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Long-time math teacher seeks other dream After 28 years of teaching math, Mike Sprenkel, has decided to go back to school. “I am going to miss teaching, [but] I am excited to go back to school and follow my other dream,” Sprenkel said. Sprenkel has chosen to attend Kansas State University next fall to become an engineer. Ever since he was a sophomore in high school, he wanted to be a teacher or engineer; now he gets to do both. “K-State has a reputation for being a great engineering school,” Sprenkel said. Sprenkel plans to be there for at least two years to get his undergrad and possibly two more years for his masters. He has already taken some classes towards his engineering career with K-State. “I am going to be studying all the time,” Sprenkel said. The main concern when Sprenkel is back in school would be the financial support that him and his wife, secretary Pat Sprenkel, have now is going to change some. With his mathematical and teaching background, he has a lot more experience than most teachers. “It is kind of an adventure, it could be a trying two years,” Pat said. Though finances may be more scarce than in the past Pat thinks the new career could help them retire more comfortably.

They hope to move to the Boulder, Colo., area. “I can see us moving to Colorado, waking up every morning seeing the mountains,” Pat said Pat and Mike decided to wait until after this school year for Sprenkel to go back to school because their two youngest children, seniors Josh Sprenkel and Thane Bulmer, are in their last year of high school. They did not want to be moving the students around and changing schools; now everyone can go their separate ways. “I am confident that when I go off to college [Mike] will take care of my mom and they will live happily,” Bulmer said. Pat might also take up new opportunities. “I am looking forward to possibly going back to school myself,” Pat said. Mike will be missed in the math department. Principal Bob Baier has known him for a long time and he is going to miss Mike’s honesty because that was one of the most important characteristics to him. “I am sure he will do a great job,” Baier said. “But I think he will miss the kids and the comradery within the staff.”


Math teacher Mike Sprenkel stands next to his K-State engineering posters,that show his future plan. After this year, Sprenkel will continue on to attend Kansas State University. Photo by Erica Anderson

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(316) 651-0771 8340 E 21st St N #600 Wichita, KS 67206 ericaANDERSON Math teacher Mike Sprenkel stands next to his K-Sta...

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