)

Buckwheat Blueberry---------------------------- $5.49

Jive Turkey-------------------------------------$7.49

Whole Grain Waffle------------------------------$6.99

(Stuffed waffle topped w/ hot turkey, garlic,mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and gravy)

(Topped with yogurt and granola)


Buttermilk/$3.99 Buckwheat/$4.50 Brownie/$4.99 Brussels/$3.99 Stuffing/$4.99 Vegan/$4.99 Whole Grain/$4.99 Whole Wheat/$4.99

Sweet Toppings/Fillings ___________________________________________ Bananas/$0.50 Caramel Sauce/$0.50 Blueberries/$1.00 White Chocolate Sauce/$0.75 Chocolate Chips/$0.50 Apple Sauce/$0.50 Honey/0.50 Yogurt/$0.75 Nutella/$1.00 Ice Cream/2 for $3.oo Pure Maple Syrup/$1.29 Strawberries/$0.75 Whipped Cream/$0.50

Savory Toppings/Fillings Local egg/$1.00 Bacon/$1.00 Ham/$2.00 Turkey/$2.00 Pulled pork/3.50 Cheese/$1.00 Spinach/$0.50

Spinach/$0.50 Tomato/$0.50 Tahini/$0.75 Sour cream/$0.50 Wings/$4.50 Mashed Potato/2.50


Sandwiches,Salads & More (Made on Local fresh baked Pastabilities Stretch Bread)


Turkey:Brie:Tomato---------------------------------------$6.99 Turkey:Mozzarella:Pesto:Tomato-------------------------$7.49 Ham & Swiss-----------------------------------------------$6.99 Pulled Pork & Mozzarella---------------------------------$7.99 Afro-Cuban------------------------------------------------$8.49 (Pulled pork,ham,swiss,sliced pickle,mustard) Marinated Chicken Breast with Pesto,Tomato,& Feta----$7.49 Ham:Cheddar and Tomato-------------------------------- $6.99 Grilled Cheese---------------------------------------------- $4.99 (Gouda,mozzarella,cheddar,swiss,American cheeses)


Grilled Chicken Quesadilla--$6.99 Roasted Veggie Quesadilla---$6.99 Grilled Chicken Tacos--------$6.99 Tortilla Chips and Salsa------ $3.99

Soups & Salads Homemade Soup of the Day--$4.50 (Ask about soup selection) House Salad w/ Homemade Dressing-$5.99 Fruit Salad-------------------------------- $3.99 (ADD yogurt & granola-$1.00)


Egg & Cheese Sandwhich -$3.99 Choose: Mozzarella Tomato Basil------------------------------------$5.99 Cheddar,smoked,gouda,swiss,brie,mozzarella,American,Feta,Vegan Mozzarella

Roasted Veggie with Spinach.Cheddar---------------------$6.99

Hueveos Rancheros-$5.99 Two eggs layered between flour Tuna Melt-----------------------------------------------------$6.99 tortillas,melted cheese, salsa and chipotle mayo Pear & Brie---------------------------------------------------$5.99

Extras: Tomato-$0.50/Whole Pickle-$1.00/Bacon-$1.00/ Spinach-$0.50/Mayo & Mustard- No Cost,Chipotle Mayo $0.25/Pesto-$0.25,Dinosaur BBQ Sauce-$0.25


2 Eggs with Toast-$3.99 Fried or scrambled eggs with your choice

Tomato-free/Spinach-$.50/Extra egg-$1.00/Bacon-$1.00/Pork Sausage-$1.00/Organic turkey sausage-$1.50/Veggie Sausage-$1.75/Baked ham/turkey-$1.00/Pesto-$.25/ Chipotle Mayo-$.25/Dinosaur BBQ Sauce-$.25

Funkin Waffles Menu Publication  

A menu I re-created for a local Syracuse restaurant .