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Brakes: Front wheel must be fitted with two hydraulic disc brakes with a minimum disc diameter of 250 mm (10 inches) and a minimum thickness of 4 mm (.157 inch). Rear wheel must be fitted with one hydraulic disc brake with a minimum disc diameter of 250 mm (10 inches) and a minimum thickness of 4.75 mm (.187 inch). All callipers must have pistons acting on both sides of the disc. 2, 4, or 6 piston callipers are permitted. Suspension: All forks must have some form of shock dampening and rebound absorption. Front suspension must have minimum fork tube diameter of 34 mm, where telescopic forks are used, along with a brace between the two fork sliders, with a minimum thickness of 7.87 mm (.309 inch) Aluminium or 4.75 mm (.187 inch) Steel. Maximum steering angle is limited to 12 degrees each side of straight ahead. A steering damper is required however it must not act as a steering stop. Rear suspension optional. Wheelie Bars: Wheelie Bars are required, upon testing they must be capable of supporting the weight of the bike with the rider in position. Wheels/ Tyres: Front wheel must be between 406 mm (16 inches) and 457 mm (18 inches) diameter, with a minimum nominal section width of 75 mm (3 inches). Rear tyre must be specifically manufactured for Drag Racing. Dual rear wheel bead locks or a minimum of six bead fixing screws per side required. Tube type or tubeless tyres permitted. Night Lighting: Required. Parachute: Parachute/ s are permitted. A parachute specifically designed for Drag Racing, produced by a recognised manufacturer of such equipment, purpose built for motorcycle use. Clothing: The wearing of club “colours� in conjunction with leathers or otherwise is expressly forbidden. Refer Protective Clothing. Self Starting: Self Starting Required. Push starts are prohibited. Refer Support Group, Self Starting. Licence Requirements: Endorsed GOL as a minimum. Refer ANDRA Racing Credentials, Group One Licence (GOL). Technical Inspection: Required.

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2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL  

2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL