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{in-depth} Math teacher Cathy McGuire has every seat filled in her seventh hour PDM class due to the large class size brought on by budget cuts. Photo by Jacob Highfill

Budget cuts strike again Cuts at Andover High School affect students, teachers alike


For the past three years, budget cuts have been making a large impact on schools, this year being the hardest on Andover High School. “The cuts last year were surface wounds, but this year they went straight to the arteries,” principal Bob Baier said. Since last school year, the school’s budget had dropped $36,036. This has led to a decrease in the amount of activities that go on around the school. “Last year I could afford to do certain things that we’ve done in the past for the kids, but this year I can’t,” Baier said. Some students throughout the school have noticed the effects that these cuts have had on some extracurricular activities. “I feel like now we’ve lost some school activities now due to these budget cuts,” sophomore Emma Magee said. Aside from activities, technology is also being affected pretty heavily as a result of cuts. “A lot of things used for learning enhancement like that technology, software, and the library got hurt by the budget cuts,” Baier said. “I don’t know if we’re going to be able to keep up with replacing technology.” Teachers are also feeling the effects of the

Sept. 9, 2011

The cuts last year were surface wounds, but this year they went straight to the arteries. bobBAIER

budget cuts, in more ways than one. “They’ve cut down on getting any new technology and this is the first year that we have to buy our own ink for the classroom,” math teacher Cathy McGuire said. Having to rely on less materials in the classroom is one issue, but staff cuts are also a concern, however it is something that is trying to be avoided as much as possible. “Ultimately we cut our budget to save [cutting] staff. We’re going to keep as much staff as we can, because it’s important for students to

have that one-on-one instruction,” Baier said. Although there were few staff cuts last year, that still caused some rise in the number of students per class, for the most part. This can create an issue for students needing more teacher attention. “My science class have really been affected by the rise of class sizes and now there are so many kids and I don’t get as much one on one attention,” junior Morgan Messina said. Compared to the 09-10 school year, the average class size has raised about six students, from 26 students per class to between 32 and 33 this year. “We cut 2.6 teachers last year and those extra kids have to be put somewhere,” Baier said. As for the future, budget cuts will continue to happen, but hopefully at a smaller degree. “Ultimately the kids will suffer, but I hope that the state legislative goes back and funds schools like we’re supposed to be funded,” Baier said. For now, Andover High School is just going to have to work with the budget and make the most of it. “We’re just going to have to learn to do more with less,” Baier said.


{Q &A} “

Have the larger classroom sizes affected your classes this year? “Yes, and because of that more of my friends are in my classes so I get distracted easily.”

{morganMESSINA, 11}

“Yeah, and now I have to sit in the back of the classroom, which I don’t like.”

“Nope, all of my class sizes stayed that same this year.”

{emmaMagee, 10}

{beccaBUTTS, 11}

Final Cuts

10-11 school year vs. 11-12 school year

Overall School Budget 10-11 budget: $152,819

11-12 budget: $116,783


10-11 budget: $51,350 11-12 budget: $42,350

Extracurricular Activities 10-11 budget: $27,650 11-12 budget: $12,900

Sept. 9, 2011


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