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Seniors cheer on the football team while decked out in beach-themed clothes. Students from each class dressed up for the game on Sept.2. Photo by Cale Minear

Student section shows spirit I n years past, the Andover High School student section has shown great support for the football and basketball teams. Seniors and juniors joined forces and created themes for past games. To seniors Camille Hantla, Colin Bailey and Hunter Weddington, these past student sections lacked one important thing: organization. “Hunter and I saw the themes kind of take place last year,” Bailey said. “But the seniors didn’t tell us what they were going to be until the week of. So we decided we were going to make it organized this year and get everybody involved and pumped up.” Trying to prevent this from happening again, Hantla created a Facebook group and added Andover students to let them know about the organized, new and improved student section. “[Graduates] Phil Heironimus [and] Jordan Jones and I made the group last year for basketball themes. I just deleted all of the graduates and added more seniors and other students to the group, then changed the name of football game themes,” Hantla said.

When the group was created and many students were added, Weddington and Bailey brainstormed a theme for every single game. In order to gain permission to use all of the themes, Bailey and Weddington had to run the ideas by athletic director Gary Merritt on the first day of school. “Hunter and I just sat down and came up with the themes one night, got them approved by Mr. Merritt then posted them for everyone to see,” Bailey said. Merritt was excited to hear about Bailey and Weddington’s plans for this year. “They just brought me a list,” Merritt said. “It is great they are this organized this time.” After getting the ideas approved, Bailey made it all official and posted them up on Facebook for everyone to see. The great organization and unity lead by the seniors has impressed everyone, including administrators. “I like [the organization],” Merritt said. “I think it will add to the school spirit.” Another big deal is that unlike past years, under-

classmen are invited to take part in dressing up for the themes. “Everyone is invited to dress up to the games. The more people who dress up the better,” senior Laura Sellew said. The seniors just hope that the underclassmen accept their invitation to dress up with them. “We really want the freshmen to get involved. They seem to slack a little bit each year,” Bailey said. With all of these new changes, students know that clearly the student section will take a major part in the every game, home or away. “This year the student section is going to be louder, bigger, and better than ever,” Sellew said. “We will have so much energy and support throughout the entire section, not just with the seniors. It’s going to be a great time for every student who participates.”


Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is there.

Tony Durano CLU ChFC Andover. KS 316-733-1000

Sept. 9 2011


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Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is there. caleMINEAR Tony Durano CLU ChFC Andover. KS 316-733-1000 Seniors cheer on the...