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4.14.5 HELMET BARS All Dragsters, Hot Rods, Modified Roadsters and Altereds in any class are required to have a retaining loop/ helmet guard of 3/4 inch x 1/8 inch (19 mm x 3 mm) Steel strap or 3/4 inch x .058 inch (19 mm x 1.5 mm) minimum round tube fitted between rollcage uprights. Helmet bars are designed to prevent the bars from spreading in the event of a rollover, the additional bars also prevent a helmet from protruding through any gap in the rollover hoops. Non-compliant vehicles will be logged and will be required to rectify non-compliance prior to the next event.


HELMET GUARD 4.14.6 HEAD PROTECTOR In any car where a roll bar or cage is installed, a padded head protector must be provided at the back of the driver’s helmet, and constructed to prevent whiplash. Roll bars or cages must be padded wherever the driver’s helmet may make contact. Refer Chassis, Roll Bar Padding


Additional padding mounted on flat stock and fastened to the rollcage on both sides of the driver’s helmet is mandatory in all cars faster than 225 mph. Padding must be securely mounted and include a flame-retardant covering. Padding meeting SFI 45.2 recommended. Vehicles with FIA or SFI rated seats with a built in “halo” are exempt from this regulation.

4.14.8 CHASSIS STRESS Any vehicle having stress that is concentrated at a central point on the frame/ chassis by the location of engine mounts, roll bars, roll bar braces or rear-end assembly is required to have a reinforcing gusset or brace to distribute stress over at least 3 feet (910 mm) to relieve critical stress build up or frame/ chassis fatigue at such points of component intersection.


Where the driver's helmet can make contact with roll bars or cages, padding meeting SFI 45.1 or FIA 8857-2001 must be fitted. All areas where the helmet may contact roll bars must be protected with padding and suitably fastened to the tubing to prevent it from slipping or detaching. If cable ties are used they must be regularly checked to ensure they have not deteriorated and remain fit for purpose.


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2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL