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The recent closing of Knolla’s Pizza on East 21st street has resulted in many surprised and confused customers. “I got a letter in the mail and none of my coworkers really knew anything,” former employee Charlie Abbott said. The owner of this franchise is Wink Hartman. According to Hartman, Knolla’s pizza had closed down because of the bad economy and for none other than the fact that there were not enough purchases. “The reason for Knolla’s closing was sheerly economic. Decisions based upon the fact that there were simply not enough sells,” Wink Hartman’s Manager Morrie Sheets said. Knolla’s has always been known for their quality pizza but Hartman hopes to attract more customers with a fresh start: Jimmy’s Egg. Although business was slow, many believe Knolla’s should never have closed. “Knolla’s had the perfect crust and sauce to cheese ratio,” freshman Blake Christopherson said. “I was sad when I found out [they were closKnolla’s Pizza, located on East 21st has closed due to financial issues. Photo by ing] because their pizza was the best in town.” According to Sheets, they are unaware of Jacob Highfill another Knolla’s pizza opening up any time Many begin to wonder when another Knolsoon. After closing Knolla’s, Hartman decided to la’s will open. So far there is not another Knolla’s open another Jimmy’s Egg. He said that by clos- pizza planning to open in the future. Hopefully, ing Knolla’s and opening another Jimmy’s Egg a business just as fulfilling will replace Knolla’s more jobs could be created. The process of clos- spot. Knolla’s other location “I’m going to miss [Knolla’s] because there ing this particular bussiness happened quickly 7732 E. Central Ave. #123 aren’t very many quality pizza places around Anand took little preparation. Wichita “We had to contact the landlord and employ- dover,” junior Drew Murray said. ees, remove the food and appliances,” Sheets said. alyssaGOODMAN

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Knolla’s closes; customers disappointed

Historical museum reopens in old library space


Photo by Cale Minear

Sept. 9 2011

The Andover Historical Museum is full of memories from the past on display to help remind the community of what Andover once was. On July 30, The Andover Historical Museum had its reopening at 937 N. Andover Road in the old library building. The museum was once located in the old bank, but decided to reopen at its new location. The museum is open Tuesdays through Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. There is no charge, but donations are welcome. The museum contains many different items from an antique sewing machine to the old city pump. “I remember when the city pump was in the middle of the town,” Charles Malcom said. Malcom is a strong supporter who volunteers at the museum. If you are, there are many ways to help in supporting the museum. You can

donate $40, which if interested, will get you a brick that you can put your name on or a short message and it will be displayed in the museum. If you are not interesting in buying a brick, you can make a donation of any kind. Aside from donating money, you can also make item donations. All of the items in the museum are donated from people who wanted to share a little of Andover’s history with the town. If you have any old items connected to Andover’s past you can donate them to the museum. Everything in the museum is interesting and plays its own part, but according to Malcom, the old debit check is what really keeps it going alongside the display on the 1991 tornado. Stop by the Andover Historical Museum, and you might learn something new and it might even interest you.


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Historical museum reopens in old library space Knolla’s other location Knolla’s Pizza, located on East 21st has closed due to financial issu...

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