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1. ADMINISTRATION 1.1  INTRODUCTION FROM ANDRA TECHNICAL Hello to all existing and new ANDRA competitors. The 2019/ 2020 ANDRA Rulebook is split into four main sections;

1. Administration

2. Competitor Information

3. Class Regulations

4. General Regulations

This Rulebook (and its supporting supplementary documents*) serves as the only source of correct information when it comes to ANDRA Drag Racing, so please take some time to read the General Regulations as well as the Class Regulations that may apply to you and your particular vehicle. With other sources of information, such as third party websites and forums, as well as competitor and product social media sites please note that some of these external sites may have misleading, out of date or incorrect information contained within. So, in the first instance, please contact myself via email on or phone on (08) 8271 5355 if you have any questions or are seeking clarification for any particular ruling/s. *The ANDRA Rulebook is complimented by three other documents, all of which are available at The Supplementary Rulebook - This document details Class Regulations of Exhibition Classes and non-Championship Classes. The ANDRA Welded Rollcage Specification. The ANDRA Removable Rollcage Specification. Throughout the year/ season ANDRA may determine it necessary to amend rules as well as provide better clarity of other rules by modifying the wordage used. All changes will be clearly communicated and published through the ANDRA website and the ANDRA Technical Facebook page. All changes applied in this 2019/ 2020 Rulebook are clearly highlighted with yellow text. The changes include rule submissions and clarifications to existing rules as well as the presentation of new information. Throughout this Rulebook the use of the words “should”, “may” and “can” relate to recommendations. The words “must”, “will” and “shall” relate to requirements that are mandatory and need to be adhered to. As this Rulebook is a technical document, it may be difficult to fully understand some of its content and intent. Therefore, if any drivers, riders, crew, members or other persons have questions regarding the content of this Rulebook or question the intent of any requirement, then please do not hesitate to contact myself. I look forward to seeing you all out at the track! Scott Halfyard - ANDRA Technical Officer. (AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL DRAG RACING ASSOCIATION LIMITED holds the delegated authority from CAMS and FIA for Championship Drag Racing in Australia).




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2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL  

2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL