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Finding your way around

to sit on the latter is entitled to a discount). I hope it still works like that. The interior was said to have appeared in a dream to co-founder János Kurucz, a journalist and travel freak. The other founder, Ferenc Pogány, is a biologist who also had never worked in the tourism business before. They simply wanted to provide better services than the ones they had received on their travels. Discover the basement as well, complete with a video lounge and a café. Vista also has other smaller locations throughout the city. (Travel agency: VI. Andrássy út 1., at the corner of Paulay Ede utca, Café: VI. Paulay Ede utca 9., See Walk Four.

The Budapest Card

Finding your way around


• Streetwise Budapest This is a quite ingenious, folded, lami­­ nated map which gives a telltale overview of the inner parts of the city. You can order it online for a little less than 8 dollars (28 Church Street, Harvard Square, MA 02138, T: +1 (617) 497-6277). Map for a Young Couple from Ukraine on Honeymoon, Who are Staying with Relatives in the Outskirts • The Map of Budapest A Hungarian-made map showing the whole city with the districts in different colours, which is sometimes helpful even to a foreign visitor. All tram and bus routes are indicated. There is a full index. It includes a very well-designed inset map of the centre (Cartographia Publishers, 1: 20000 and 1: 35 000).

This two or three-day pass offers unlimited travel on public transportation, entry to many museums, and substantial discounts on sightseeing, baths, restaurants and a plethora of other things that make Budapest special. The date of purchase is stamped when the card is issued, and you have to sign it the way you do a credit card. Having it makes life more comfortable and getting around easier. You can buy it at travel agencies, metro stations, museums and other places.

Map for the Business Traveller Who Wants to Find New Premises for His/Her Central European Headquarters • The Atlas of Budapest A large-format, spiral-bound book, cove­ ring 96 settlements in the immediate vicinity of Budapest. The scale is 1:20 000, and 1:10 000 for the inner city parts. It has street numbers and it indicates one-way streets. There is a comprehensive portrayal of cemeteries and pre-fab housing estates and an easy to use, quite large print, full index. It weighs 730 grams and is almost A4 format (Cartographia Publishers).

Four kinds of Maps

Map for an Architecture Freak Who Wants to Visit Every Single Address in the “For Serious Addicts” Part of This Book • Cartographia’s Budapest Sold in a transparent plastic folder, this is basically a locally edited version of the Falk map, simply printed as a traditional flat map (i.e. you cannot leaf through it). A separate section details the metro system. There is a full index on the back. Landmark buildings are in primitive, but useful, 3-D drawings.

In hotels and travel agencies you are given a miniature onepage map, which is highly unsatisfactory for the serious traveller. The Budapest Citymap for Tourists, which is published by Budapest Transport Ltd. (BKV), is useful and is available from ticket vendors in the larger metro stations. But the ideal map depends on why you are here and what you need. The Best Map for the One-Weekend Conference Tourist Who Wants to Get Away for a Short While • Budapest: the inner part (Budapest belső területe) Inside the unattractive, ever changing cover, there is a very practical, easy-touse map. The back shows the inner city areas in such detail that even the numbers of the buildings are indicated at corners of the streets. There is a comprehensive street index for both sides of the map (Cartographia Publishers, 1:7500).

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SOME GREAT Map Shops Földgömb- és Térképbolt (Globe and Map Shop) Near the Arany János utca metro stop, don’t expect a vast, London or New York style selection here. This small, but recently enlarged shop has a helpful staff and interesting awkwardly-coloured wall maps for schools. (VI. Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 37., T: 312-6001, open Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

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András Török's Budapest: A Critical Guide  

The Celebrated Insider's Guide, upgraded many times, probably the deepest and funnieast and truest portrait of any major European city. With...

András Török's Budapest: A Critical Guide  

The Celebrated Insider's Guide, upgraded many times, probably the deepest and funnieast and truest portrait of any major European city. With...

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