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â—Š NOTE: Except where permitted by Class Regulations, any competitor found to be employing reactive traction systems or devices by any means will be subject to a twelve (12) month suspension and a fine of $15,000. Class Description; Top Fuel are nitro methane burning, Supercharged Dragsters. At ANDRA Championship events Nitro Funny Car and Top Fuel are combined into Nitro Eliminator to be run Heads Up on a Pro-Tree. Class Details; Weightbreaks; Minimum weight at conclusion of run 1043.26 kg (2300 lbs), including driver. Apart from the following items, relevant requirements of the Dragster classes and the General Racing Regulations apply. Class Regulations; Airfoils/ Wings: Rear wing supports must comply with SFI 2.3H. Strut mounting points may not be forward of engine plate. Distance from main to secondary mounting points must be a minimum of 760 mm (30 inches). No part of the wing or supports may attach to any engine, Bellhousing or transmission components. Any adjustment or movement during a run prohibited. All fitments must be welded or bolted. Bellypan: Engine oil retention pans are required on all Top Fuel and Funny Car vehicles. Pan may be constructed from .05 inch (1.3 mm) Aluminium or .04 inch (1.0 mm) Carbon Fibre/ Kevlar, and must extend forward a minimum of 1 inch (25 mm) from the front face of the Supercharger pulley, and no further rearward than the crossmember under the drive pinion flange. The pan may be no wider than the outside edge of the lower frame rails and must extend to the top of the upper frame rails. The pan must either be a one-piece design, or constructed in such a way that the unit is sealed to retain oil. Bulkheads (lips) must be a minimum of 4 inches (100 mm) high to contain oil during acceleration and deceleration, with the front bulkhead a minimum of 1 inch (25 mm) forward of the lower Supercharger pulley and the rear bulkhead behind the rear of the Bellhousing. Bulkheads should be formed in such a way that they contain the oil within their confines. Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes of a minimum 280 mm (11 inch) diameter required on rear wheels. May be hand or foot operated. Clutch: Multi-Stage/ Lock-Up clutches permitted. Refer Drivetrain, Clutch. Engine Management: Refer Electrical. Engine: Automobile type engine required. Any location, one engine maximum. Limited to capacity of 500 cubic inches using a 90 degree V8 configuration. Refer Engine. Flywheel Shield/ Bellhousing: Required. Refer Drivetrain, Flywheel. Frame/ Chassis: Frames built after 1996 must meet SFI 2.3H specs. Those built prior to 1996 must meet SFI 2.3G as a minimum.

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2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL  

2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL