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If an ANDRA Member claims that there is any ambiguity in these regulations, they shall present their claim in writing to ANDRA Technical, who shall investigate the claim. No claim shall be presented during the running of any event or during the five (5) day period preceding any ANDRA Championship event. Any claim proving a requirement for a change to the rules will be subject to the minimum 28 days of notice before the rule change becomes effective, unless the rule change is for immediate action. Full ANDRA Rulebook to be applicable for enforcement at events holding an ANDRA Permit Level of Pro AM or higher (these being National Championship, Regional Championship, National Open and Pro AM). Only ANDRA General Regulations related to risk mitigation are to be enforced at events lower than Pro AM level; class and procedural regulations as required. ANDRA Rulebook minimum requirements to be applicable for enforcement at events holding an ANDRA Permit Level of Bracket A or below; Class Regulations and General Regulations to be applied at the discretion of the Meeting Director.

1.3.9 EVENT HIERARCHY (ORDER OF AUTHORITY) The following table is an order of authority (highest being number 1), when Qualifying or Racing is underway, considering all are present during an ANDRA event. Some roles have jurisdiction only to their relevant tasks and may not make judgments on non-related matters, if these situations arise the next person in the hierarchy will take on the responsibility. Order of Authority



Meeting Director




Chief Steward


Group 1 Liaison/ Steward


ANDRA Steward or Group 2 National Classifier


Division Director


ANDRA General Manager or ANDRA Technical Officer


Track Manager or Event Promoter

1.3.10 ANDRA STEWARDS ANDRA Stewards are present at most events. The operations and responsibilities are covered in the ANDRA Stewards Standing Orders document. When in attendance at an event, the relevant Division Director has authority over Stewards’ interpretations of rules, regardless of the Division Director being a competitor at that event. The Stewards’ functions at ANDRA events are to; a. Observe the event and report on it to ANDRA, with a copy to the promoter. b. Advise all participants on ANDRA policy, rules and procedures, or give an interim interpretation for that event if subject is not covered. c. Arbitrate in any disputes and deliver a finding, on the facts available, to the Meeting Director. d. Receive and investigate all formal protests and deliver a finding on the spot if possible to the Meeting Director for action.

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2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL  

2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook_FINAL