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Andrássy út and Városliget

Andrássy út and Városliget


Ballet Institute, whose students were on the move, in and out, at all times of the day. Soon you might find a five-star hotel here, which would be a fitting function for such a building. Café Művész (Művész kávéház) VI. Andrássy út 29., open daily 9 a.m. to midnight. ••• For decades this old-fashioned institution guarded the concept of the café lifestyle. It has become very touristy especially since Page in 1995 when it lost its great cuswalk 4 ang lately, 2006/11/22 17:40 146 tomer and patron, Iván Mándy, who was a writer of classic short stories. 146 WALK FOUR

Paulay Ede utca

Andrássy út ANDRÁSSY ÚT


Divatcsarnok Department Store

Divatcsarnok Department Store Lotz Hall

days. (The library is open only on weekdays.) Look at the little cherub with the old-fashioned camera at the right side of the ground floor and the “six muses of photography” on the third floor, above the grand balconies of the Andrássy út is cut in half by Nagymező utca, which used to be an old library. (When in the library, ask to be let out on one of them.) A great buildmarket-place. Theshows section Nagymező left of ing with interesting andofevents all the utca time to – athe reason in Andrássy itself to út istonicknamed “theNext Broadway of Pest”. It may has visit three return Budapest again. time you are here, you thetheatres, planned a café in the former cabaret.Rouge) They plan call good it Café Mai Manó and or Cafe nightclub (the Moulin and to some restaurants cafés. Negative. It is temporarily used by the nearby theatre, with frequent visiting The short section to the right has two theatres, an exhibition hall and productions by the innovative Krétakör Theatre (“Chalk Circle Theatre”).

a little “green house” (an old public bathroom).

The Statue of Géza Hofi, Actor This part of Nagymezô utca

was redesigned in a controversial way in 2002. Many people from the neighMai Manó House 26G VI. Nagymező utca 20., www.maimano bourhood, plus the art folks in the “Pest Broadway” think it was, open Monday p.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday gence on the part of to theFriday designer2 (Péter Török, 2002), and hatedand the Sunday never11operating a.m. to pool 7 p.m. closed on weekends) ••• The building that(library ate up a substantial part of the new car-free zone… The statue thatoperates was erected 2004, on the contrary, is generally liked, it makes that now asinthe Hungarian House of Photography was the passersby remember the eccentric stand-up comedian Géza Hofi built in 1894 for Manó Mai, the imperial and royal court pho(1936–2002), in front of the Microscope Theatre he used to be the star of. He tographer (1855-1917) worked lived here. Photography was a unique improviser,who a crusader of theand underdogs, who struggled himwas a craft of high prestige, this building is oneone oftothe self then from underdog working-class statusand to stardom, from a tolerated a favoured one, in dictatorship andsunlit libertystudio alike. Thecomplexes statue tries tothat express few purpose-built, elegant, have

survived and is still used for photography purposes. It has had an adventurous life since Manó Mai died: it has been a cabaret and it was later owned by the Budapest Automobile Club. It was renovated between 1996 and 1999 and re-designed by Tibor Szántó and Kálmán Újszászy. It opened to the public in 1999 as a photography gallery with three exhibition spaces, a photography bookshop and a specialized library. Notice the little cherub with the old-fashioned camera on the right side of the ground floor. Also look for the “six muses of photography” on the third floor above the library’s grand balconies. In the library, ask for the balcony doors to be opened. The building is famous for another reason: Cabaret Arizona operated here between 1931 and 1944. The space still exists in a nondescript and neglected form. It is used by the nearby Thalia Theatre and is called “Thalia Old Studio”. The management of the photography house dreams about taking over the former Arizona Cabaret space and converting it to a museum and café of its own.



Divatcsarnok Department Store – Lotz Hall

his double character, his light and dark side (by Géza Stremeny).

Divatcsarnok Department Store 26I VI. Andrássy út 29. This seven-storey building, built for the old Parisian Department Store, opened its doors in 1911. Before that there had been a casino on the site. The architect succeeded in persuading the owners to preserve the large ballroom, which is now called “Lotz terem” (Lotz Hall) and can be seen at the back of the departPARK_Budapest_belivek_v065.indd ment store between220-221 the first and the second floors. Sales and Christmas toy

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The Celebrated Insider's Guide, upgraded many times, probably the deepest and funnieast and truest portrait of any major European city. With...

András Török's Budapest: A Critical Guide  

The Celebrated Insider's Guide, upgraded many times, probably the deepest and funnieast and truest portrait of any major European city. With...

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