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Airfoils/ Wings: Single fixed rear airfoils are permitted on Supercharged/ Turbocharged/ Nitrous Oxide Sedans and derivatives. The airfoil must be securely mounted, and may be no wider than the widest part of the vehicle body. No part of the airfoil may extend past the widest part of the vehicle body, be higher than the highest point of the roof or extend more than 6 inches (152 mm) behind the rear most part of the body, not including bumpers or parachute packs. Maximum surface area, including all non vertical surfaces of structure, of 5484 cm² (850 sq inch) Adjustment or movement of any aerodynamic device during a run is prohibited. One spill plate permitted on each side to a maximum of 774 cm² (120 sq inch). Body: Any compact Sedan, derivative or light Utility (Ute) vehicle that has not been produced with an engine of more than 6 cylinders permitted. OEM body shell must be retained. Spare wheel well removal permitted; replacement material must be same gauge Steel as OEM floor material. Minimum of two (2) functional doors. Modifications altering the contour of the body are not permitted, with the exception of the rear arches, which may be extended a maximum of 2 inches (50 mm). Original grille must be retained, but may be covered from behind to prevent air from passing through. Removable panels may be replaced with exact replicas in fibreglass or composite but one-piece bonnet/ guard assemblies are prohibited. OEM glass may be replaced with Polycarbonate or other shatterproof material, minimum thickness 3.0 mm (1/8 inch).

Floor: OEM floor pan required. The transmission tunnel may be removable forward of the front Tailshaft universal joint where the original contour is maintained. The section must be no larger than required to give 50 mm (2 inches) clearance to either side and the top of the transmission, when viewed from above the transmission tunnel (linkages not included). Minor clearancing of floor behind rear axle permitted for exhaust clearance. The notching of OEM floor pans is only permitted for suspension clearance. Rear floor (boot section) may be cut to permit rear shock absorber mounting points that protrude through the rear floor. Spoilers: Factory fitted aerodynamic devices for the body used, fitted in the original location are acceptable. Fabricated rear spoilers to be no longer than 355 mm (14 inches), measured from the body line to spoiler transition point to the tip and must not be moulded into rear deck lid. Must be painted to match paint scheme. Must be no lower than horizontal. Maximum overall height of spill plates 100 mm (4 inches), attached so that a maximum of 50 mm (2 inches) extends above the top of the spoiler. Roof mounted spoilers prohibited. Any adjustment or movement during a run prohibited. Refer Definitions, “Spoiler”. Ignition: Any ignition system permitted. Computer: Vehicle management systems prohibited. Electronic fuel injection permitted. Refer “Computer”. Data Recorder: Permitted. Refer Electrical, Computer, Data Logging/ Recording. Tow Vehicles: Only permitted where use of a parachute is required; return to scales under its own power. Refer Support Vehicles, Tender Vehicles. Licence Requirement: Group 2 UDL as a minimum. Technical Inspection: Required.


Firewall: OEM firewall mandatory. Minimum clearancing of firewall permitted for exhaust and engine accessory clearance.


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2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL  

2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL