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Driveline: May be modified or fabricated to suit altered units. Drivelines passing the driver’s body must be enclosed in 3.0 mm (1/8 inch) Steel plate or 1.27 mm (.050 inch) CM4130 as a minimum, securely mounted to the frame or frame structure. Minimum length 305 mm (12 inches). Refer Drivetrain. Rear Axle: Any rear axle permitted. Narrowing permitted. Outside of rear tyres must be no more than 152 mm (6 inches) inside rear guards. Spools permitted. Four wheel drive not permitted. Refer Drivetrain, Rear Axle. Transmission: Any transmission permitted using a maximum of five forward speeds. All vehicles must have reverse gear. Automated timer type, pneumatic, electric, electronic, hydraulic shifting mechanisms are prohibited. Each individual shift being controlled manually by the driver. Input shaft data logging permitted with wiring via Bellhousing only. Brakes: Four wheel hydraulic brakes required as a minimum. All brake lines must be protected in Flywheel and Driveline area. Steering: Automotive type steering located in conventional front location required. Rack and pinion steering, properly mounted, is permitted.

Electronically controlled, hydraulic or pneumatic shocks and/or struts are permitted, provided all adjustment settings/ changes are pre-set before the run. Only one, three-wire shielded cable connection, is permitted from the top of the shock/ strut to the shock/ strut controller. Electrical connections of any other kind to or from the shock/ strut prohibited. Shock/ strut travel sensors permitted, but may ONLY be connected to the vehicle data recorder. Shock/ strut control boxes that have connections for travel sensors must have the pin removed from the connector. Connection to serial port on control box prohibited once car reaches the ready line. All wiring must be visible and easily traceable for Officials for inspections. Control boxes must be ANDRA approved. Approved boxes are the “old” Koni, the “Koni/MSD”, “Koni/Ness” and the “Koni/ JBRC”. Bottom of shock/ strut may have a maximum of 3 air lines connected to an air bottle. Delay Devices: Not permitted. Driver Position: Driver may be no closer than 559 mm (22 inches) to rear axle centreline, measured from the point at which the shoulder harness passes through the backrest. Left or right hand drive permitted. Night Lighting: Required. Parachute: Required. Self Starting: Required. Push starts not permitted. Licence Requirement: Endorsed GOL as a minimum. Refer ANDRA Racing Credentials, Group One Licence (GOL). Technical Inspection: Required.


Suspension: Full automotive production type systems must be used and be equipped with at least one operative hydraulic shock absorber per wheel. Fabricated units permitted, however excessive lightening of stock components is prohibited. Active suspension of any kind prohibited. Any ability to make on track setting/ rate changes based on “real time” data or input from any source, including the shock/ strut itself (i.e. magnetically charged fluid) is prohibited.


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2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL  

2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL