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Endorse ANDRA Licences and Logbooks as required.

g. Issue Divisional Drag Racing Licences to casual entrants, where required. h. Confirm the class eligibility of vehicles. i.

Conduct fuel and weight testing of vehicles.


Observe and report on infringements of rules.

k. Conduct reporting for record setting purposes.

1.3.11 MEETING DIRECTOR The Meeting Director at any event is responsible for the conduct of the entire meeting and has authority over all Officials under their jurisdiction. The Meeting Director has a standing obligation at all times to consider the recommendations of ANDRA Officials and must be prepared to fully justify refusal of any ANDRA Official recommendation. The Meeting Director, either of his or her own volition or through action upon the recommendation of an ANDRA Steward, shall have the authority to exclude an organisation, vehicle or competitor from further participation in an event. In any instance of blatant disregard of safety by a Meeting Director (e.g. wet track, lack of required personnel and equipment, obstacles on track, etc.) the two senior ANDRA Officials present at the event may override the Meeting Director and order the cessation of racing until the track is considered suitable for racing.

1.3.12 ACCIDENTS All accidents or incidents involving bodily injury or race vehicle damage must be reported immediately to the Chief Steward and the Meeting Director. The Chief Steward or an appointed agent, must record details of all structural damage to the vehicle/s in the ANDRA Logbook and complete a detailed incident report which must be forwarded to the ANDRA Head Office. ◊ NOTE: An ANDRA Steward may impound any vehicle or part thereof involved in any incident at an ANDRA Drag Racing event. The vehicle may take no further part in any competition until the damage is rectified to the satisfaction of the ANDRA Stewards. These will only be released after the Steward/s are satisfied that an adequate inspection has taken place. ANDRA Stewards as the result of an incident may remove the Technical Inspection sticker and make an entry in the Logbook requiring the vehicle to be reinspected prior to any further competition. ◊ NOTE: ANDRA reserves the right to render unusable, any racing harness, helmet and other personal protective equipment considered to have incurred excessive load, heat or measure as a result of an incident. In the event of a significant accident the Steward is within their rights to remove the specification tags from the helmet or harness or seize either for further investigation. ◊ NOTE: Any competitor with a substantial injury as the result of an accident/ incident must provide a Medical Clearance before resuming competition. ◊ NOTE: ANDRA reserves the right to conduct breath or illicit substance testing on a competitor involved in an on-track incident/ accident.


e. Assist the public, the Promoter, Competitors and Track Officials whenever possible.


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2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL  

2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL