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Creative Kids Academy is a program with a holistic approach to child development with a difference, created by the experienced psychotherapist and psychologist Andrada- Ioana Tache.

Children aged 3 to 12 can come and take part in artistic and cognitive activities such as drama, arts and crafts and much, much more to build confidence, personality, intelligence and self-esteem.

The program focuses on children learning through play, and includes fun months of make-believe, roleplay and stretching imagination, all psychologically tailored for your child’s age. We also include activities like acting games, mime, creative dance, puppets, mask making, painting, voice and communication skills.

This years Creative Kids Academy will run weekly Monday - Friday starting September. Each module includes a total of 18 hours of work divided in 4 sessions per month. The speaking language will be English.

Program offerings: an initial evaluation and a final Progress Planner Report for each child, tax free.

1st. Module - "Theatre and Improvisation"

Lights, cameras, action! Your children will be engaged in activities that will motivate and stimulate their creative desires.

The goal is to develop creativity, spontaneity and expression skills, and to show children that everyone is a star, no matter how small the role. We also promote teamwork and socialization in a group setting.

Concentrating on the technical aspects of drama, singing and dancing, little actors will have the opportunity to build confidence while learning how to work as a cohesive unit.

Each session will culminate with a production by the campers showing their incredible talents and getting to know their "inner heroes".

Duration: 3 months (1h.30/week) FEE: 200 lei/month

2nd. Module - “The Expressive Mind and Body. KIDS’ Coaching "

How can kids learn to deal with their emotions so they can better communicate with each other and, so, develop their personalities in relation to others?

What are the steps to being a creative communicator?

Our purpose is to create a playground where kids can discover each other and learn to express themselves in various ways.

This program promotes human development and positive socialization in a group setting.

Duration: 3 months (1h.30/week) FEE: 200 lei/month

3rd. Module - "Dance & Movement. Spontaneity�

"The body and mind are inseparable". Movement reflects personality, and has a symbolic function and as such can reveal unconcious processes.

Movement improvisation allows the child to discover himself and learn by experiencing new situations.

Through the unity of the body, mind, and spirit, movement and dance provides a sense of wholeness to all individuals.

Our purposes are to improve social skills, emotional intelligence and spontaneity through a deeper sense of selfawareness.

Duration: 3 months (1h.30/week) FEE: 200 lei/month

SPECIAL REQUESTS On special request, we can organize a Modul a month earlier than scheduled. Let us know if you need more information and we'll be in contact. APPLY NOW!

Creative Kids Academy  

Program de dezvoltare personala si optimizare comportamentala in grup pentru copii