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Rocket/ Peroxide Propulsion vehicles not permitted. All Exhibition Vehicles must conform with ANDRA General Regulations and Drivers/ Riders must hold a current ANDRA Unlimited Licence, refer ANDRA Racing Credentials, Unlimited Licence (UDL). Nitromethane based fuels or additives are permitted (refer Protective Clothing). Cars in this section must generally meet Altered Class Regulations (refer Competition, Altered) with the exception of the engine used, engine location, driver location and rollcage, which must conform to Dragster or Funny Car regulations. All new Exhibition Vehicles must first satisfy the Stewards on General Regulations and design through a series of observed private runs before being permitted to run in public. Where jet engines are used, reports on their condition, fitting and associated controls may be requested from recognised civil or military aviation authorities. Any person considering construction of any jet powered vehicle must submit their detailed design to ANDRA for consideration and possible approval prior to construction. Guidelines and Regulations in relation to Jet Powered Dragsters and Funny Cars are obtainable in the ANDRA Supplementary Rulebook. ALL Exhibition classes that run Supercharged, Turbocharged, Nitrous Oxide, Nitromethane applications require Group 2 UDL Licence. All exhibition vehicle Drivers/ Riders will be required to have an ANDRA Licence of a level to a similar ANDRA race vehicle class. Exhibition vehicles will require Technical Inspection and Logbook to be eligible to run at any ANDRA sanctioned event. Regulations for the following vehicles can be found in the ANDRA Supplementary Rulebook: • Jet Powered Dragster, Funny Car & Trucks • Junior Drag Bike • HAMBsters • Factory Xtreme • Nostalgia Top Fuel • Outlaw Nitro Funny Car • Outlaw Nitro Doorslammer/ Fuel Coupe • Extreme Outlaw • Extreme Motorcycle • Electric Powered Vehicles • Burnout Vehicles

2.13.3 AFFILIATED ORGANISATIONS ANDRA will recognise; ANFA (Australian Nostalgia Fuel Association - APSA (Australian Pro Street Association - and HRDA (Heritage Drag Race Association) as affiliated organisations. These organisations organise and regulate rules specific to their own categories and events. These rules have been formulated to compliment ANDRA rules where possible, however in every instance the ANDRA rules will take precedence when racing is conducted at an ANDRA sanctioned event.




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2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL  

2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL