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2.12.3 SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT SPORTSMAN SERIES SIGNAGE Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series signage is compulsory on both sides of all vehicles wishing to participate in any round of the series. Failure to display such signage (during Eliminations Rounds) may result in exclusion from participation at the event or no allocation of event points. Correct placement of signage is detailed in the following image, no other placements will be deemed acceptable unless otherwise approved by the ANDRA General Manager.

2.12.4 OTHER BRACKET SPONSORS Should a bracket receive a national sponsor, which is other than Summit Racing Equipment, the placement of sponsor decals must adhere to the Summit Racing Equipment decal placement regulation.

2.13  NON CHAMPIONSHIP COMPETITION 2.13.1 ET BRACKETS INDIVIDUALLY NOMINATED - (DYO) HANDICAPS; For cars or motorcycles that cannot be classified into a Group 2, 3, or 4 class but wish to contest ET based “dial your own” brackets, such as Quick ET, Super ET, Street ET, Bike ET or Real Street. ANDRA Group 3 procedures apply and all requirements relevant to the type of vehicle used are applicable. Special brackets or classes not specifically provided for in these rules may be organised with the prior approval of ANDRA and written advice to all participants.

2.13.2 EXHIBITION VEHICLES All Exhibition Vehicles will be required to meet the necessary minimum requirements of a level to a similar ANDRA race vehicle class as determined by ANDRA Technical. Vehicles built for this section are strictly for exhibition purposes only and will not compete in normal Bracket or Class Eliminations. They may compete in special match races, with the exception of Wheelstanders which must do solo runs, unless it can be proved to the satisfaction of the ANDRA Stewards that the vehicles involved in paired runs can run straight.

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2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL  

2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL