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4.9.3 AUTO TRANS SHIFTERS All vehicles using an automotive based automatic transmission, with a torque convertor, must be equipped with a positive reverse lockout, and a neutral start switch. In vehicles where a remote starter motor is used, the vehicle must not be able to be started with the transmission in a forward or reverse gear. The use of a transmission brake is acceptable on startup, however, the transmission must have operating pressure within it for effective operation.

4.9.4 CLUTCH Cast Iron pressure plates or excessively machined units of any material are not permitted. All cars except those fitted with a torque converter must be fitted with a foot operated clutch. Except where allowed by Class Regulations, all lock-up clutch setups may have a maximum of a 6 finger clutch. Where a Crowerglide clutch is used it must have an over centre neutral position that is foot operated, no other option is acceptable.

4.9.5 FRONT RETAINER LOOP Tailshaft Loops are highly recommended for all vehicles. Where no chassis or crossmember passes under the vicinity of front universal joint the following cars require a front universal joint retainer; •

Cars with OEM or part-OEM floors or fabricated Steel full floors using Supercharged, Turbocharged or Nitrous Oxide engines.

All modified vehicles.

All vehicles with non-original engines.

All competition vehicles with rear wheel drive, capable of Elapsed Times quicker than 13.00 seconds 1/4 mile, using open Driveshafts.

Rear wheel drive vehicles with fabricated floors (full chassis type Sedans).

For these vehicles the specification of the retainer loop is; •

360 degrees of enclosure.

3.0 mm (1/8 inch) minimum thickness Steel, 50 mm (2 inches) wide.

Or •

360 degrees of enclosure.

22 mm (7/8 inch) OD x 1.6 mm (1/16 inch) thick welded Steel tubing.

The front retainer loop must be securely mounted and located within 152 mm (6 inches) rear of the front universal joint. It is recommended that the loop be circular. Cars fitted with a two-piece Driveshaft require a loop only at the transmission end when the Driveshaft comes complete with securely mounted centre bearing.

4.9.6 REAR RETAINER LOOP Rear wheel drive vehicles with fabricated floors (full chassis type Sedans), with a terminal speed of 180 mph or greater also require a securely mounted rear retainer loop of the following specification; •

360 degrees of enclosure.

22 mm (7/8 inch) OD x 1.6 mm (1/16 inch) thick Steel tubing.

The rear retainer loop may be part of, or integrated into, the rear of the chassis or differential mounted cage. Vehicles with a Carbon Fibre Driveshaft are exempt from this requirement.

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2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL