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Volleyball team strives to become one

They may be off the court, but there some tough struggles throughout the team. “We don’t have one of those special players that every team needs, that’s our biggest problem, someone needs to stand up,” coach Sue Coffman said. Without seniors, the team still struggles to find that special role model. “The girls may come out of the locker room appearing to look ready, but it’s as if they’re looking over their shoulders to see everyone else’s emotions to determine theirs,” Coffman said. The team is striving to mesh and become one with each other. “Everyone needs to be ready, we need to be on the same page in order for us to work as a team and we can’t have any confusion when we start to play tough opponents,” sophomore Regan Peare said. There is no one really bringing that positive energy, but that is not saying there is any negative energy. “Working side by side is the key to volleyball, and when it comes down to it, these girls are comfortable,” Coffman said. Throughout the season, the team will continue to bond, which will allow the better the game flow. “I think everyone has potential, we just need to continue to work hard playing as a team,” junior Andrea Baron said. They may not be playing hard as a team, but they sure are playing hard independently. “We fought hard for our wins,” Peare said.

“They were tough, but It’s only going to get better.” The 0-6 pre-season told the team where they need to be and they put themselves there. “We started off in the same place we were last year, but I had confidence in these girls, and they proved themselves,” Coffman said. “We have some of the best back row defensive players you’ll ever see and defense wins games, but you need points too, and other than two juniors, the varsity team is freshmen and sophomores.” They came back from that and started out the season with two straight wins. It is not that Andover is doing wrong, and needs to do right, it is just that they need to continue to work on that right. “We’re the most ambitious group of girls you’ll find, and we’re making a break this season,” Peare said. “Our frontline is determined, they just need to work as a team, get each other some sets, we keep the ball alive better than anyone, we just need to make plays on the ball,” Coffman said. Andover is working toward perfection, they just may be a state contender this season, but they just need one thing. “ “I don’t think anyone realizes, we don’t lack skill, we just need one person to step up and be a leader,” Coffman said. “It’s more crucial than you think.”

Junior Andrea Baron attacks the ball during a warm-up

chaseLEMMONS game at practice. Photo by Chase Lemmons

Girls’ golf feels pressure during invitational

Freshman Paige Schlitter places marker to line up a put. Photo by Jacob Highfill

Andover’s girls’ golf team headed off for their first tournament of the year. There was pressure on them, as this was the Andover Invitational that hosts several teams in the surrounding area. The team left the school at 7:15 A.M. to go the Braeburn golf course, which is located at Wichita State University. At the end of the day, Andover managed to take first place among their competitors. They barely outmatched Maize High’s girls’ golf team by the small difference of one stroke between the two teams. “[I feel] that we’re starting to get the depth and focus that Coach Harshaw was talking to us about,” sophomore, Maddie Routhier said. Overall it was a great day for golf, compared to past summer days this year, the weather was perfect. It wasn’t too hot and the wind wasn’t gusting. Senior Audrey Meisch managed to take second place in the Invitational. “I was okay with taking second place, but

I wish that my score could have been better,” Meisch said. “Because I only lost by one stroke; and when I look back over the round [I can] think of at least five strokes that could have been avoided.” Also in the tournament was senior Jessica Morrison. She was able to take third place overall in the individual scores. “I thought it really motivated our team that [Jessica and Audrey] did so well, it showed that we can do good this season even with so few girls,” freshman Hayley Meisch said. Once the Invitational was over, the girls headed back home around three in the afternoon. The next tournament they have will be on Tuesday, September 6 at Sierra Hills golf course. “I wasn’t nervous,” Meisch said. “It was my senior year play, and I was ready.”

garrettwolf Sept. 9 2011


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chaseLEMMONS garrettwolf Freshman Paige Schlitter places marker to line up a put. Photo by Jacob Highfill Junior Andrea Baron attacks the ba...

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